Monday, October 24, 2016

the spiritual integumentary system

This morning in a session, an issue came up with the "spiritual integumentary system." I had never heard of even a non-spiritual integumentary system before, so I got Googling. This is the Wikipedia page on your integumentary system.

Basically, the integumentary system is made up of things like your skin and hair, the physical boundary between the outside world and the inside world of your body. On a spiritual level, it's the boundary between the outside and the inside of you.

If you're feeling like your interactions with the outside world are tearing you up--maybe they are, and maybe it's time to look at your own spiritual integumentary system. This may be a good system to check on if you are dealing with skin problems as well, or hair problems.

In this particular case, I felt to look into a lack of spiritual nutrients and found that there was a lack of patience with affliction that was helping cause the problem. Applying the energy of patience and teaching the tissues how to have the patience to endure seemed to help.


Spend some time praying about your spiritual integumentary system and if there are any Christlike attributes you can develop that will strengthen that boundary for you.

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