Monday, May 4, 2020

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The heart is essential to life--and for more reasons than we realize.

The heart mediates between our physical and our spiritual bodies, connecting our physical selves to our emotional selves, and infusing us with the life force energy we need to survive.

This week's by donation group session will be focused on the HEART.

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Thursday, April 30, 2020


Hello! Thanks for signing up for more info on the Healy! It is a decision you won't regret!

Here is the introductory video about the Healy:

 This is the video I watched that left me thinking: maybe I need one of these for my kid.


Um... definitely.

Since it has a moneyback guarantee, there is zero risk to me if it doesn't work out... so I'd better give this thing a try for my kids!

You should have an email in your inbox with more information about registering to be able to order the Healy without an additional $49 fee--please check your email right away!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Ax Anxiety: Available NOW

During this stressful time, it seems that worldwide sensations of anxiety and worry are at an all-time high. This energy work series is targeted toward clearing out those feelings so we can experience more peace and less panic during these uncertain times. ~~~ Why is it that we can release emotions all the day, but STILL deal with things like chronic or acute anxiety? Why is it that we can release our past traumas but still feel stressed and traumatized? I've written about this on this page before, but the reason for this is our PATHWAYS. Our digestive pathway works like this: We ingest a thing, we process it, we take the good from it and expel the rest through the colon and bowel. Constipation clogs up our systems and can lead to many problems. On an emotional level, each individual emotion has its own energetic pathway. Releasing emotions can help us resolve past trauma, but that's only part of the problem. When we experience trauma and stress, in addition to accumulating "trapped emotions," we can also do damage to our processing pathways--making our systems essentially incapable of deriving the good from our experiences and expelling the rest. Basically: we should be "digesting" each of our experiences and "excreting" the negative energies that don't serve us--but if our emotional "digestive systems" aren't working, releasing past emotions isn't going to help. New emotions we incur will just get stuck in the same places. It's like being physically constipated. When an energetic pathway gets damaged, there are a lot of ways it can be damaged. It can be fragmented, or frozen, or turned "off," etc. But until the pathway itself is healed, you will keep experiencing troubles with that sort of emotion. ~~~ The emotions you'll find listed in charts on the internet are rarely comprehensive. There are many ways to feel angry and there are many ways to feel anxious. For example, you could feel an anger that had its roots in fear, or you could have an anger with roots in disgust. These are two separate anger pathways. With anxiety, it's the same. There are several different pathways that all work with different kinds of anxiety. Most people are not in tune with their bodies enough to discern which TYPE of a larger emotion group they are experiencing. But to heal issues around "anxiety" as a category, there are several smaller categories of anxiety issues that need to be resolved, whose pathways need to be reset. ~~~~~ When you heal an emotional pathway, something very interesting happens. It's kind of like unclogging a drain: all the pent-up stuff starts draining out. Or it's like unclogging the gut, and allowing the digestive system to begin excreting old stuff more easily and more quickly. When you heal an emotional pathway, past unresolved issues start to resurface as they drain out. But this time, instead of getting stuck, they leave. And when you experience new things that create new emotions, instead of just instantly developing a new trapped emotion, the emotion can just freely pass on through you. Emotions are meant to be lessons: we learn from them, take the good, and let the rest go. Having cleared emotional pathways allows this to happen. All of a sudden, our negative experiences can flow through us, instead of getting stuck inside to fester and rot. Some people who have experienced this work have described it as a long term energy work session, because after you participate in the session, your energy field continues the work for days afterwards--until you have resolved all the backlogged issues along that pathway. It is very normal for someone whose pathways are cleared to report, days later, sudden memories showing up from past events, feeling the memories very deeply, and then experiencing the emotions just moving on along. It is the emotional-energetic system healing itself. You just have to pave the way for the system to do that. ~~~ Over a year ago now, I created an Ax Anxiety series specific to clearing feelings of anxiety. I never did a real serious launch with it. It never felt like the right time. Now it feels like the right time. With the entire world in upheaval, anxieties, nervousness, and fears seem to be going through the roof for many people. This series is designed to heal the pathways involved with anxiety, nervousness, panic, worry, and fear, so that your body can take over and start allowing your worries to flow through you instead of control you. I designed it so you can watch it for yourself--and then watch it on the behalf of anyone you have stewardship over, such as your children, or your spouse who has given permission. First you watch and process for yourself, and then you watch and process with the intention of doing it for your loved one. When planning to process for other people, when it comes to pathway work, you never want to watch on behalf of more than one person at a time. So if you plan to do that, just remember to go one person at a time. There is enough time for all the emotional and energetic work we need to do! While most of my classes and series are dripped out over several weeks, this one is unique because it is available to you all at once, to work through at your own pace.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

HFM, turpentine, and roundworms: oh my

I've been lying low since before Christmas and now it's time to report! I told my story to one friend who said-- "Wow. This story will bless so many lives." I thought--what?! But maybe it will. So here we go!

Content warning: this post involved yucky worms! Don't read if you are grossed out by yucky worms!

How It All Began

On Christmas day my little kids came down with HFM: Hand Foot and Mouth. They had fevers and rashes on their hands and feet and they just felt yucky. I took care of them through it.

Even with plenty of essential oils and energy work, my littles were waking up in the night needing lots of hugs and attention. I was also hosting all my inlaws that week. So at the end of the week, on January 1, I succumbed to the illness.

Apparently in adults, HFM manifests differently than in children. I had no rash or fever, I just had extreme fatigue and after a few days of barely being able to stand, I developed a cough, as I always do--everything I catch ends up in my throat and lungs and I cough and cough.

As a sidenote, I don't believe illness is bad. I did some energy work on myself during my illness but not really with the purpose of alleviating the illness: more to help my body take advantage of the illness for healing.

In my philosophy, illness is only possible when the body has problems that need to be purged. To me, natural illnesses exist to help our bodies purge unhealthy cells. In a way, to me, having an illness of any kind is a sort of healing crisis.

And that did turn out to be true: early on in my illness, one day I just woke up and one major emotional issue that's been bugging me for months just disappeared. It was gone, just like that.

I do feel that many times, illness can help us process our emotional and other traumas, and this was the case for me.

Then I coughed for two more weeks, until about January 21.

As I was coughing and coughing during those weeks, I finally remembered I had some slippery elm  in my pantry. Slippery elm powder is good for coughs and you can't overdose on it.

So I started mixing slippery elm into my water and drinking slippery elm every time I started coughing.

I also started drinking salt water, and water with tons of ascorbic acid powder (vitamin C powder) in it. Salt water helps me retain water and the vitamin C helps tissues heal. So those three things were helping me a lot with my cough.

But something else happened.

The Dream

I am a Sunday School teacher at church and we were studying Lehi's dream. My big message to my class was: what does God tell us in dreams?? Are we listening to our dreams? When you have a dream, are you listening?

I dreamed, all night long, the phrase: "DRINK TURPENTINE. DRINK TURPENTINE."

I couldn't get it out of my mind.

And I woke up and thought, "that was weird."

And then I thought: "I just told my class to trust their dreams! Do I have to trust this crazy dream???!"

I had already ordered turpentine because years ago I once passed a bunch of worms (other long story) and I knew that turpentine is anti-parasitic. So I had some in my cabinet, unopened.

By the way, it's not Home Depot turpentine. You want Diamond G 100% pure gum spirits turpentine. It's different.

But I thought: can turpentine really help coughs?

I did some googling around and found enough anecdotes to make me feel okay about the idea--kind of. I prayed and felt like it was a real directive.

So I took 1/4 tsp turpentine on a spoonful of sugar one night... one fateful night.

The Crazy Thing That Happened While I Was Driving

The next day, I was feeling much better. I was able to drive my kids to school and I had very little coughing happening.

But when I went to pick them up from school... I started to cough.

And cough.

And something got stuck in my throat.

And it wouldn't come out.

And I was driving.

And so I had to stop, and reach into my throat, and yank out the thing in there, and stick it in a Kleenex, and keep driving.

When I got home, I dried it off.

Here it is:

That, my friends, is a male roundworm.

And it is 6 inches long.

I called my brother, super freaked out. I had never pulled a worm out of my neck before. AH!

A few hours later, this guy came out of my nose:

That one is female.



And in the next few days I had a few more buddies show up but those were the really impressive ones.

I realized at that point that I needed to seriously up my anti-parasite game.

Because apparently I have a serious roundworm infection!

In all my energy work and psychic sight, I had never thought to look for worms in myself. But apparently they were there.

WHY did I cough them up then?? 

I just thought: WHY did this happen?! WHY are worms coming out of me NOW?!

I did some research and read that while turpentine is anti-parasitic, so is slippery elm, in large doses and especially when combined with cayenne pepper. The night before, I had had my slippery elm and had had a "lip sweatin hot wing burger" from the Art City Trolley. It's a hamburger doused in super hot wing sauce. So I had accidentally eaten a bunch of slippery elm plus cayenne, in addition to the turpentine, and the worms died and got expelled.

Later I found this document from Dr. Jennifer Daniels, which is worth reading all the way, about how if you take turpentine but your bowel isn't clear, when roundworms in your lungs die, they will come out your mouth and nose instead of your bowel. SO I guess you could say I learned that the hard way!

Now I take my turpentine with castor oil to prevent such exciting happenings. Since I have been more responsible about keeping my bowel clear, I have not had any more mouth or nose events.

Most worms are intestinal worms and they live in your intestines (obviously). But roundworms prefer to live in your lungs. So you wouldn't cough up a normal intestinal worm, but if you have roundworms in your lungs, it's a possibility.

How did I get roundworm?

This is what everyone wants to know. I live in America! How did I get roundworm?

Surprise, everyone: dirt in America also has worms. It's not just the third world. Everyone who comes into contact with dirt, with sushi, with pork,--those are the biggies--it doesn't matter where you live, you probably have worms.

In America, our doctors like to deny that parasites are a major problem, but I believe that is one reason why people have so many chronic issues these days. Toxicity is a major cause--but parasites EAT toxic heavy metals. When we are toxic, any parasites we come into contact with through our sushi or our pork chops or our pet cat or whatever--those parasites can THRIVE in our bodies because of our toxic load.

In that way, the presence of parasites is kind of a gift to us. Human bodies are not equipped to be super toxic. Parasites thrive on toxic material. Parasites eat the metals we can't process. So in that way, they are a gift.

Candida, for example--candida eats heavy metals and pesticides. When we have candida overgrowth, it is because our candida has an abundance of stuff to eat. We know that candida loves sugar, of course, but did you know that sugar is processed with heavy metals? How much of candida's love for sugar is actually a love of the heavy metal sugar is processed with? I don't know the answer to that but it's a question I think is worth asking.

Parasites and fungi in the body exist to serve us and protect us.

But they come with their own problems.

For me, with a roundworm infestation in my lungs and possibly my sinuses or brain (based on how many have come out of my nose since I started treatment)--those worms are eating toxicity in my body, but they also are probably linked to my chronic coughing problems.

Look at this: in Bangladesh, wheezing/asthma is linked to roundworm infection.

I thought: I used to play in dirt ALL the time, AND I would bit my nails til they bled. I can't even begin to guess how many worm eggs I probably ingested that way as a little kid. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 9 (if I'm remembering correctly).

Could it be that my lifelong respiratory issues were actually NOT asthma, but roundworm??

To me, that is feeling VERY likely right now.

What do you do about a roundworm infection?

My brother is in medical school and he pressured me to go in to an infectious disease specialist and get a script for albendazole. Typical anti-parasite prescriptions available include albendazole, ivermectin, and fenbendazole.

But I was doing some research and they can have pretty different levels of efficacy for different parasites. In this paper, we see that albendazole is only 88% effective against roundworm (also called ascaris), whereas ivermectin appears to have a 100% cure rate against roundworm.

Ivermectin and the -azoles make me a little nervous, though, for possibly no good reason, but I decided I was more comfortable with pursuing an herbal treatment and the natural cures first.

One thing that made me nervous was one doctor I read who claimed that albendazole could cross the blood brain barrier, and that it worked by exploding the worm bodies--so if you had worms in your brain, it could explode their bodies and cause seizures. Scientists apparently don't know how exploded worm bodies are removed from the body.

I figured there's a strong chance I have worms in my brain, or at least my sinuses, just --sorry-- based on the number of worms I have blown out of my nose at this point. I don't want to take a Western medicine that could possibly make the situation worse.

The doctor I was reading recommended herbs because they make the worms expel with their bodies intact, so you don't have to worry about exploded worm pieces in your brain.

So, this was the thought process that went into my plan.

I thought: I'll do a round of an herbal treatment, a round of a full turpentine treatment, and then another herbal treatment, and then maybe I'll try an -azole or ivermectin if I feel it's still necessary at that point. And in the meantime, I'm still using my TRS.

How It's Been Going

Since the last week of January, when I started really treating, things have been-- up  and down.

I've had a few weeks of weird brain feelings--some fatigue and general "blah" feelings. Some days I've felt too spacey for email. Honestly, that has been most days. So many clients and other people have fallen through the cracks since Christmas, and I've felt bad, but also, I mostly haven't had the energy to feel too bad.

I've felt guilty about how much of my life and work has fallen by the wayside during my treatment and recovery. When I've prayed about the situation, I've felt to just forgive myself and take it easy. So I've been resting more than usual, watching more TV than usual (I'll admit it!), and just trying to take it easy.

Taking it easy is not my natural stance so it's been a roller coaster in its own sort of lazy way.

Do YOU Have a Parasite Infection?

This is what my friend said people needed to know. The idea that you could have parasites is a novel one for many, particularly Americans.

At this point in my research, I feel pretty certain that EVERYONE on this planet has at least SOME worms and other little passengers.

Some symptoms of parasitic infection can be: being underweight, being overweight, having dandruff, sugar and carb cravings, itchiness, yeast infections, bloating, muscle and joint pain, fatigue even when you get enough sleep, brain fog, digestive problems, and basically a lot more--depending on what parasite it is and where it is located in your body, parasites can cause a lot of problems.

You may not even have lots of symptoms.

My brother in medical school said that parasitic infections ALWAYS lead to obvious signs of infection.

But my understanding through talking to many sufferers of parasitic infection is that parasites actually prefer not to destroy their hosts, but to create a sort of false symbiosis--and maybe it's a true symbiosis, since they ARE eating our heavy metal load--but smart parasites don't obviously destroy your body. They lie low and cause low-level problems that are hard to detect until you do something like take some TRS or turpentine or boatloads of slippery elm powder while you eat a lipsweatin-hot wing burger.

If you wonder if you have parasites, I really invite you to pray about it, and/or ask your body and see what your gut response is. Your body knows what is up.

Dealing With Parasites

Since people ask, here are links to stuff. No affiliate links.

Diamond G turpentine, to be taken 1 tsp 2x/week (like Mon and Fri, or Tues and Sat) on a spoonful of sugar or mixed into 3T castor oil.

Humaworm is the brand of herbal dewormer I am using. Highly recommended. The whole website is worth checking out.

This is the castor oil I use.

I ordered my slippery elm powder through Legacy Remedies and Botanicals (click through to the FB group to talk to Julie directly about placing an order if like).

These are the straight vitamin C crystals I use. I dissolve them in water. It takes a bit longer than you'd expect to dissolve them in. They taste like tart tart lemonade. Sometimes I add a splash of organic lemon or lime juice from the juice aisle at the grocery store, the kind in the glass bottle, and a dash of coconut stevia to make it a tart coconut limeade drink.

This is the borax I use. I take 1 pinch in my water (like 15 granules) 3x/day. I did not start this to be anti-parasitic but this is another thing I started shortly before coughing up worms. I was doing it for my cough and the other health benefits but it also works for worms and morgellons, apparently.

This is wormwood tincture, which also kills parasites. I did a round of this to kill off some blood flukes I was dealing with about a year ago. I haven't taken any this cycle but I will again soon.

None of those were affiliate links, but this one is--it's my TRS link. TRS detoxes the body of heavy metals, which are a primary diet for parasites. TRS doesn't kill parasites directly, but when you detox, they die off because you starve them to death. They just pass in your stool. This is how I first discovered I had parasites, about 18 months ago. I took some TRS, detoxed, and one day passed a large clump of roundworms, hookworms, flukes, and one ENORMOUS rope worm/mucoid plaque. So freaky! That was what started my research journey, but I didn't realize how severe my situation was until I coughed up the worm.

That is the thing about parasites: you probably have never seen or noticed any pertaining to your own body.

But if you start treating yourself for parasites, you will probably see some pretty quick.

I believe most parasites live in a state of sort-of balance with our bodies. You probably won't see any of your passengers until you start killing them.

The Energy of Parasites

This is what people ask me: what is up with the energy of parasites?

I'll say this: I do believe that, like illness, parasites are a gift.

I believe that illness and parasites both exist to help our bodies, not hurt them. When we get hurt it's because things are out of balance, because there is too much cellular damage within us, because we are out of balance.

This is why I love TRS for parasites: because it gets to the root of the problem.

If we have a ton of parasites because we are toxic, the answer is not to kill all the parasites.

In that case, we kill them off, and then what? Then we just have to shoulder the burden of extreme toxicity with our own bodies. We can make ourselves worse off.

Instead, we have to address the source problem: the source of our internal toxicity.

We need to address it on a PHYSICAL level, with detoxing and herbs and so on.

And we need to address it on an EMOTIONAL/SPIRITUAL level as well.

I'm detoxing my body physically--what do I need to detox emotionally to purge these parasites?

The Emotional-Spiritual Purge

My body has been telling me for weeks and months at this point that I have a LOT to let go of. A lot of old anger, old pride, old feelings like I HAVE to do things this way or that way.

I know I need to detox my feelings of possessiveness about my business and my reputation--I need to let go of feeling a need for my work to be this way or that way, or look this way or that way.

The Two-Way Street

To me, dealing with parasites is a two-way street. We need to work with physical toxicity and emotional toxicity.

Parasites are a really clear signal that we are not enforcing our boundaries. I have parasites in my physical body--am I also tolerating parasites in my real life?

What habits in my life are parasites? One that comes to mind is the habit of constantly checking Facebook--is my Facebook habit a parasite I need to detox?

Sometimes I feel like I am dealing with parasitic people. Most of them are the sort that actually live in my house and spend all day climbing all over my body and eating my food ;)

How can I establish clearer boundaries over ALL the parasitic situations in my life? These are questions I am still working to ask and answer--made all the more interesting by the brain fog I sometimes get while taking my herbs.


Sorry if you've fallen through the cracks in the past few months! I'm trying to put myself back together again but my first top priority has had to be parasite recovery. And that will continue to be the case.

I really hope everyone reading this takes the time to consider if they may have any sort of parasites--this is an important thing to address and to heal. <3

Friday, October 11, 2019

Two Steps to BE YOURSELF

I can't sleep--I have to write about BEING YOURSELF!

I can hardly believe this happened years ago now--but years ago, in a moment of trauma, I went to my bishop, and as we visited, he suddenly stopped and said: "I have to pronounce upon you a divine blessing: as you BE YOURSELF, you will bless yourself, your family, your friends, and everyone who ever associates with you."



It was a beautiful and surprising blessing--and one I didn't really understand or know what to do with. How does a person just be themselves?

How do *I* be myself?

What does that even mean?


Here are the thoughts I wanted to share tonight, the thoughts that woke me up in the night and drove me to my computer!

There are two steps to BEING YOURSELF.

STEP 1: Let go of all that is NOT you.

STEP 2: Fully inhabit YOU.

Yogi Bhajan in his book "The Master's Touch" writes how important it is that we "identify with our own identities."

Do YOU identify with your own identity?

Do you KNOW your identity?

Do you resonate with your own Reality?

I'm not talking about the reality you've created here, the reality you experience here in the avatar of the body--I'm talking about the Reality of Yourself as a child of God, the Reality of your own divine Being, the Reality of You as someone important, qualified, honorable, meaningful, mattering.

Here is the Reality:

If you do not identify with yourself as important, mattering, and fundamentally GOOD--

--you are not identifying with your own identity.

Because who you are IS good.

If you were created in the image of God, YOU ARE GOOD.

It's not that we're perfect, or that we don't make mistakes: children of God make mistakes and are not perfect (obviously unless they are Jesus!). This isn't about that.

This is about knowing that even when we make mistakes, we have WORTH. We MATTER. We are IMPORTANT.

It is about knowing that even when we make the inevitable mistakes, WE ARE GOOD.

When we identify with our true identity, there is no room for shame.

And there is no room for pride or egoism either.

A perfect humility comes from a perfect knowingness of our true identity, our true Self. In perfect humility, we do not put ourselves above others, we do not need validation from others, we do not need to put others above us. When we know WHO WE ARE, when we truly KNOW it on the deepest kind of soul level, it sets us free from shame and pride, from enmity and self-doubt, from endless spinning and confusion, from wondering and wandering.

TO KNOW THYSELF is the truest freedom.


In the Bible Dictionary, the entry on Faith has this beautiful sentence: "All true faith must be based upon correct knowledge or it cannot produce the desired results."

All actions, religious or not, are based in FAITH. Every action we take is motivated very thoroughly by our own faith in the narrative we have crafted of "who we are."

...the narrative we have crafted of our own self-image is usually WRONG.

Typically, our self-image is out of alignment with our actual real identity, the identity of the Higher Self.

When we act out of alignment with who we REALLY ARE, our lives cannot produce the results we desire.

This is why it is so important to fully, thoroughly KNOW YOURSELF.

You MUST know your own identity, and you must know it as it is based in TRUTH--outside and separate from the story you have crafted about who you are.


I know what it is to look in the mirror with dread.

I know what it is to consider myself with despair.

And I know what it is to have God Himself come along and smack me on the head and say: WAKE UP. YOU ARE GOOD. STOP HATING YOURSELF. OPEN YOUR HEART TO GRACE AND HAVE GRACE FOR YOUR OWN SELF.

Have grace for your own self.

It is easy when you know who you are.

And when you know who you are not.


I once thought I knew who I was, because I thought I had created myself. I had crafted an identity for myself, and put a little label on it anyone could read, and I thought that was who I was.

I introduced myself to a class in the simplest terms: "I'm a conservative, I like to debate, and that's about all you need to know about me." I set the stage for a lot of stereotyping and assumption, by stereotyping and making assumptions about myself.

Later a classmate discovered that every weekend, I was going home to take care of my dying brother. She said, "Why didn't you ever say that? Here we all thought you were one way, and it turns out you're a whole different person than we thought you were."

The comment shook me.


BEING MYSELF has come in two parts: learning to identify WHO I AM, and perhaps more importantly, learning how to identify WHO I AM NOT.

The secret to being yourself is to ruthlessly eradicate what you are not, and to step boldly and fearlessly into who you truly are.


I want you to BE YOURSELF.

I want you to profoundly release what is not You, and profoundly step into Yourself, without looking back.

I want you to experience the rush of fully inhabiting your own body and your own spirit, your own space, so thoroughly, so openly, so graciously, so joyously, it invites everyone around you to do the same.

I want you to dance in the waterfall of divine grace, without inhibition.

I want you to look in the mirror every day and think: I AM WHO I AM. I am who I am, and that is good enough.

And if you want to talk with me more about this, you can schedule a call here:

This is a picture I took while I wrote this essay this morning. In my pajamas, with no makeup on, and it doesn't matter because I AM WHO I AM AND THAT IS GOOD ENOUGH. And now that this is written I can go back to SLEEP!

Good night, and good morning! BE YOURSELF TODAY!!!!!

Monday, July 22, 2019


Hello! In preparation for an upcoming major international trip, I am hosting a 28-day chakra healing journey!

Our chakras are like energy centers for our bodies. They are physical items, energetic organs, within our bodies that correspond to our major nervous ganglia--but on top of that, they are also responsible for numerous different emotional effects in our bodies. They also are linked to various different organs.

We will focus on each chakra for 4 days--so this will be a chakra healing intensive for a total of four weeks.

All group work will be conducted ONLINE, with RECORDINGS sent out afterwards to participants. Whether or not you can make it live, you will have access to these videos!

Here is the tentative schedule:

Tuesday, July 23, 9 PM Mountain Time: ROOT CHAKRA. We will cover root chakra issues that present themselves for the session, such as issues pertaining to family, health, money, and the right to EXIST--the foundational issues of LIFE.

Saturday, July 27, 9 AM Mountain Time: SACRAL CHAKRA. We will cover sacral chakra issues that come up, such as issues of sexuality and creativity, and your emotional foundation.

Wednesday, July 31, 7 PM Mountain Time: SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA. We will work on issues relating to the solar plexus chakra, such as our SENSE OF SELF AND IDENTITY, and of digesting both physical materials (like food) and emotional materials (like experiences) into power and energy.

Saturday, August 3, 9 AM Mountain Time:  HEART CHAKRA. We will work on heart chakra issues such as giving and receiving love, gratitude, and respect.

Thursday, August 8, 4 PM Mountain Time: THROAT CHAKRA. We will work on throat chakra issues such as speaking in TRUTH, communicating with others, being heard, and standing in integrity.

Tuesday, August 12, 7 PM Mountain Time: THIRD EYE CHAKRA. We will work on issues of spiritual sight, logic versus intuition, learning to trust our intuition.

Friday, August 16, 3 PM Mountain Time: CROWN CHAKRA. We will work on issues relating to our sense of connection to the Universe and to our Source, and our sense of enlightenment.


I was planning to charge $199 for this 7-part series, but it has kept coming to me over and over to charge just $65 for it. I definitely believe in going with my gut (hi 2nd and 3rd chakras!) so I guess $65 it is.

Making it to the online session live is optional--no matter if you're there in person or not, you will get the recording of the session within 24 hours of its recording.


Monday, March 11, 2019

FLASH SALE: Empower your inner empath!

Do you suspect you are an "empath?"

Here are some reasons a person might gravitate toward the label of "empath:"

- You feel like a sponge for other people's emotions
- Sometimes it's hard to tell if what you're feeling is yours, or someone else's
- You sometimes know things that maybe you shouldn't... things fly into your consciousness and you don't always understand how or why
- You REALLY struggle with boundaries.... really.
- Being out in crowds feels draining and horrible
- It's hard to feel grounded
- You feel very sensitive--sometimes, it feels like you are sensitive to everything
- People have at times accused you of being "needy," and sometimes you feel needy (although you would hate to admit it)
- When other people are hurt, you feel it in your own body
- People naturally gravitate toward you--especially people who want to dump their problems on you and spill their secrets to you
- A tendency to numb out--sometimes turning to addiction or entertainment to get away from all the emotions
- .... but being very careful about entertainment, because sometimes you find yourself experiencing the things the characters are experiencing! It's important to you to pick lighthearted entertainment.

There are many more possible qualities of "empaths," but if some or most of those listed resound with you, you might consider yourself to be an empath.

Today only I am running a flash sale on my Empath Series--a pre-recorded series on what it means to be an empath, how to thrive as an empath, and how to serve as an empath: how to transcend the trauma of being an empath and step into a place of power instead.

There is a definite narrative out there that being an empath is only a liability: that being empathic means that your emotions must be out of your own control.

Many empaths feel that their unique traits only drag them down--they don't see how their empathic traits can actually be used as useful, powerful skills that can bless and uplift not just themselves and their families, but the world around them.

I am here to tell you: if you identify as an empath, you have a powerful gift and an incredible invitation to use that gift to bless the world. 

This is a class on how to make that happen. Are you ready to step into the divine space of blessing yourself and the world with the gifts that are innately yours as an empath?

This is a brief overview of each of the three included modules in this empowering series for empaths:

SO YOU'RE AN EMPATH 101: Being An Empath 
Do you ever feel like you are taking on other people's emotions? Like the things you feel aren't always your things? Are you overwhelmed in crowded spaces or when close to lots of people? Are you very sensitive to the weather, or to music or noise? Do you have a weight problem? Are you shy?  Learn more about your nature as an empath, to discover what type(s) of empath you are (there are multiple types of empaths and some people are more than one type), and specific challenges you may face depending on what type of empath you are. 

SO YOU'RE AN EMPATH 201: Thriving As An Empath 
So you're an empath. What do you do about that? This class will delve into specifics of grounding, shielding, and developing boundaries and safe ways to interact with others and the world around you. Being an empath can be very draining, but it doesn't have to be! In this class you will learn to develop healthier ways to cope with the immense amount of empathetic information you as an empath have to process every day.

SO YOU'RE AN EMPATH 301: Serving As An Empath 
How do you use your unique empath traits to serve others? How do you turn what can be an overwhelming "gift" into an actual gift that serves both you and those around you? Learn how to channel your gifts in healthy and helpful ways.

The Empath Series has no prerequisites: this is a class designed for participants of all levels of energetic knowledge.

You can empower your inner empath!

If your natural traits and tendencies have felt like a weight on your life instead of a blessing, this may be a class for you. This is a video with instructions you can use to access your own intuition on if this class is right for you.


Sending all love and light!

- allie