Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 12 Full Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon in Cancer begins on Thursday, January 12 at 11:34 am Universal Time--or 4:34 am Mountain Time (6:34 Eastern).

We feel the effects of the full moon for the 2-3 days surrounding it on both ends. You may already be feeling some shifts emotionally! You may especially notice it in your children's abnormally volatile behavior.

This particular full moon, we have the opportunity to experience a Grand Cross: Moon in Cancer opposite Sun in Capricorn and Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries.

Cancer is a sign relating to emotional needs and security and sensitivity--it is a sign closely linked to the domestic life, the interior life.

Capricorn is kind of the opposite: governing the exterior, how one relates to the outside world.

Jupiter is the expansive planet, the one that comes into play when we are observing the bigger picture and our beliefs and morality. In Libra, these things apply to partnerships, relationships, balance and equality.

Uranus is all about sudden change and breakthrough--and in the fiery and independent sign of Aries, that could mean a major breakthrough!

So between all of these things, we're looking at a time of renegotiating the relationship between the inner world and how we relate to the outer world, and facing our partnerships, relationships, and life balance with the possibility of breakthrough.

This is a great time to be examining these things, setting goals and intentions, and MEDITATING!!

Additionally, tomorrow morning, Chiron, the "wounded healer" planet archetypally, will be in Pisces, along with Mars, and trine the Moon--trine is good. This is a time of healing: healing the wounded warrior within, and healing through the power of Piscean-governed things like dreams and theta and so on. This energy can also help us tap into our spiritual gifts.

Tonight, tomorrow, and the next day will all be very good days to focus on your meditations.

Sat Nam!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Agenda for Upcoming Class: Heal Your Marriage, Heal YourSELF

This is the agenda for the class that begins tonight. Every class will be two hours long: one hour of lecture and one hour of group energy work. All classes will be held online and will be recorded so if you miss a live class, you can catch up with it later.

You'll want to come to class well hydrated, with a pen and paper to take notes. A required textbook is Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin. I highly recommend a paper copy (as opposed to an electronic copy). You will want to acquire a journal specific to this femininity journey, if possible.

There will be assigned reading and homework assignments in between classes. The more you put in, the more you will get out. This will be HARD WORK! This class is not for you if you are not willing to work for the results you want in your marriage, your spiritual growth, and your personal growth.

If you're willing to work--you're going to work and you're going to see some results that will thrill your soul.

The group energy sessions work like this: I access everyone's energy at the same time, and then either go by person and event as necessary to clear the blocks that come up, or I will get a symbolic image that we will clear for personal healing. Either way, what clears from one will clear from all. It is a very fast way to clear a lot of trauma from a lot of people at once. We will clear out our hearts from old angers, resentments, bitterness and trauma related to being women, and then we will welcome in new perspectives and new energetic blueprints for an elevated way of being. You do not need to make it to the live class to participate in the group session. By signing up for the class you are joining the group that I'll be working on. Just when you watch the class later, agree to allow the work to go through! All energy work is predicated on the divine principle of agency and nothing will go through for you unless you choose it to.

Here is the agenda for the next six weeks:

January 10: Yin and Yang: The Universal Laws. 
- exploring Biblical and biological foundations of the most fundamental universal polarity

January 17: Understanding, Accepting, and Inspiring the Masculine Aspect.
- exploring the fundamental needs, desires, functionality of the masculine principle

January 24: Understand, Accepting, and Luxuriating in the Feminine Aspect.
- exploring how femininity works, how to feel and be feminine. How this relates to the masculine principle

January 31: "Submit to this like water:" the Divine Principle of Submission
- exploring Biblical, biological, and universal truths of the power of submission

February 7: Feminine Radiance
- exploring feminine radiance in all its many aspects: appearance, manner, health and happiness, spirituality, and more

February 16: BONUS CLASS
- I am at your mercy, we will talk about anything and everything we want to talk about relating to this stuff

Registration for this class ends TONIGHT at 7 pm Mountain Time, which is when the first class begins. But if you cut it too close, you might miss the beginning of class!

It's been reported that this PayPal button has been having trouble, so if it gives YOU trouble, please email me directly! awinegarduzett @ gmail . com.

Have a glorious day!!

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What's in a name? An energetic look at names

[Note: This post was written months ago but only posted now. The 3 am waking also took place months ago. Enjoy.]

I was awoken this morning at the glorious hour of 3 am with instructions to blog about made-up baby names. I don't really want to do it because people are so easily offended by opinions about names, also did I mention it is literally 3 am and I have three kids? I AM SO SO TIRED but I feel like I was told to be here writing this so here I am. You're welcome.

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

Do you really want to risk smelling a "Buttflower" or "Skunkblossom" or "Poisonfumia?"

Scriptural and Spiritual Importance of Names
John 1:1
1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

What are words? Words are vibrations. THE Word is the foundation of the Universe. Words are scripturally very important.

Sacrament prayers must be verbally said the exact same way every time in order to get the job done. Because words matter.

Kundalini mantra meditation works with the vibrations, the right words, the naam, shabad, and naad, or name, word, and sound current, respectively. If you have experienced the healing that can come from kundalini mantra meditation, you know that power of name, word, and sound current.
Revelation 2:17
17 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.
 Names are words. They are sacred.

Think also of Adam, the first man, whose first job is to name everything. Names are so important!

Language forms how we view the world. Names matter.

Morphic Fields

Morphic fields matter too. Basically the idea of morphic fields is that the more something is done in a particular way, the stronger the energy field of it is. Here is Sheldrake on his work, and here is an LDS former "psychic spy" for the US on his work.

Morphic fields are based on the idea that memory is a foundational principle of the universe. With every repetition of a thing, its energy gets stronger. So for example, repeating the sacrament prayers the exact same way over and over again, all over the world for many years, creates a strong energy of the things the sacrament is associated with.

Morphic fields are related to what is sometimes called "The 100th Monkey Effect," which is comparable to the idea of "the tipping point." Basically once enough people do a certain thing, create a morphic field big enough, people everywhere begin to tap into the general consciousness of it, without even realizing it.

I should really blog a whole bunch about morphic fields at some point but anyway: morphic fields are basically the combined energy of "things" and they influence us and our behavior.

Morphic Fields and Baby Names

Names are morphic fields.

Like all morphic fields, the more they have been repeated over and over, the stronger the hereditary memory, you could say. The newer a name is, the less hereditary memory.

In plain English, this means: the older and more established a name is, the more it has been used over time, the more energy is being tapped into with it. And the more stable that energy is. That stability translates into grounding, both consciously psychological (as people identify with their namesakes) and energetic.

A name that is newly crafted does not carry the weight of an established name, so children with less established names are left to create brand new morphic fields for themselves instead of drawing on the strength of past generations who have borne the morphic field.

You can see this for yourself with your third eye. This will feel like "intuitive sensing" or a "seeing feeling," or just plain imagination. But that's okay.

Imagine the field of the name "Sarah." One of the oldest names in the book. A strong blue ball of energy, lots and lots of cords out to many many people. Some dark, some blue, so many cords sometimes it looks like there aren't any cords, just an enormous ball of energy, and that's because the cords lie on top of each other, there are so many of them. So many Sarahs have influenced the field and drawn influence from the field!

And now, imagine the field for my brand new baby name I making up right now: TaeBrynkeeTae. Take a deep breath and imagine this one. Breathe very deeply and inhale and exhale fully. This one will take more effort to see energetically because it is literally brand new. The name of TaeBrynkeeTae has basically no morphic field whatsoever. What you may expect to sense in your imagination is a tiny dot of energy, possibly bluish but really rather amorphous in shape and color. That's because it has no established morphic field to speak of.


A brand new name has pros and cons. The pro is that the child gets to set up their own morphic field to go along with it. The con is that starting fresh like that can be very disorienting energetically.

The energetic con of having an established baby name is that Baby is now plugged into an energy field that has its own personality, if you will, and that personality can come into play in muted ways throughout Baby's life, even in negative ways.  For example, some people tracked the behavior of 60,000 children and came up with the top 10 names for troublemakers and well-behaved children. Check it out here.

The pro is, established names can lend the strength and power of the morphic field to the child in muted ways throughout Baby's life. Particularly religious names that have been passed down in family lines and are inspired by righteousness. Those are good names to draw from.

One thing that pops into my mind is how many names royalty are given. For example, the current Queen of England's full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. She gets two middle names. Princess Charlotte is really Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Windsor. Prince Harry's full name is Henry Charles Albert David Windsor. Etc. Royals usually have several middle names. All family names, all rich in heritage and with strong morphic fields.

And no wonder! They have to draw on the power of these morphic fields to carry them through the rigors of being in the public eye, having every decision scrutinized, etc. To me, it makes a lot of sense.

For my own children, we are committed to Bible names and names with family ties. Starting fresh is not always all it's cracked up to be.

As an example, to draw on the Hebrew example of the Shemitah, during the Shemitah all the debts are wiped clean and everyone starts fresh... sounds awesome, right? No more debt? Starting fresh? But on a wider scale, that in the past has translated as war and devastation that "cleans everything up" and leaves people REALLY starting fresh. If Biblical style Shemitah devastation ever happened here, the "starting fresh" would mean starting with no established government, no established infrastructure such as plumbing or electricity... basically being truly "free" might sound good, but do you really want to be totally free from laws and electricity and modern sanitation? Perhaps not.

Think of using established, positive-connotation family and religious names as hooking your child up with plumbing and electricity. Consider the possibility that "TaeBrynkeeTae" and "KyBrexlerJex" are figuratively handed a whole bunch of nothing and responsible for setting up, in a way, their own energetic equivalent of plumbing and electricity.

Energy of names plus people

I will just invite you to take a loving, judgment-free look at the various people you know with established versus less-established names. Consider how the names make you feel in your body. Consider the energy you get from people with all sorts of various names. (Think of how, when you're naming your own kid, you might think--"I really like Name X, but I HATED a kid named that in high school! I can never name my kid THAT!" You are sensing a part of the energy field associated with that name.)

Whenever I see a kid with a less established name that is also ungrounded energetically and has "out of control" energy, I always wonder how much the lack of strong name association has at least a tiny part to play in that.

At church just yesterday, a lady in RS mentioned that she is a second-grade teacher and that for the first time ever, parents have been coming to her to tell her of their 7-year-olds' anxiety problems. She has never seen that before but all of a sudden all the little kids have anxiety, apparently. Very strange. Obviously this is for many reasons, and also that is a very small sample of 7-year-olds, but I do find it interesting that it corresponds with the rise in the acceptance of less established names. I would be so interested to see the names of those kids with the worst anxiety. Setting up your own figurative energetic plumbing and electricity, to borrow the metaphor from earlier, is pretty stressful.

Obviously I myself have a small-energy-field name. "Allie" is my literal full first name, and my middle name, which I will keep to myself for privacy purposes, is an established religious name but spelled in an unusual (family) way, so the morphic fields for both my names is very small, if you take a look at it with your energetic eyes. At least in comparison to names like "Mary" or "Elizabeth." I do feel like I have felt the unestablishment of it for my whole life. People forever have called me "Alison" or "Alexandra" and they misspell all my names like crazy, and often mispronounce my unusual maiden name and my unusual last name (which is pronounced, for the record, "dooZETT," not "does-it" or "doozit"). I do feel like having a more established name would have helped me get stronger roots faster. When I use my "spidey senses" to consider myself with a more established name, I do feel I would feel more grounded with a more grounding, established name. BUT too late for that now, and in the end, we all get the names that are important for us to have.

I was to say that again. We all get the names that are important for us to have. So if you are a TaeBrynkeeTae, it's okay!!! If you named your kid TaeBrynkeeTae, it's okay!!! We all have the names we need to have at the time we need to have them. No judgment and no beating a self up over it, we have the names we need to have. Names are neutral. Having a bigger morphic field is not necessarily better, and having a small morphic field is not necessarily worse. It's just something to take into consideration when choosing a name--for anything. For people or pets or businesses.

This is just something to consider if you are in the market for naming something.

Also, I feel now is a good time to mention that names can be changed. My mother legally changed her middle name. People retroactively change their legal names all the time. So names are not always set in stone.

What's in a name: Freakonomics interview 

Here is an article from the Freakonomics people on names and Google AdWords and how some names are targeted for ads indicating that those people are likely to be arrested just based on what their names are. They were specifically looking at "white sounding names" and "black sounding names." Some interesting excerpts from the article, which is technically actually a transcript.

One thing they discussed was how Googling "black sounding names" leads to ads that indicate the person has been arrested. From the article:
For the record, a Google spokesperson told us that, quote, “AdWords does not conduct any racial profiling… It is up to individual advertisers to decide which keywords they want to choose to trigger their ads,” end quote. Instant Checkmate didn’t respond to our query but an official statement from the company about Latanya Sweeney’s study says, quote, “Instant Checkmate would like to state unequivocally that it has never engaged in racial profiling in Google AdWords, and that we have absolutely no technology in place to even connect a name with a race,” end quote. So whoever the villain is here – and it may be us, the people who click – the point is that in this case, your name matters.
Like they said: perhaps the villain here is the people who click. And perhaps the people who click do so because the ads are relevant to them. And perhaps the ads are relevant to them for any number of reasons, possibly including morphic fields, but in any case, names matter. To me, "black sounding names," like "Utah sounding names," are really just "less established names." It's not that they're worse, by any means, it's just that the morphic fields for them as names is smaller.

A name like "Travontay" has a way smaller morphic field than a name like "Bridget." I invite you to without judgment consider the possibility that small-morphic-field names, and the ungroundedness and disorientation that can go with them, can lead to more unpredictable behavior. Basically: "black sounding names" originated in the mid-1960's, around the same time as the War on Poverty and the beginning of the dissolution of the black family. From the Heritage Foundation:

[Black out of wedlock birth] rates remained relatively low until the onset of Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty in the early 1960s. Then the black out-of-wedlock birth rate skyrocketed, doubling in little more than a decade from 24.5 percent in 1964 to 50.3 percent in 1976. It continued to rise rapidly, reaching 70.7 percent in 1994. Over the next decade, it declined slightly but then began to rise again, reaching 72.3 percent in 2008.
As families dissolved, the reliance on names with strong morphic fields dissolved too. If you research further, you will find that many or most of the least established names out there are devised by less-educated, out-of-wedlock mothers. So it's a two-way street as well. If you come to Earth born with a less-grounding, less-established name, AND unmarried parents who are not very educated, your ability to create a strong and positive morphic field is hard.

To continue with Freakonomics insights:

But there’s other research which finds that a name may matter, at least on some dimensions. Boys with feminine names, it’s been argued, act up more in school. A girl with a masculine name, meanwhile, is more likely to have a successful legal career. And another study, by Marianne Bertrand and Sendhil Mullainathan, was called “Are Emily and Greg More Employable Than Lakisha and Jamal?” This study found that if you send out a resume with a white-sounding name, it’s about 50 percent more likely to get a callback than an identical resume where all you’ve done is change the name to a black-sounding name.
 I found the idea intriguing that boys with feminine names act up more in school. Masculine morphic fields and feminine morphic fields are different and placing a female in a male name morphic field or a male in a female name morphic field is going to cause some cognitive dissonance on an energetic level, as well as an emotional level.

The whole article is very worth reading, especially because it concludes with a point I would also like to conclude with:

NAMES ARE NOT DESTINY! ...even if your name is Destiny

Names are not destiny. Even if your name is Destiny. So don't be too upset about the morphic field of your name, whatever it is. Names, in the end, while sacred and deeply important, are not responsible for our choices or what we do with our lives... we are.

So, please, no weird feelings about the name you have or the names you have given your children. They matter to some extent but not enough to be worth getting offended or upset over. These are just some perspectives on names and morphic fields. I don't care what your name is or what your kid's name is. If your name is TaeBrynkeeTae, I am glad for you and hope you enjoy it! If you named your kid TaeBrynkeeTae, that is just fine!! We choose and are given names for very personal reasons and like I said above: we all receive the names we need at the exact time we need them. So: no guilt, no shame, no blame, no sad feelings over whatever names are in your life. We can celebrate and love everyone with all our unique names while also recognizing the power of morphic fields. That is all I am getting at.

Morphic fields matter.

Names matter.

But most of all, YOU matter and you are a child of God. So who cares what your name is. Your name is Prince, or your name is Princess, and you are a child of God, and that is the name that matters the most. Love to you, no matter what your name is or what you have named your children. LOVE!

Sat nam!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Heal Your Marriage, Heal YourSELF

Just a few short years ago, I was not very happy with my marriage.

I felt trapped and sad and like my husband didn't love me. I felt like he was chronically irritated with me and I didn't know why and I didn't know how to stop it. Both of us resented each other. On the surface, things weren't so bad, but I would think to myself: this isn't how marriage is supposed to be. I would think: what happened to feeling passionately in love? What happened to actually feeling joy in my marriage?

I told the Lord my complaints in prayer. At the time, I really blamed my husband for all of it. Like I said, I was resentful. I was blaming. And so it came as a shock when God's response to me was to look within. He said, "You think he's so terrible? Look at yourself!" I was shocked and stunned and sad. I honestly thought I had been doing everything right! Everything I possibly could do! But it turned out I was wrong, and God took me on this incredible journey of self-healing that eventually ended up healing my marriage as well as myself.

It also opened up my spiritual gifts. One night I promised that I would live the way He taught me 100%. The next morning, I suddenly had gifts of spiritual sight and healing that I never even realized were available to me. I know my gifts are tied to the same principles that healed my soul and healed my marriage.

Just 4 weeks after I made that promise and my gifts opened up, my husband came to me in tears, apologizing for the way he had treated me and how he had run our family. We had a fresh start that was completely different. It was hard and so beautiful. I know without a doubt that my change of heart made room for him to change his heart too. I didn't change him; I changed myself and the change I made created a space that invited him to change too. And he was so relieved to make that change.

As I stepped more fully into my femininity, he was able to step more fully into his masculinity.

Today, we complement each other so well and we are so happy. He is constantly cornering me for hugs while I'm cooking dinner. He spontaneously tells me I am beautiful. Sometimes I catch him staring at me and he tells me he was just wondering how it was possible he was lucky enough to end up with me.

These are things that were unimaginable just a few years ago. The changes our relationship has gone through are unimaginable to my younger self.

The most miraculous thing about it all is that this is REPLICABLE. I have shared these secrets with multiple women whose spouses have changed in incredible ways--at times, with their husbands even giving up serious addictions in order to save their marriages--and voluntarily doing so. Happily doing so. Can you even imagine?

Here is a screenshot a friend sent me just a few weeks ago, along with her commentary. Her husband is a recovering addict:

I had reached out to this woman when I saw her post about her frustration with her addict spouse--she was at her rope's end and I knew I had an answer for her. I sent her a book--the textbook we will be using for this course. And lo and behold, her husband starts sending her lovey-dovey texts!! Completely unbidden!

She wrote:

His attitude has totally changed from the minute I started reading the book. He just aced two interviews with his dream company for a position that will increase our income by $1000/month. He started working out with a personal trainer and his stinking thoughts [edit: addict thoughts] seem to have disappeared. Wow! All I can say is wow. He so kind and his prayers for me are heart felt. He is opening up about his recovery. It's incredible. Thank you.

A little later she wrote this to me:

My H started going on about how he felt awake and new and couldn't put his finger on it. How I'm not doing anything different really than what I've always done and yet it feels so different and he knows I've been trying all these years and he appreciates it, but it never felt so fulfilling before.
These are RESULTS!!!! Results that are GLORIOUS!!!! 


FYI on the timeframe there: this change took place in basically a week. What?! Obviously, everyone's mileage will vary because every relationship is different, but.... even so. What?!?! In early December she was lamenting the state of her marriage and mere weeks later, her husband is working recovery, sending her loving texts, and getting his life together. It's astonishing.

A few days ago I was awoken bright and early with instructions to teach a class these next few weeks on the marriage relationship and cultivating joy through marriage. I am so excited to share this with you all. Oh guys, I am so thrilled.

This class will be for women only. Being married is not necessary--it will teach you the way to have a beautiful romantic relationship whether or not you are married. It will be online and recorded so you can watch later if you can't make it live. You will be assigned a glorious textbook that will change your life (you can order it today if you want, here. Get started on the journey. It is a life-changer. Of course, our class will go deeper than the book). You will discover beautiful things about yourself you didn't even know were there. It will be so amazing you just don't even know!!!

That's how I feel about my life now that I am implementing these secrets--it's so amazing I just haven't even known what to do with myself!

Only now I do know: I am opening up this class for registration today. There is a 100% money back guarantee if you actually watch every lecture, complete all assignments, and still don't see any results.

A word of caution: this class is probably not for you. This will be a class for women who are ready for change that requires work. You will have homework! But the hardest work will be internal! That is one reason why this class is not just lecture, but also group energy work. We will be clearing our emotional obstacles to joy in marriage as well. It will be tough but glorious.

Oh guys, I'm so excited.

What would it mean to you to have results like my friend's above? Can you even imagine it? 

As a reminder, this class will be part lecture, and part group energy work to clear blocks that are impeding our self-healing. 

Please feel free to email me any questions! awinegarduzett @ gmail . com, remove the spaces. So excited to work with you!!

UPDATE: Here are some comments from women who took the course:

taking Allies course was really about freeing myself to be who I truly am, it was a very spiritual experience. I had been conditioned all my life to be tough, and toughen-up. It wasn't easy to let go of all those thick layers of resentment, anger, and a hard shell, it was a little scary at first because those have been my protection all my life.  The energy healing was a dire necessity for me to let them go. But, I knew if I really wanted to be closer to God, and have better relationships with my husband and children, I needed to let them go. And deep down, I really wanted to. I was so tired of wearing the pants in my family AND doing all the nurturing as well. I now feel lighter, more free, and so much more acceptance of my role as a mother and nurturer in my home, as well as a supportive partner to my husband. What's even more amazing is how much power I have found, in embracing my feminity, our entire family dynamics have changed. I feel like I am finally happy in my life and roles, and with who I really am, as a powerful daughter of God. I hope all women everywhere will take the time to seek out what it really means to be a woman, from God's perspective. This course is absolutely inspired. 
M.K., Reno, NV

All I can say is incredible, so greatly exceeded my expectations!!! I was meeting with legal aid to proceed with divorce papers when I learned about the possibility of taking this course. I had already committed to do anything to save my marriage that was morally right and healthy for all involved, so I saw this as a last ditch effort and didn't really put much stock in it saving my marriage. I was more expecting to heal myself and be able to move forward in a new relationship at some point in all honesty. It was more a way to deal with my grief. 
The challenges put forth in the class were not what I would consider popular or "feel good" approaches, but because they claimed to be based in immutable, universal, governing law regarding relationships I decided to try them in faith and with real intent. I felt I had nothing to lose. I saw changes in my marriage immediately. My husband came to me in tenderness and sincere questioning about why he was feeling enlivened by me specifically. We have been separated over a year and he lives eight hours away so for him to notice such a drastic change so quickly really made me take notice. The improvements came steadily and felt permanent. Trust in him was not an option for me in the beginning, so I put my trust in the process. He responded with changes in his attitudes, feelings  and behaviours that empowered my trust in him increasingly. Which of course increased his confidence and by and by created a positive spiralling upward effect. An intense contrast to the downward spiral I had been fighting to free myself from. The culmination of the course was Valentine's Day. By far, this was the most enchanting, endearing, rewarding and fulfilling Valentine's Day of my life. I am so thankful!!! Allie's ability to teach principle combined with her powerful gifts in healing so that such valuable knowledge can be effectively incorporated and applied in her students lives is a rare and precious commodity. Money, time, all the resources of life were tight when this opportunity came to me. I felt continually at peace throughout the course that what I was putting in was being returned manifold. I couldn't have afforded not to take this class. - E.P., Canada

Allie’s class, Heal Yourself, Heal Your Marriage, was packed with ah-ha moments and self-discovery.  The spirit verified the truth of her well researched information over and over again. She presented it in such an approachable and supportive way that I left every class feeling hopeful and encouraged that my perspective and marriage would improve.  And that they did.  I enjoyed reporting my own little miracles to the class and finding true power in being my feminine self.    After hearing so many conflicting messages about women, our roles, and goals, reading so many cliché memes about feminism, and empowerment, Allie’s class was so timely and refreshing for me.  She really delved deep into the heart of my heart, addressed my fears, and found resolutions to many internal conflicts.   I have felt significant shifts in my marriage.  Intimacy feels more connected and pleasurable.  I feel less burdened with my duties as a mother.  I don’t carry resentment towards my husband anymore.  My husband has been so supportive of my wants, both financially and time wise since I’ve started living Fascinating Women’s principles.  I feel all giddy in love again!   -L.R, Idaho