Friday, December 1, 2017

When scarcity becomes abundance

It is magical when scarcity becomes abundance.

I grew up in a scarcity mindset.

I felt guilty if anyone spent money on me. Even for necessities.

As I grew older, I would feel guilty if people asked me too many questions or took an interest in my life. It was a strange sort of marriage of scarcity and unworthiness--in my mind, it was like there was only so much love and care to go around, and if people cared about me, that meant that someone else was being uncared for. Someone like my disabled brother, maybe. I would deflect attention and focus on serving others to almost an extreme degree at times.

It took years to heal from all of that scarcity, all those feelings of worthlessness and unworthiness. And it’s still a process. Like everyone, I go through cycles. Sometimes I do great and attract tons of abundance. And sometimes, I find myself thinking old thoughts of not-enough.

I fell into the trap of scarcity and not-enough because of my perceptions of my life. Growing up, even though my family always did have enough, I always felt like I personally did not have enough. I always felt like there was not enough love for me, not enough time for me, not enough money or attention for me. The objective reality of the situation didn’t matter; my perception and beliefs were what mattered.

And isn’t that how it goes? The objective reality of a situation is one thing, but our perceptions and beliefs about those situations are really what make or break us.

Our perceptions and beliefs are things we can change.

I started changing mine when I first got introduced to emotional healing. I moved in with my aunt who works with emotions, and I got to be her guinea pig. And what we worked on was healing childhood bitterness and resentment and scarcity.

I will never forget how the layers of those emotions just fell right off me. I felt them leave.

It felt magical. I felt 10 pounds lighter after every session.

I became happier. I started feeling more secure. I felt trust in my life. I started dating and making close friends. It was the beginning of a major shift.

And that is my goal for this challenge. To use the next four weeks to really dig in to our scarcity mindsets and the things holding us back from being joyful and having “enough” in every way.

There is enough for you! I know it. And you can know it too.

So take your deep breaths and get excited--on Monday we start the fun. Invite a friend to join you in Conquering Scarcity, here:

See you on Monday! Sending ALL THE GOOD VIBES!


PS. Here are some links to some sessions that would start your Conquering Scarcity journey off to a good start. If you haven't taken these sessions yet, I recommend them. If you have--you might consider watching them again! If you've already ordered them you have lifetime access to them, so you might as well give them another watch and get yourself prepared for this exciting upcoming free series!