Tuesday, August 22, 2017

More about Monday's Solar Eclipse

I was so so excited to find a link that I wanted to share with you on Monday, but I couldn't find it. I thought: surely I have saved this one somewhere! And I did, but just nowhere I thought to look until tonight

A lot is going on!! 
How have you been handling the eclipse energy? Hopefully all right?

Heavenly events, especially large ones, tend to affect us for a few days on each end. So it's very normal to feel abnormally moody for the 3-7 days prior to an eclipse, as well as the 3-7 days after.

Here's an article about the effects of the eclipse women have been noticing on their cycles.

The point is: if you're still feeling kind of shaken up, don't worry! It's normal!

Let me know how you're handling all this energy--I love to hear from you!


PS. I'm planning an upcoming series of sessions for anxiety. I'm planning to send more information out about it as I'm working on it, but if you are more particularly interested in learning more, please let me know! 

Sending you all the good vibes!!!! 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse Roundup

Many of you have emailed me asking where the solar eclipse info is! I've been so busy actually managing the side effects of this set of eclipses, I haven't even had a chance to round up information for you! But that's what this post is for.
The Solar Eclipse
This solar eclipse is a big deal on lots, lots of levels. You can expect to feel its effects on a personal level and on a national and international level. 

Eclipses are times of endings and beginnings. If you haven't watched my Lunar Eclipse session from two weeks ago, it is not too late! This will help with releasing the things that need to go so we can step into our new path with this solar eclipse. 

Important stuff to know about this eclipse: 

- The last time an eclipse like this happened--only visible in totality from the United States-- was 1776. Seems significant to me!

- This eclipse is exactly 40 days from Yom Kippur--the day of atonement. 

- 7 years after this eclipse, another matching one going the opposite direction will be right over the US, and the X of this X-marks-the-spot will be right over the Adam-Ondi-Ahman area. 

There is so, so much to be aware of regarding this eclipse, but these articles are a good start:

This article is an LDS commentary on the significance of this eclipse. 

TO SEE OR NOT TO SEE?This is from Yogi Bhajan's library of teachings on what to do during an eclipse:

YB: Tomorrow is eclipse, is that right?
Student: Yes.
YB: You shall at that time be meditating "Har." Be graceful, try to... After so many hundred years, this thing has come here, and that time whosever shall remain still, shall benefit multiple, stillness is a practice, be still, then don't go out and see, what is happening? Nothing is happening but you will lose the eyesight if you go and see it naked eye. We are not seeing lot of it but that is the time of pure meditative mind because what happens is when eclipse has started coming the moon started coming in-between earth and sun, the entire magnetic energy, the kilowatt frequency of the magnetic energy changes. You might have practiced all these days, lot of hassles, lot of irritation, lot of pimples, lot of body problem, blood problem, menstruation getting upside down (?), all that stuff, you might be thinking what is going on? After tomorrow it will change, for some for the better, for some for the worst.

Today is a great day to be still and to meditate. The moon and sun coming together is a powerful energy for uniting what has been divided within, for harnessing the power of both the masculine and feminine energies.

The link to Yogi Bhajan's lecture has a whole lesson on crisis of personality. 

But today is a great day to meditate, to realize what you need to let go of, and to let go of it. Today is a great day to prepare for new beginnings. The new beginnings are already beginning. But today is a great day to be aware of them, to welcome them, to choose to face them without fear, to face them with acceptance. 

No matter what these endings and new beginnings mean for you personally--you can handle them with dignity and grace.

Please send me any questions or thoughts or comments--I love to hear from you!

I may do an eclipse session later today if I can make the time. If I do I'll send out another email about it. But in the meantime: stillness, meditation, introspection. Grace, faith, dignity. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Hello! Just letting you all know that I've got a new website up all about my work with subconscious minds. Check it out HERE. Enjoy!