Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The power of breath: I killed 5 flies yesterday.

I killed five flies yesterday with the power of my breath! But not how you think.

Our new house--I don't know what it is, but whenever my kids leave the back door open, flies come in. Yesterday I had six flies in the house. It was an irritation to be sure. I was not having any success with killing them.

But then I had an idea of how to harness my yogic power of breath to kill the flies--and I'll get to that in a minute. First, I need to back up.

A few days ago, my computer was having some struggles. Really, it was the internet. One page just wouldn't load. It was taking forever. At first I got frustrated, but then I thought: I'll use this time to practice my yogic breathing.

So I took the deepest breath I could breathe, so deep that my lungs were fully, entirely full, and--wouldn't you know it, the page loaded right as I reached the pinnacle of my breath.

A few minutes later, another page had trouble loading, and so I decided to continue my deep breathing exercise. I inhaled, inhaled, inhaled, and--just as I reached the pinnacle of my breath, the page loaded.

This actually happened two more times and then I noticed the pattern.

It was evening time and my little baby was having trouble settling down. He has a difficult time transitioning and transferring in his sleep. I went upstairs right after this and got him back into a restful state--but usually after I comfort him, if I leave, he just starts fussing again. So this time I tried my yogic breathing and breathed as deeply as I could--

And can you believe it? He made one fussy sound and was out. That was it.

This has been replicable. I have been experimenting with it for several days now.

Now as my children have their big emotions, I envision myself breathing them all in, and then processing those emotions for them on the exhale. But as I inhale very, very completely, it feels as if things are actually changing.

Seriously, try this with your computer when your internet is slow, try it with your fussy baby and whiny children. I have been very surprised.

But back to the flies--

Yesterday, I reached my limit. I pulled out the flyswatter. I thought: tonight is the night. You suckers are going down.

I tried a few times to swat one, and failed. And then I remembered the power of breath with getting my kid to stay asleep and getting the internet to load. So I inhaled, inhaled, inhaled, until my lungs were bursting--and then BAM! Swatted the fly.

Totally got him.

Then, totally got four more of them. Only one of them took multiple tries. It was because that one was on the ceiling and I was at a bad angle and also am short.

But seriously: I went from killing no flies and having it be seriously hard, to killing several of them in the course of a few minutes. At one point I had ten minutes to go before an appointment, but I just thought: I'll see how many I can kill in ten minutes. Totally got three of them. WHILE I WAS ON THE PHONE at one point. It blew my mind. I was stunned and overjoyed. Ah.

Experiment with the power of your breath today!! Inhale as deeply as possible in the moments where you need an extra something. Extra agility to kill an overabundance of houseflies, extra patience when your internet is taking forever to load, extra whatever to deal with the fussy kids. Then report back here in the comments because I am so interested to hear anyone else's stories about this technique. Love!!

Monday, October 24, 2016

the spiritual integumentary system

This morning in a session, an issue came up with the "spiritual integumentary system." I had never heard of even a non-spiritual integumentary system before, so I got Googling. This is the Wikipedia page on your integumentary system.

Basically, the integumentary system is made up of things like your skin and hair, the physical boundary between the outside world and the inside world of your body. On a spiritual level, it's the boundary between the outside and the inside of you.

If you're feeling like your interactions with the outside world are tearing you up--maybe they are, and maybe it's time to look at your own spiritual integumentary system. This may be a good system to check on if you are dealing with skin problems as well, or hair problems.

In this particular case, I felt to look into a lack of spiritual nutrients and found that there was a lack of patience with affliction that was helping cause the problem. Applying the energy of patience and teaching the tissues how to have the patience to endure seemed to help.


Spend some time praying about your spiritual integumentary system and if there are any Christlike attributes you can develop that will strengthen that boundary for you.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

spiritual nutrition and disease

In a session recently I saw the client covered in boils, spiritually. Very painful boils. It looked like a disease, one that I had never seen before.

It kind of reminded me of measles, though. The rash and everything. And I knew that measles can only afflict you if you are deficient in Vitamins A and C. If you have enough of those vitamins in your body, you will fight off measles without getting sick. If you are deficient, you will get sick. If you are sick and then hyperdose with A and C, you can recover in mere hours. Megadosing Vitamin A results in drastic decreases in serious complications of measles.

So I thought: is there a spiritual vitamin, if you will, that this person is deficient in? One that would have prevented whatever this disease is?

And I got an answer: yes. And that particular spiritual nutrient that was missing was compassion. So we applied some compassion until the boils healed.

But it has just got me thinking of spiritual nutrients. And how with regular nutrients, you know, you can be doing just fine with all your nutrients except one, and end up with problems just from missing out on one. That's why it's not enough to only develop a few Christlike attributes--or even all the Christlike attributes except for the one that would make you give up your "pet sin," whatever that is.

Some Spiritual Nutrients
- compassion
- love
- charity
- forgiveness
- acceptance
- kindness
- mercy


Go ahead and take some time to pray about what spiritual nutrients you are missing. Take notes. Ask what you can do to "supplement" and build up your spiritual stores so you can avoid spiritual disease.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

healing the immune system

I have been sick for probably a majority of my life.

Coughs, colds, sniffles, flus, all of it. In my teen years I read some research indicating that people with stressful childhoods end up with shorter telomeres which can lead to impaired immune function. When I read it, I thought--that's me! And I just resigned myself to having the sniffles and a cough for the rest of my life.

In my work I work a lot with nervous systems. I'm always trying to get people's nervous systems functioning at 100%. But finally a few weeks ago I realized--why don't I do the same with my immune system?

So I checked out my immune system and realized it was "turned off." You can muscle test on if your immune system is turned on or off. Once I realized it was off, I turned it back on and retested: it was on but only functioning at 2-3% of total capacity.

SO then I did a bunch of work like I do with nervous systems, clearing out the gunk that had clogged up my immune function. My goal was to bring up my immune system function to over 65% of capacity, which is where my husband's is at and he's only been sick once during our marriage and it was minor. After clearing a bunch of stuff, my immune system function muscle tests at 85%.

Miraculously, I have felt that "oh no I'm going to be sick" tickle at the back of my throat probably three or four times since then, but have not gotten sick. This is the actual first time I can ever remember that happening--my body actually beating the bad guys before I'm using up five Kleenex boxes in a week. Hooray!!

Next up on my to-do list is to increase the capacity of my immune system, if possible. Or at least investigate that possibility. What I find is that people's capacity per system (immune system, nervous system, lymphatic system, digestive system, elimination system, etc) varies based on a lot of factors. Some people have huge nervous system capacity, some people have very little. I wonder if there are simple ways to increase capacity. Obviously kundalini meditation and yoga is a great way to increase nervous system and lymphatic system capacity, and probably the others too, but I wonder if there are other ways as well.


Sick all winter? Go ahead and start looking into the state of your immune system. Maybe there is something to be done about it!