Monday, July 22, 2019


Hello! In preparation for an upcoming major international trip, I am hosting a 28-day chakra healing journey!

Our chakras are like energy centers for our bodies. They are physical items, energetic organs, within our bodies that correspond to our major nervous ganglia--but on top of that, they are also responsible for numerous different emotional effects in our bodies. They also are linked to various different organs.

We will focus on each chakra for 4 days--so this will be a chakra healing intensive for a total of four weeks.

All group work will be conducted ONLINE, with RECORDINGS sent out afterwards to participants. Whether or not you can make it live, you will have access to these videos!

Here is the tentative schedule:

Tuesday, July 23, 9 PM Mountain Time: ROOT CHAKRA. We will cover root chakra issues that present themselves for the session, such as issues pertaining to family, health, money, and the right to EXIST--the foundational issues of LIFE.

Saturday, July 27, 9 AM Mountain Time: SACRAL CHAKRA. We will cover sacral chakra issues that come up, such as issues of sexuality and creativity, and your emotional foundation.

Wednesday, July 31, 7 PM Mountain Time: SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA. We will work on issues relating to the solar plexus chakra, such as our SENSE OF SELF AND IDENTITY, and of digesting both physical materials (like food) and emotional materials (like experiences) into power and energy.

Saturday, August 3, 9 AM Mountain Time:  HEART CHAKRA. We will work on heart chakra issues such as giving and receiving love, gratitude, and respect.

Thursday, August 8, 4 PM Mountain Time: THROAT CHAKRA. We will work on throat chakra issues such as speaking in TRUTH, communicating with others, being heard, and standing in integrity.

Tuesday, August 12, 7 PM Mountain Time: THIRD EYE CHAKRA. We will work on issues of spiritual sight, logic versus intuition, learning to trust our intuition.

Friday, August 16, 3 PM Mountain Time: CROWN CHAKRA. We will work on issues relating to our sense of connection to the Universe and to our Source, and our sense of enlightenment.


I was planning to charge $199 for this 7-part series, but it has kept coming to me over and over to charge just $65 for it. I definitely believe in going with my gut (hi 2nd and 3rd chakras!) so I guess $65 it is.

Making it to the online session live is optional--no matter if you're there in person or not, you will get the recording of the session within 24 hours of its recording.

Registration will be open up until 7 PM Mountain Time tomorrow (Tuesday July 23) night.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Heavy metal toxicity and weight loss

One more post today-- yesterday I got a message from a friend who let me know that she was having a conversation with her body about weight loss, and got the distinct answer that one thing holding her back from losing weight was HEAVY METAL TOXICITY.

Heavy metal toxicity is the real deal, and it can be a very real reason why the body resists releasing weight.

Biologically speaking, this can be for a few reasons.

First, the organ responsible for physically breaking down and metabolizing fat is the LIVER.

The liver is also responsible for the metabolism of HORMONES. Your body creates hormones, releases them to help you function, and then the "done" hormones go to the liver to be broken down and excreted out.

So our body's fat is really impacted by the liver because the liver is the one in charge of breaking down fat, and because it is the one in charge of breaking down old hormones. When the liver is congested--say, with heavy metals!--it is unable to perform those functions. This leaves us with excess fat that is literally unable to be broken down by our tired, sluggish, congested livers, AND it leaves us with hormone imbalances, because our old hormones just pile up in the liver when they are unable to be broken down properly.

When we heal the liver, we give our body a fighting chance at naturally losing weight and at healing our hormone imbalances that are triggering inappropriate appetites for food, and inappropriate metabolism of fat.

So heavy metal toxicity can affect the liver adversely, and that is a problem. The liver is actually also in charge of detoxing heavy metals (along with the kidneys and our other elimination organs), so when you have an excess of heavy metals affecting the liver, that's why it affects all our other liver functions as well.

SEPARATELY-- FAT is also a storage zone for heavy metals.

When your FAT CELLS THEMSELVES are full of heavy metals, or other toxicity such as pesticides, herbicides, fluoride, chlorine, etc--it becomes biologically DANGEROUS to lose weight.

Say as a child you got all your vaccines (full of mercury, aluminum, pesticides, formaldehyde), you breathed gas fumes when your parents filled up the car at the gas station, you swam in chlorinated swimming pools, you ate unwashed produce covered in pesticides and herbicides, your lawn was covered in Roundup, you ate microwaved food off plastic dishes, and now you are dealing with excess weight.

How much of that lingering excess weight is due to your own body trying desperately to save you from the poison stored in each of your own fat cells?

If your fat cells are individually storing all these different toxic materials, consider this: losing the weight would propel those poisons back into your bloodstream, allowing them to literally poison your internal organs.

Sometimes, being overweight is our best defense against our own internal toxicity.

In this instance, excess weight is a GIFT. It is the body's present to us to keep us functioning despite immense amounts of toxicity within us that could otherwise be wreaking intense havoc on important organs.

So, to recap:

Heavy metal toxicity can affect our weight because it can overload the liver, and when the liver is congested with junk like this it is unable to perform its other functions of hormone metabolism and fat breakdown.

Heavy metal toxicity can also affect our weight because fat is often the place where toxic materials are stored. When our fat is literally storing toxic waste, releasing that fat can be very dangerous, and our bodies know that.

My friend messaged me to let me know that after she received that message from her body, she had committed to a gentle but serious heavy metal detox through TRS. TRS is a lab-created nano-zeolite spray that safely and gently detoxes heavy metals from the body.

At less than 1 nanometer in size, TRS zeolites can actually pass through the blood brain barrier--and virtually anywhere else in the whole body, to safely and effectively detox toxicity wherever it can be found in the body.

TRS zeolite is called clinoptilolite, and it is shaped like a cage. When it passes positively charged material, like heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, radioactive particles, and pesticides, it sucks them into the tiny cage, where they are encapsulated and cannot redistribute.

This is important because most heavy metal detoxes do allow redistribution. This means that when you start a chelation process, it's possible for heavy metals to get pulled out of one place and then lodged in another place, where they can cause new problems. With TRS, that is not even possible. All toxins it contacts get slurped into the cagelike structure and removed safely through the urinary tract within 6 hours.

It is a tasteless, odorless, waterlike spray that you spritz into your mouth to take. You can also spray it on a beverage before drinking it.

My own family has been on. TRS since April of last year--I guess a whole year now! In that time, my daughter's eczema has cleared, my kids' numerous food allergies have healed, and I'm looking forward to other gains.

If your body tells you that heavy metal toxicity is something affecting you negatively, I do recommend looking into TRS further.

A good Facebook group to join and read more about it is TRS- A Safe Heavy Metals Detox. It's fun to search your particular symptoms and see what comes up in there!

This is a #marketingmonday post. If you are interested in ordering some TRS through me, the link is

The way to get the best price is to order on autoship, then cancel the autoship while you try it. That is what I did when I was trying it--that first bottle I ordered lasted me and my 3 kids for 2 weeks, and during that time my picky eater started asking for vegetables and my girl's eczema disappeared, so I was sold. But I really believe that every person's body is different and each person has their own inner wisdom. Your body knows if a heavy metals detox is important for you.

So if you are dealing with weight loss issues--maybe it will be helpful to you to check and see if heavy metal toxicity is playing a role for you.

Sending love and light today!

Reintegrating Soul Fragmentation Workshop

Multiple personality work is much more necessary than many of us realize. I do urge you at this time to muscle test for yourself and ask if YOU have any multiple personalities, split psyches, or soul fragmentations.

Sometimes fragmented personalities are very obvious: It's easy to see splits when your client is a 40yo woman and she has splits that are ages 4 and 25 and of the opposite gender.

It's harder to see when your client's splits are all the same age and have the same name as your client.

What I mean is: What if you have 6 split personalities or psyche fragmentations, but they all go by your same name and identify as YOU? That's where it gets tricky. How would you ever know which one was in play? They would all feel like "you," just slightly off. Just slightly "off" enough to be written off as a shift in mood or temperament.

When fragmentations of this nature are in play, it can make energy work very erratic. An energy work session done for a person typically only applies to the part of that person that is "in play," or currently active, unless otherwise specified.

So say you have a client who is dealing with insomnia. You do a session on it and it works that night, but not in the future.

Unbeknownst to you, there was a split involved: this person's personality had been previously split into 12 pieces, and only 1 of those pieces was currently associated with her body, accounting for 5% of her total personality.

You just did an energy work session on 5% of her core personality, but unfortunately that left 95% and 11 other splits that received NO energy work and still have the problem.

When the healed fragment is active, that's great! And when the others are active, it's like no work was done at all.

CAUTION: I do NOT recommend experimenting with reintegration without training. Remember that fragments initially fragment for good reasons. Reintegrating prematurely can actually expose all the fragments to the significant trauma that was being safely sequestered on separate fragments. So reintegrate without training at your own risk because you can actually make things much worse if you reintegrate without addressing and resolving key fragmentation issues! That is, at least, my own observation and experience. Fragments often store trauma so large it cannot be reintegrated safely: if it could be reintegrated safely, usually it would have already reintegrated by now. So if you are dealing with fragmentations, that is a good sign that there is something there that needs to be resolved by someone who really knows how to handle fragmentation. That is my opinion.

This Reintegrating Soul Fragmentation Workshop will be held ONLINE on APRIL 27 from 9 am - 12 pm Mountain Time. During that three hours, we will learn the principles of SAFE reintegration, and practice with supervision. I will prepare a handout for participants to use that will walk you through the steps. A recording will be available for those who cannot make it live. I will most likely split the recording into 3 1-hour sections to make it easier to view later.

Registration for this class will be open until Wednesday, April 24, but I do recommend that you register sooner rather than later to reserve your space.

REGISTER HERE. Please send all questions to 

Monday, March 11, 2019

FLASH SALE: Empower your inner empath!

Do you suspect you are an "empath?"

Here are some reasons a person might gravitate toward the label of "empath:"

- You feel like a sponge for other people's emotions
- Sometimes it's hard to tell if what you're feeling is yours, or someone else's
- You sometimes know things that maybe you shouldn't... things fly into your consciousness and you don't always understand how or why
- You REALLY struggle with boundaries.... really.
- Being out in crowds feels draining and horrible
- It's hard to feel grounded
- You feel very sensitive--sometimes, it feels like you are sensitive to everything
- People have at times accused you of being "needy," and sometimes you feel needy (although you would hate to admit it)
- When other people are hurt, you feel it in your own body
- People naturally gravitate toward you--especially people who want to dump their problems on you and spill their secrets to you
- A tendency to numb out--sometimes turning to addiction or entertainment to get away from all the emotions
- .... but being very careful about entertainment, because sometimes you find yourself experiencing the things the characters are experiencing! It's important to you to pick lighthearted entertainment.

There are many more possible qualities of "empaths," but if some or most of those listed resound with you, you might consider yourself to be an empath.

Today only I am running a flash sale on my Empath Series--a pre-recorded series on what it means to be an empath, how to thrive as an empath, and how to serve as an empath: how to transcend the trauma of being an empath and step into a place of power instead.

There is a definite narrative out there that being an empath is only a liability: that being empathic means that your emotions must be out of your own control.

Many empaths feel that their unique traits only drag them down--they don't see how their empathic traits can actually be used as useful, powerful skills that can bless and uplift not just themselves and their families, but the world around them.

I am here to tell you: if you identify as an empath, you have a powerful gift and an incredible invitation to use that gift to bless the world. 

This is a class on how to make that happen. Are you ready to step into the divine space of blessing yourself and the world with the gifts that are innately yours as an empath?

This is a brief overview of each of the three included modules in this empowering series for empaths:

SO YOU'RE AN EMPATH 101: Being An Empath 
Do you ever feel like you are taking on other people's emotions? Like the things you feel aren't always your things? Are you overwhelmed in crowded spaces or when close to lots of people? Are you very sensitive to the weather, or to music or noise? Do you have a weight problem? Are you shy?  Learn more about your nature as an empath, to discover what type(s) of empath you are (there are multiple types of empaths and some people are more than one type), and specific challenges you may face depending on what type of empath you are. 

SO YOU'RE AN EMPATH 201: Thriving As An Empath 
So you're an empath. What do you do about that? This class will delve into specifics of grounding, shielding, and developing boundaries and safe ways to interact with others and the world around you. Being an empath can be very draining, but it doesn't have to be! In this class you will learn to develop healthier ways to cope with the immense amount of empathetic information you as an empath have to process every day.

SO YOU'RE AN EMPATH 301: Serving As An Empath 
How do you use your unique empath traits to serve others? How do you turn what can be an overwhelming "gift" into an actual gift that serves both you and those around you? Learn how to channel your gifts in healthy and helpful ways.

The Empath Series has no prerequisites: this is a class designed for participants of all levels of energetic knowledge.

You can empower your inner empath!

If your natural traits and tendencies have felt like a weight on your life instead of a blessing, this may be a class for you. This is a video with instructions you can use to access your own intuition on if this class is right for you.


Sending all love and light!

- allie

Thursday, September 27, 2018

What did you once agree to?

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

mentorship information

I often get asked if I teach my methods. The answer is YES! I do have a pre-recorded online mentorship program. This 10-week program sends training videos directly to your inbox for you to watch on your own time, with me available to help with questions. This is the syllabus for the course.

You get assigned your kundalini yoga kriya for the mentorship. Training videos are included for Muscle Testing, Receiving Intuitive Answers, and Opening the Third Eye. A gift energy work clearing is included for clearing self-sabotage, as well as a business module on HOW to practice.

Week 2 includes my series on empathic abilities. Three videos cover Being an Empath, Thriving as an Empath, and Serving as an Empath. A gift clearing is included for Healing Self-Rejection, a common issue empaths and energy workers face. The business module for this week is on The Anatomy of a Session.

In Week 3, we cover nervous system health and how to enter a theta state. An energy work session for this week focuses on hydration. The business module deals with taxes and legalities. 

This week's class includes a discussion of central nervous system health: diet, environmental factors, etc. We do the Awakening the Ten Bodies Kriya and the Kirtan Kriya. We discuss emotion releasing and addressing subconscious resistances. A gift session clears childhood trauma. The business module covers how to get your first clients.

Lesson 5 goes in depth about releasing emotions and trauma. The gift energy work clears past relationship trauma (this covers general past relationships, not just romantic ones--relationships of all kinds that have ended somehow). The business lesson is on managing your priceless email list.

Week 6 covers hands-on healing techniques, which actually can be used without your hands! A fabulous technique for in-person hands-on work, and for distance work done a little differently. The gift energy work is on uniting the warrior and the poet, and the business lesson is on pricing your services.

This week's lesson delves deeper into hands-on healing, including advanced techniques for working with chakras, meridians, and other energetic organs. The gift energy work is on developing a stronger sense of self-worth. The business lesson is on accepting payment.

Week 8 centers on chakras and includes a chakra clearing and realignment. 

Week 9 addresses archetypes and includes my personal archetype charts. The energy work for this week is on reconnecting the soul from fragmentary damage caused by anger.

The final lesson concludes the series!

This series does contain a lot LDS-specific language and concepts.

For more information about possibly mentoring with me, please email me directly at allie @ allieduzett . com.

Sending you all the good vibes! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

why bodies matter, and a free energy work session