Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My "pseudoscientific" life

I woke up yesterday morning knowing I needed to write this post and call it--well, the title I called it! We'll see what it ends up saying!

My life began to get bizarre a while ago, but it picked up about a year ago, when I saw my first etheric cord. At the time I didn't know what I was seeing; about a month ago in my research I discovered the term and its definition and realized--other people see this too. This is a thing.

My life kind of began to be bizarre several years prior to this past year--an LDS bishop who had a gift to read the stars a la Abraham and Moses--long story--read my natal night sky in 2008 and his analysis of my stars exactly predicted all of the things that are happening to me... exactly. But at the time I didn't really understand very much. I didn't even ask for the reading--it was a gift to me from my beloved aunt. Anyway, I'll tell you my more recent story and you can just read it in the light of, this was all foretold to me in a very unique way. Additionally, I'll mention that the aforementioned bishop's analysis of my stars was extraordinarily similar to my patriarchal blessing, in unexpected ways.

That bishop has now passed on, as I understand. So, sorry, I can't get anyone in touch with him!

After my now-departed brother broke his hip in 2009, he was overdosed on morphine, which sent him into a gargantuan seizure and resulted in a hamstring contracture. Eventually hospice sent us a massage therapist to help him, but she didn't massage him. Still, he responded to her touch so I asked what she was doing.

She told me she was trained in jin shin jyutsu, and that it was easy, if I wanted to learn it. Of course I wanted to learn it. So she brought me over some books on jin shin and quantum touch and invited me to a Reiki class sponsored through hospice. I studied the books and went to the class. The class was an hour long--just a basic introduction--and then it was over. That night I practiced on various family members, who all reported tingling and other sensations as I worked.

Hey, I thought: this is so interesting. I started practicing on family and friends fairly regularly and got better and better. [Sidenote: I believe what I do is manipulate so-called "zero point energy" when I put myself in a conscious alpha state.]

The timeline gets confusing to me so I'll skip ahead: my uncle was diagnosed with cancer and I read about doing remote work of this nature. So I called up his energetic matrix and began working on it--I was very confused but I somehow saw a multitude of black golf balls all over his body. So I started working on them until they were somehow not so black. Later I discovered he had lymphoma and it registers on scans as black golf balls over the lymph nodes. I also checked in with my grandmother the next day and asked how my uncle had been the night before. She said he'd been having a rough day, but right around 9 pm (which corresponded to the time across time zones that I had begun my practice), he started feeling better.

Shortly after this I experienced my first etheric cord. I had no idea what it was and it freaked me out. I had no idea what was happening to me and I felt crazy--because I knew that stuff like that just didn't exist, yet here I was, observing it with my senses. I couldn't just tell myself it wasn't there, because I could see clearly that it was. I only learned what it was that I saw--the name "etheric cord" and its function--maybe like three weeks ago. So it's been about a year of sensing these energetic cords and not even knowing what they were. But they came up in my research and as soon as I read the description, I rejoiced: the lines I had seen were real! Other people can see them! If I'm crazy, at least I'm not alone!

Which, I suppose, is why I need to write this. For many months I have carried this bizarre secret and felt that I was crazy for seeing things that people just don't see. But the Holy Ghost, I believe, has led me to connect with a number of other people, LDS women in particular, but also some men and non-members of the Church, who are in various stages of experiencing the same things. This is a thing that is happening.

Pause while I share a scripture from the Old Testament:

  • Joel 2:28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:
 The Holy Bible promises that prior to the Second Coming, the Lord will pour out His Spirit, and gifts of dreams and visions and prophecy will come upon the people. All people. This kind of stuff will become more and more common up until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Remember also that we are living in the time of the restoration of all things. As I mentioned in my last post, I believe "all things" may well include understandings of the "wheels" mentioned in the Biblical books of Daniel and Ezekiel, as well as the mechanics of the enlargening of the soul through the Word of God mentioned by Alma in the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants, and so on and so forth. I suspect that this gift is a fulfillment of Biblical and modern prophecy.

We live in an age of miracles. An age of restoration.

So, to cut to the chase, after my first etheric cord, I didn't see much until shortly before my brother died--I saw that one of his meridians was failing and I used quantum touch to sedate it and give him some peace until he died two days later. After that I saw a few things here and there--mostly kidney meridians, randomly--until January 1, which was the day I committed to follow my intuitions and the Holy Ghost immediately every time I sensed them.

I blogged about that as well. Mere hours after I made the commitment, I had a vision of a friend's marred energetic matrix and clear instructions on what was needed to address the problem. Silly me, I didn't take the prompting seriously for a few hours because it was New Year's Day and also CRAZY, hello, but eventually I made my way over and did the work. And basically since then, well, things have just gotten weirder and weirder.

Talk about sensory overload.

I will go ahead and add that I don't See things all the time, thankfully, and it appears to be something I can turn on and off. 

Now, I suspect you are thinking as I did, that I am crazy. Well, I won't try to dissuade you. Think whatever you want. I can't hold your thoughts against you because my own life the past year and in particular the past three months has been almost unacceptably bizarre to my own self. So how could I fault you for finding it insane? I personally find it pretty insane!

I believe this new gift falls under the realm of what certain people would call parapsychology, or "pseudoscience," hence the title of this post. I loved this article about the related phenomenon of remote viewing, written by an LDS remote viewer who used to remote-view for the US Army. From the article:
Indeed, one of the most respected statisticians in the US recently concluded on the basis of her evaluation of dozens of parapsychology experiments around the world that the existence of a psi effect has been incontrovertibly proven. And a respected parapsychologist--Robert Jahn, dean emeritus of Princeton's School of Applied Engineering, as well as one of the nation's most prominent physicists--conducted a series of various psi experiments, then published impressive results that have yet to be successfully refuted by the skeptical community.

Yet the skeptics remain skeptical. The comment often heard from their ranks is that "exceptional claims can only be proved by exceptional results." In other words, the standards of proof to which conventional science is held are considered insufficient when dealing with the paranormal. This would be understandable and acceptable if it weren't for the fact that, as one prominent moderate skeptic has recently complained, the more rabid skeptics keep "moving back the goal posts" of acceptable proof as researchers present ever more convincing evidence of psi.
I believe one of the primary reasons skeptics continue so violently to reject evidence that humans indeed can function "psychically" is because of what that might mean for our current scientifically-based intellectual paradigm. Steeped in the tradition of the great Empiricist philosophers, and totally immersed in the materialist ideologies of this century's Logical Positivist thinkers, there is no room for anything that cannot be explained within our current model of the physical universe. Religion has felt the sting of this. So has parapsychology.
This paper is worth reading in its entirety, but this section is about the nature of spirits according to the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Emphasis is mine:
As we learn from LDS teachings, our lives did not start with mortal birth, contrary to what many other religions believe. Rather, we lived in a "pre-existence" as spirits. Spirits, according to the missionary discussions I learned when I was on my mission, could speak without talking, could cross distances without walking, and could presumably through some intangible way know things about places other than where they were--all because they had as yet no physical bodies. By what we learn from the scriptures and writings of prominent early church leaders, these notions seem to be accurate.

When we come into this existence, our spirits in some way become bonded to/with our bodies. We also pass through a "veil," which prevents us from knowing anything about the spirit world from which we came. However, though we may have lost awareness of our celestial origins, it says nowhere that we lost our previously-held spiritual abilities. At most, it seems to me, we may have forgotten them along with everything else when we "came through the veil." So I suspect that whenever a person develops some sort of "psychic" skill, he or she is just "remembering"--usually in rather imperfect form--spiritual abilities and skills they have always possessed, but only fleetingly and vaguely recall while in mortality. In this case, remote viewing may indeed be an attempt at "spiritual seeing" filtered through the heavy screen--"a glass darkly"--of our physical mental processes.

Anyway. Is my current life "pseudoscientific?" Sure! Why not. I won't argue with you. This stuff is pretty weird. However, I personally can't deny that it is real. And I will add that in my energetic practice, I have witnessed the diminishing of pain both physical and emotional, the spontaneous movements associated with energetic release, changes in emotional states, and even the realigning of bones. So, "science" may not be able to prove or disprove this stuff, but it is my conviction, and I believe, the belief of those whom I have helped, that it is a real phenomenon.

Somehow, the world is beginning to awaken, to remember these spiritual abilities that we all once had and considered normal when we were spirits.

Weird? Yeah. But there we go.

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