Thursday, June 15, 2017

Practice makes perfect--even with healing!

I read an interesting article recently that included the following as a footnote:

Joseph had the plates for two hundred and two days before the first page was translated. During this time he worked on developing his gift and tried various approaches but only translated a few figures and characters. The translation of the book of Lehi began on April 12, 1828 and took sixty-four days to translate one hundred and sixteen written pages. The book of Lehi was translated at an average rate of 1.81 pages per day. With the loss of the book of Lehi, Joseph’s gift to translate was taken from him for a season. The translation work was resumed with Oliver Cowdery as Joseph’s scribe on April 7, 1829. They began the translation of the portions of the gold plates we have today as the Book of Mormon. It took eighty-five days to translate four hundred and sixty-six written pages. This translation was done at a rate of 5.48 pages per day—over three times faster than the first one hundred sixteen pages. The increase in Joseph’s translation speed is an illustration of this truth: “That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do; not that the nature of the thing itself is changed, but that our power to do is increased.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson quoted by President Heber J. Grant. “Seventieth Annual Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” The Deseret News, 1900, p. 63) 

I loved it and had to blog about it.

So many people really want the gift of healing and feel like it is beyond their grasp. They feel like they're learning really slowly, that they'll never feel competent at energy healing.

For me, my learning curve was long and slow. From first hearing about auras and wishing I could see them, to actually being able to discern them to some degree, was about 10 years for me. I first learned muscle testing when I was 17; I actually got good at muscle testing when I was 25.

When I first picked up a book on healing through theta states, I felt like an idiot and it took me a long time every night to even feel like I was doing anything. Honestly, I didn't usually feel like I was accomplishing anything. But the key is that I practiced every night.

At the beginning of my energy healing journey, I stuck with body work (quantum touch-style hands-on healing) and I just tried to practice every day on anyone who would let me. Sometimes it seemed to make a difference, and often it didn't. But I kept practicing.

I firmly believe that everyone is capable of healing--but to me, the key seems to be practice.

If you are struggling to feel like you can heal, to feel like you can be a healer, take a deep breath! It will be okay!! Just keep practicing. Practice what you know, even when it feels fruitless and like a waste of time. I've spent years feeling like I was wasting my time. But it turned out I wasn't.

Due to the nature of morphic fields, it's actually easier now for you to get better, faster. Go read this article to understand why.

There's never been a better time to practice! If it feels slow-going, don't worry! It will work out!! Keep trying. We all struggle in the beginning and eventually figure it out. You can do it!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Pluto retrograde: purging some toxins from your life

Today we're working on incorporating Pluto, which entered retrograde on April 19. Link to The Gospel and Reading the Stars

What things do you have going on that need to go? Pluto plays several roles: it digs up the things below the surface, in the "underworld" of our hearts. It helps us figure out where we fit into the world at large. It drags up our toxins and releases them.

I guess that makes today a good day to mention that I'm opening up my mentorship program for this coming summer--if you feel like that is something you want to learn more about, please email me directly. 

But back to business: Pluto. Where do you fit into the grand scheme of things? How do you fit into the world at large? I'll talk more about that tomorrow but for now, we're dealing with some yucky stuff.
Pluto is all about purging the "toxins" from your life.

The question to ask today is: What do I need purged from my spirit? 

For most of us, it's going to be something we don't want purged!

But the trick is to be brave. Ask in prayer how you can assist the purging process. We can humble ourselves, or have God humble us for us. But humbling ourselves is a much kinder process!

What do you need purged? How do you need to do it? 

You might get any number of answers. Maybe you need to purge those unnecessary piano lessons. Maybe you need to purge your own laziness. Maybe you need to purge a bad habit or even an addiction. Maybe you have a backlog of emotions and traumatic events you need released. Maybe you need to purge something physically--time for a colon cleanse? Liver cleanse? Anyone? 

Don't be afraid of what your body and spirit tell you they need. They are out to serve you. All of this is to help you grow. Maybe you have something you need to clear from your life that scares you. I'll tell you one of mine... I have a corner in my living room that is out of control!! Eek! The house "hotspot" for sure. One thing I personally need to purge is the unnecessary clutter in my house and I dread it. I've been plugging away at it but it just keeps going. But that's okay.

We just keep going.

We face the things we don't want to face. Because we are brave and WE CAN DO IT!!

You can do it.

If you want to, send me an email about what you're purging from your life this week. I'm still recovering from eye surgery but I can't wait to read it when I get back. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Learning from Mercury: Making some changes

Hopefully the past few days you have felt some shifts in your life as you've released some of the things that have been weighing on you. Today, here is another exercise to help you clear some of the burdens relating to the Mercury Retrograde. Here is the obligatory link to The Gospel and Reading the Stars
Mercury carries a message. Are you listening?
Yesterday, you hopefully got some unfinished business resolved. Today is a great day to continue that trend. Go ahead and block off some more time today to complete an unfinished task you wrote down for yourself yesterday. Even better would be to block off a few minutes up to an hour every day for the rest of the week, or even the rest of the retrograde. You can do hard things! As you set aside even just a few minutes a day to complete your unfinished business, you will free yourself up to step forward in faith and joy. You will feel a burden lifted. 
Today's exercise
Today's exercise will really help you get clearing these mercurial energies. Over the past few days, if you've been listening and doing the homework and paying attention, some themes about your life should have arisen. What are they?

Go ahead and write them down. What is the message of this Mercury Retrograde for you?

What are the changes you need to make?

Today's exercise is the simplest and the hardest of them all: today, you will write out the changes you know you need to make.

Then, you will create an action plan to make those changes. ​​​​​​​
As an example, we'll use Fictional Person Sally. Sally has been dealing with a lot of hard stuff in her life, and it only got worse while the retrograde was happening. Her car broke down, she lost her phone, she was late to work so much her boss called her in, she's behind on rent, her kid got suspended for violent behavior, and her estranged spouse sent her a bunch of creepy texts. Fictional Person Sally has a lot going on!

 In doing her exercises, she found a few themes in her life that were being brought up as part of the retrograde. 

In the Aries theme of leadership, she was dismayed to discover that she was not really leading her own life. It was like she'd fallen asleep at the wheel. She hated her job, didn't like her boss, and felt "lost at sea" when she thought about her life.

In the Taurus theme of materialism, she realized that she was struggling with severe survival and abundance issues: feeling like she had to struggle for every scrap that came her way. She realized she was rejecting abundance on a body level and self-sabotaging her job and financial means.

In the overall Mercury theme of messages from the shadow self, she realized that she was self-sabotaging and needed to stop. Some fictional solutions to her fictional problems were: 

  • Going to bed earlier so she could wake up earlier and get to work on time
  • Reducing time spent watching TV and messing around on the internet, and spending that time budgeting, planning, and connecting with herself and God instead
  • Daily Kundalini meditation to start clearing her subconscious blocks to success
  • Prioritizing her relationship with her son
  • Releasing unnecessary physical and emotional clutter clogging up her life 
  • Making plans to transition into a job she could enjoy
For Fictional Person Sally, as her creator and the person in charge of her story I am declaring that those were really good starts! 
Take some time to look at your life. Really list out the things that have happened in the past month or so and what effect they've had on you. What is the theme? What is the message? And just as importantly--what will you choose to do about it? Today is the day to begin making those changes. Make your plan and commit to setting it in action!


More later! 


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Another exercise to clear excess weight from your life

Good morning!

We've done a lot of exercises to understand more about what's coming up with this Mercury Retrograde. Here's the obligatory link to The Gospel and Reading the Stars. Yesterday, we did an exercise relating to the Venus Retrograde that just finished on April 15. Today, I wanted to send you an exercise that deals with the Mercury Retrograde specifically. 

Hopefully over the past few days, you've accumulated a number of insights on the messages your soul has for you. There are things in your life that your soul wants altered and now is a great time to shine the light on them. 
What are the things you need to change?
Today, I want you to grab your pen and paper.

First, we're going to take a deep breath and ask: What unfinished projects are weighing on me? What do I need to get done in my life?

Write down everything that comes to you. Mercury Retrograde is a time to assess and finish these projects. Just writing them down can be enormously helpful to you! 
Your Homework
This is your homework for today. Today, you are going to block off some time specifically to get some unfinished projects done. Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, an hour--you are going to schedule as much time as you can to get something done. You are going to clear those unfinished weights from your system and feel lighter by the end of the day. 

When you do the exercise, let me know how it went. I'm still recovering from surgery but when my eyes are functional I'll be reading every message. 

More tomorrow,


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Release that excess weight from your life

We've done lots and lots with Mercury Retrograde this past week! Here, again, is my obligatory link to The Gospel and Reading the Stars. Today, I have a fun exercise to help you release that excess weight from your life.

This exercise has to do with the Venus Retrograde that just finished on April 15. Venus has to do with values, what is important to you. So we'll be examining the things that are important to you.

Here is what you will do: 

Step 1

First, you will write down the things that matter to you. All of them. It will take a minute and that's okay! Here are some ideas: 

- your own body
- your children
- your spouse
- your house
- your books
- your job
- your reputation
- how this person or that person feels about you
- your obligations at work or church or school
- etc. 

Step 2

Okay. Now that you have your list, you will come up with a symbolic object for each of those items. Or, if the item is easily assessed weight-wise, you can just use the object.

For example: 
- A leaden birdhouse might represent my house
- My books, I would just symbolically represent as books
- My reputation might be represented as a feather on a very heavy set of scales
- How a friend feels about me might be represented as a ribbon--what is it tied to?

This is an abstract exercise. Just allow it to happen. Don't judge what comes into your mind, just allow images to come to you that represent the different things in your life that are important to you. 

Step 3

Once you have symbolic objects assigned to every thing that matters to you, determine its weight. As in, how heavy it is. If you don't know off the top of your head, ask your subconscious: how much does this weigh? Just write down the first number that comes into your mind. 

Step 4

Add all the weights up. How much is this weight you are carrying in your life? What are the biggies? How much do they weigh on you? 

Step 5

Really evaluate this list with a discerning eye. Are all these things you are carrying truly important? What can you release in order to lighten the burden you're carrying? This is the time to make a conscious shift in what you care about. Maybe it's not appropriate anymore to assign quite so much weight to other people's judgments, or a particular person's judgments. Maybe it's time to let go emotionally and physically of some of the physical items you've been holding onto.

For example, I've always loved books. A few years ago I realized I was probably never going to re read most of my books. I had hundreds of books at the time. I dumped them all out on the floor, determined to carry with me only those books that truly brought me joy. It was tough and I didn't really carry that through 100%--though I did toss well over 300 books that didn't make the cut. It was emotional but worth it. I don't miss them now. But I do feel the lightness that comes from cutting out unnecessary weight from our lives. 
Now is a great time to release some excess weight from your life. 
I can guarantee that as you perform this exercise and actually follow through with releasing some of those values that are weighing you down, your physical body will feel lighter and your spirit self will feel lighter as well. Release those unnecessary burdens! I give you permission--let them go! You don't need to carry them anymore. 

More later,


Monday, April 24, 2017

Archetypes in Retrograde

Hopefully you spent the weekend reflecting on the messages your soul is trying to communicate to you at this time. Once again, my obligatory link to the Gospel and Reading the Stars.

Today I want to talk about archetypes and how they fit into this Mercury Retrograde. 
Archetypes are patterns of ideas that are ingrained into what Jung called "the collective unconscious." 
Perhaps the best introduction to the concept of archetypes is to reference fairy tales. When I talk about the Wicked Stepmother, Prince Charming, or the Damsel in Distress, you know exactly what I'm talking about. These are types, patterns, archetypes that have been incorporated into our vast collective unconscious.

One thing I do in my work is archetype readings. Essentially, every person comes to earth with a panel of 12 archetypes that combine to create their personality. Sometimes people come missing an archetype or two, or three, and that usually comes with a sense of confusion about the identity. Usually installing the appropriate archetypes can clear that problem. 

But for the most part, people come with a panel of 12 archetypes that combine to create their personality. Here is a sample archetypal splay: 
  1. Personality, Ego: the face you present to the outside world-- Wounded Caregiver
  2. Life Values: ownership, finances, your relationship to earthly power-- Beggar
  3. Self-expression, Siblings: the power of choice-- Dilettante
  4. Home: establishing your emotional foundation-- Wounded Child
  5. Creativity, Good Fortune: erotic energies, including creativity, sexuality, and synchronicity/chance-- Saboteur
  6. Occupation and Health: seeking security in the physical world-- Exorcist
  7. Relationships: marriage and partnerships-- Sell-out
  8. Other People's Resources: stocks, inheritance, death and closure-- Defendant (Advocate)
  9. Spirituality: wisdom, publishing, travel-- Gambler
  10. Highest Potential: completing the integration of the self-- Disciple
  11. Interaction with the World: relating your creativity to humanity-- Victim
  12. The Unconscious-- Researcher
You can see here the twelve different "houses," what they represent, and then the archetype associated. A full archetype reading explains each archetype that applies to the client and has lots of questions for application. But this is a good sample of the basics. 

So if you have an archetype reading, go ahead and pull it out. If you don't, you can email me about ordering one before my rates go up in May or you can go to this website here and pray about or muscle test on what your archetypes are. I don't agree with this woman's analysis or her list of archetypes--I feel her list is incomplete and in my experience archetypes can be switched out as the kundalini is raised. However, it's a good starting place. 


So in your archetype chart, when planetary retrogrades come up, each planet in retrograde has an associated archetype whose Shadow side comes into play

On top of this, each planet itself embodies an archetype. For example, Mercury is the Trickster archetype. Venus is the Lover archetype. And so forth. So we can see how the different archetypes come into play with each planet, which is fun and exciting.

But really what I want for you today is to look at your chart and ask yourself, which of my archetypes is being brought out by Mercury retrograde? This is not a question your conscious mind can answer. It's something you'll have to muscle test on, pray about, or breathe about. To breathe about it, just ask, "is this archetype in play due to the retrograde right now?" and breathe in while reading each archetype in turn. The one that is in play will make you feel different in your chest when you breathe while reading it. It will be subtle but I believe in you! You can do it. 

Since Mercury is actually going retrograde through two separate signs right now, you may have two archetypes coming into play.

In our sample, that sample person has the archetypes of the Wounded Child associated with Taurus during this cycle and the Sell-Out associated with Aries. The Gambler for that person is tied to Mercury for this cycle.

So for the sample person, they might expect to see issues coming up this cycle associated with their childhood, how they are parenting or how they were parented, all relating to the Wounded Child; issues of integrity and employment relating to the Sell-Out; and issues of risk-taking and compulsion from the Gambler.

Of course, since so many planets are in retrograde right now, essentially your whole chart is likely to be in play. But it may be worthwhile to go through and ask your archetypes in your mind what messages they may have for you during this time of your life. This is a good exercise to do whenever you have something come up in your life that appears to have a message for you about something to change. 

Okay. I'm still in recovery from my surgery and can't read emails. I actually am writing this before my surgery and just setting it to send out now. So please send your questions and your experiences and I will love to read them--when my eyes are functional again! Even though you're getting my emails, I'm not getting yours yet. ;) 

Sending all the good vibes!! Take some time to connect with your archetypes today and see what messages they have for you this retrograde season!! 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

messages of the quintuple retrograde

Good morning! So far this week we've been learning more about the current Mercury Retrograde, in honor of it being over halfway over! Whoo!!! A brief recap, plus my obligatory link to the Gospel and Reading the Stars

  • Mercury Retrograde is the time of year when Mercury appears to be transiting backwards. During this time of year, Soul Contracts relating to our inner dark sides come out for reevaluation.
  • Mercury is the Messenger, and now is the time to be receiving messages from the dark sides of our unconscious so that we can change them. This is a time for soul growth and changing the paths we're on.
  • If we are conscious about what's happening, we can choose to happen to life. When we are not listening to the messages our souls are trying to bring to our attention, life happens to us. 
  • This MR is taking place in both Aries AND Taurus, which is special and unique and a big deal because it is bringing us two messages at the same time. Please read the other emails for more about that.
This MR is taking place at the same time as several other retrogrades. Some astrologers are calling it a "psychic storm." 
Other retrogrades in play
Right now, we are also dealing with retrogrades in Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Can you even believe it?? 

Venus deals with our values and relationships.

Jupiter deals with expansion, higher learning, and ideas. 

Saturn deals with karma, the idea of reaping what we've sown.

Pluto is all about death and change and rebirth. 

And Mercury--as we've been covering for the past few days, Mercury is the Messenger. And Mercury is the messenger for ALL of those things. 

So by now Venus has already "stationed direct," or left retrograde technically, but it's still in its cool-down post-retrograde zone where people are still processing the message it brought. So these are all things to keep in mind. 

Essentially: right now is an optimal time to be consciously examining every aspect of your life and making some choices. What needs to change? 

This record-setting quintuple retrograde is an amazing opportunity to look for the messages our souls are sending us as far as our thoughts, the way we communicate, our values, our environment, our way of thinking, and how everything fits together in our personal lives--and how it fits into the grander scheme of our family, our community, our nation, our world, our universe. 
Here is a homework today: read this out loud! 

This is one of the messages of this quintuple retrograde. You. Matter. To. The. Universe. It just wouldn't be the same without you. ​​​​​​​
Questions to consider
You've had a lot of writing assignments from me this week and they continue today. Writing is such a powerful way to internalize the things you discover about yourself. You are creating a record of the things you are learning so you can look back on them later.

Today, consider: 

  • What messages am I being sent about the relationships in my life--including my relationship with myself? What changes might I need to make in my relationships generally, or in specific relationships?
  • What messages am I being sent about my thoughts and the way I am thinking? How do I need to expand my worldview? In which ways do I need to alter how I think? 
  • What am I being told right now on a spiritual level about the outcomes of my past desires and decisions? Which of my current desires and decisions might need to be rethought? 
  • What in my life needs a rebirth? How will I go about accomplishing that rebirth? 
  • How do I fit into the grander scheme of things? What messages am I being sent about my place and importance in the Universe as a whole?  
The thing that just keeps coming back to me is that YOU MATTER. That is my real message today. All the rest of this stuff--it's good, it's important, blah blah, but the real thing I hope you are internalizing here is that YOU MATTER.

We all deal with feelings of insignificance. But no one is insignificant. Your contributions MATTER to the world. They do. They do. 

And I hear some of you saying: what contributions? And you sound so skeptical. 

But I will tell you:

Your contributions in your family. In your home. In your job. When you go on a walk and smile at a person you pass. When you comment on someone's Facebook post and it lets them know you were thinking about them. 

You are the light in someone's life right now. Yes, you. You are. That's just how it works. We are all part of this vast whole and your contributions matter. They do. You matter. You do.

So this is all worth it. Taking this introspective look at your life: it is worth it. It is important. It matters. Because YOU matter. 

Maybe you're having trouble accessing your intuition enough to answer these questions I've been asking. So here, please accept some of my intuition. 

Here is my intuition speaking: All this stuff only matters because YOU matter. 

The planets in the heavens testify of YOUR importance in the Universe.

If your life feels like it's falling apart right now, it is because YOU matter and the messages of this current stage of the world are meant to help YOU grow and transcend and step into your own divine majesty. 

You are majestic. You really are. Yes, you. I love this list because even though this is an email list, I personally know almost all of you, even just through email. And those I don't know yet--well, email me already and let's be friends, guys! But even without that, I can sense your energies intuitively and I can guarantee that you are important. You are more important than you ever imagined. 

So you know what? Do the writing assignments or don't do them. It's up to you. But if what is holding you back is a feeling of unimportance, please take it from me as an expert on the human psyche: you are deeply important. And you are worth listening to. Your experiences and your Soul Contracts are worth listening to. 

And so I invite you to listen to yourself. Take yourself seriously. You are seriously a big freakin deal.

That's what I have to say.

More later.



PS. I'm still in recovery from my eye surgery so I will be delayed in responding to any emails. But I do read every one, even if I can't respond promptly. Sending you all the good vibes.

PPS. My rates for hourly sessions will be doubling on May 1. Now is the time to reserve your sessions at my current rates! I will be performing all sessions booked in April in late May and early June. <3