Thursday, April 30, 2015

shifting frequencies--April-May 2015

I wrote recently about the shift in frequency the earth is currently going through. This is a fascinating topic and has been coming up for me over and over again.

It occurs to me that as this polarizing shift is taking place, as earth frequencies rise and things start shaking up, it is causing an internal polarization to take place in many people that is both confusing and uncomfortable--both emotionally and sometimes physically, as the shifts result in things like unexplained aches and pains, itches, tingles, and even things like cysts or blisters. If you don't know what's going on, it is probably pretty overwhelming.
Image here.

This energy shift, in my observation, is encouraging people to find and embrace their truest selves. This is happening by making people more and more uncomfortable until they make the shift. So if you are going through some tough times right now, it may be because you are being subtly encouraged to act in greater alignment with your higher self and your highest good.

If your energy is shifting in response to the other energy shifts going on right now, you will likely be experiencing some symptoms of what is called "ascension," or basically kundalini rising. This website has a fairly comprehensive list of symptoms, which include both physical things and emotional/spiritual things. I urge you to check out that site if you feel like you may be experiencing a kundalini rise. 

This website covers some of the energetic changes associated with this month, April 2015. Worth a read.

Today we are smack dab in the middle of a four-day yod made up of the Sun, Neptune, and the North Node--here is more information about the concept of yods. This yod reminds us to connect with ourselves and with the Earth. So these are a good few days to reconnect with nature if you feel so inclined. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

deja vu and the shifting earth

About two months ago, I started experiencing a serious uptick in deja vu moments. I would have a thought, and about 90 seconds later, the thought would come true. It was like my mind had observed the events before they happened. Very weird.

I talked to a fellow LDS energy worker friend who explained that the earth is currently undergoing a shift, and that shift is affecting sensitive people in a variety of ways. So if you are also experiencing an increase in precognitive moments, this is apparently why.

The Inuits are apparently in agreement that the earth is shifting:
Image here.

The Inuits are indigenous people that inhabit the arctic regions of Canada, the United States and Greenland and throughout history their very lives have been dependent on being able to correctly forecast weather.... and they are warning NASA and the world that global warming isn't the cause of what we are seeing with extreme weather, earthquakes and other events. 
The earth has shifted, tilted or as they put it, "wobbled" to the north and they all agree "Their sky has changed!" 
The elders maintain the Sun doesn't rise were it used to, they have longer day light to hunt and the Sun is higher than it used to be and warms up quicker than before. The elders who were interviewed across the north all said the same thing, their sky has changed. 
The stars the Sun and the Moon have all changed affecting the temperature, even affecting the way the wind blows, it is becoming increasingly hard to predict the weather, something that is a must on the Arctic. 
The elders all agree, they believe the Earth has shifted, wobbled or tilted to the North.

Doreen Virtue just posted the following on her Facebook page:
There's a worldwide positive energy shift occurring, and this week will be extra intense. It's all positive; however, sensitive people may feel tired and emotional. Know that these are normal reactions to energy shifts. 
Don't judge or push yourself, but DO take extra good care of yourself. Get as much rest and sleep as possible. Naps are an excellent way to keep your moods and energies centered, and also receive divine guidance as you're sleeping.

The earth is changing things up and our bodies will recognize it even if we consciously don't! Be aware this week as the energies shift. Even though, as Virtue pointed out, this is a positive shift, this is a polar world and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Focus extra on prayers and scripture study to fortify yourself against any negative shifts that might happen in response to this positive earth shift.

Enjoy your week!

Monday, April 13, 2015

10 common subconscious programs

Subconscious programs. We all have them. They run us and we don't even realize it.

Think of it this way: our conscious mind is just the tip of the iceberg. The things we think, the things we choose to do--they are all heavily, heavily influenced by what is under the surface. The subconscious mind.
The subconscious mind is under the surface.
Image here.

People have different terms for the beliefs running through the subconscious mind. One of my favorite bloggers, finance writer Ramit Sethi, calls them "invisible scripts." They are the hidden assumptions we believe about the way life works, about the way other people work, about the way we are.

I call these things "subconscious programs," because in my work, they kind of show up like programs--like computer programs, if you will. In energy work, if you can identify a troublesome program, with permission you can change it or eradicate it and replace it with a beneficial program instead.

It's possible to change these programs without energy work, but it takes way more time and effort. Compare a thirty-second Christ-centered theta healing session to a half hour therapeutic guided imagery session to twenty years of talk therapy. They can all get you the same result--changing the program--but it just takes a different amount of time.

I wanted to take a moment a write about some of the most common troublesome subconscious programs I run into daily as an energy worker. As you read about them, you might suddenly realize, THAT'S ME! And that is a big deal because you can't change programs without realizing you have them. It's exciting to recognize them because that means you can change them!

You may also find yourself recognizing those programs in other people. In my work, as my brain has gotten more attuned to the workings of other people's brains, I have found that just by thinking of a program I will inadvertently "see" a list of people who have that program running, or alternately, by thinking of a person I will inadvertently "see" a list of their subconscious programs that are causing trouble. Some of my home healing students have reported the same phenomenon: they can look at a person or just think about a person and suddenly understand all the programs that are coming into play. So you may find that as you begin incorporating subconscious programming into your world paradigm, you also begin suddenly and unexpectedly spotting these programs in unlikely places.

And so: I bring you 10 Common Troublesome Programs.


1. I am a victim. This is definitely the most common program I run into. I have yet to work on anyone who didn't have this program running. More likely than not, unless you have had a session done that included this exact issue, you are running a program of victimhood.
Image here.
This program is common because, duh, we are all victimized at some point in life. When we take on the identity of victimhood, however, we choose to give up the part of our agency that keeps us from being victimized.  
What someone might say who has a victimhood program running: Everything goes wrong for me. Other people use me all the time. Everywhere I go, people take advantage of me and it isn't fair. 
Recognize this program in yourself: if you find yourself constantly blaming others instead of taking responsibility for your life's problems, this can be a sign of victimhood programming. If you find yourself over and over again in situations where you feel like people are taking advantage of you, or abusing you, or in which you are otherwise the innocent victim of other people's thoughtlessness or cruelty, consider that you may be dealing with a serious case of victim programming. 
Clearing this program results in feelings of empowerment over life.  
Replacement programs: I know how to live life without being a victim; I am empowered. 

2. I am a martyr. Fewer people have this program running, but it's still pretty common. This one is like the victim program on steroids. Instead of feeding feelings of being victimized, however, this one results in people effectively martyring themselves in order to validate the program.
Image here.
What someone might say with a martyrdom program running: I am so innocent and all I ever do is good things, but people walk all over me and destroy my life.  
People with martyr programs will often bend over backwards in attempts to serve others, but at the same time fester in feelings of not being appreciated--regardless of the reality of the situation. They may overestimate their own innocence in the situations they feel martyred by. They almost revel in feelings of being unfairly martyred for their righteousness.  
You may have heard a mother put on her martyr hat before--you know the stereotyped conversation of, "I've done EVERYTHING for you and you can't do this ONE THING for me and I AM YOUR MOTHER" and all that. That kind of conversation exhibits martyr-style thinking.  
Neither victims nor martyrs readily acknowledge their own roles in their misery. And almost without exception, people running these programs are miserable.  
Replacement programs: I know how to live life without being a martyr; I am empowered. 

3. Everyone hates me. A very common program. If you spend your life expecting people to hate and judge you, you likely have this program running.  
What it sounds like: No one likes me. No one wants to be my friend and it's because they hate me. Everyone hates me.  
Side effects of this one can include self-sabotage of relationships, and deep-seated self-esteem issues--when you judge your own worth by how others feel about you, and then your subconscious mind is feeding you a lie about everyone hating you, what other outcome is there? You will end up hating yourself. 
Replacement programs: I know God always loves me. I know what it feels like to be accepted for who I am. I am likable and lovable. I know what it feels like to be likable and lovable.  
Image here.

4. I am not good enough. Almost everyone I've worked with has this program running. It manifests as self-esteem issues and an inner dialogue that always puts the self down. See, I knew I was going to fail at this, I am the worst, I can't do anything right, I am not good enough. 
This is just a miserable way to live. Clearing this program can make a huge difference to personal happiness.  
Replacement programs: I am good enough. I know what it feels like to feel good enough.  

5. I deserve to be punished. This one is often tied to the others. Feelings of being hated or deserving to be hated or disliked can often result in a program of feeling like punishment is deserved. This feeling, in turn, creates situations in which the subject feels like they are being punished. A person with a program like this might be considered a "glutton for punishment."  
A person with this program would be likely to do things like continually get wrapped up in situations they know leave them with negative feelings; voluntarily choose to read or expose themselves to information that makes them feel bad about themselves; etc.  
The thing with this program is that it generally enforces itself. A person who feels like they deserve to be punished will create situations over and over again in which they end up feeling punished. They might hate those situations, and yet they cause them. Since this program is often related to victim and martyr programming, a person running this program is likely to get themselves into "glutton for punishment" situations, and then blame others for it (victimhood) while reveling in sensations of their own innocence and righteousness (martyrdom). It is definitely, absolutely, and certainly possible for someone to run both the martyr program and the punishment program. They are not mutually exclusive.  
Replacement programs: I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be at peace. I know what it feels like to be peaceful and happy in life.  

6. I deserve the bad things in life. This is linked to the punishment program. If you have this program running, you expect things to go wrong for you--and you generally get what you expect! The secret is that all our subconscious minds interact all the time--and if you have a program like this running, everyone else's subconscious mind is aware of it. And we all work together, subconsciously, to validate each other's reality. So if you are projecting feelings of deserving everything to go badly for you, it will probably work out that way.  
Replacement programs: I deserve the good things in life. I deserve to be happy.  

7. I don't know how to be happy. This one is a sad one but I find it all the time. All. The. Time. This "program" is more of a lack of a program--it's what is there when "I know how to be happy" isn't there. And a surprising amount of people don't even have a program for feeling happy at all. If you don't have a happiness program, even if great things are happening in your life, you will be physically unable to experience the sensation of happiness over it all. How sad! If you look back over your life and realize you've never felt that happy, bubbly feeling of joy, you may have a complete lack of happiness programming.  
Replacement programs: I know how to be happy, I know what it feels like to be happy, I deserve to be happy, I know what happiness and joy feel like.  
Image here.

8. I don't know what it feels like to be loved. This is similar to the above. A lot of people don't even have the program necessary to recognize when they are loved. They just can't feel loved. This is a subconscious programming problem. These people end up being sad by default because they are incapable of recognizing the feelings of being loved, and those feelings are pretty important to happiness!  
Replacement programs: I know what it feels like to be loved, I know I am loved, I feel God's love for me, I feel others' love for me, I know what being loved and lovable feels like.  

9. I am unloved. This is related to the previous program, as well as the "everyone hates me" program. Obviously feelings of being unloved are miserable.  
Replacement programs: I am loved, I know I am always loved, I always feel God's love for me, I know I am accepted for who I am, I know how to feel accepted for who I am, I know what acceptance feels like, I know what being loved unconditionally feels like. 

10. I am a failure. This is a sad one. You often see it in, obviously, people whose lives seem like failures! It is often pronounced in men, I suspect because they have more invested in success with things like careers and so forth.  
This one often is the most obvious when personal failures (or more accurately, perceived failures) are brought to the fore. Bringing up something that triggers feelings of failure in a person who is running this program can validate their deepest fears, and result in extreme feelings of anger and resentment. Failure programming is very potent and in my experience tends to be linked to extreme emotional reactions in a way the other programs are not. Well, or rather: the emotions linked to this program when it comes into play tend to involve extremes of anger, rather than extremes of sadness or disempowerment.
Image here.
Interacting with someone whose victimhood program is flaring can be annoying, but interacting with someone whose failure programming is flaring can be terrifying. Where martyrs reveling in martyrdom might weep and wail over perceptions of being unfairly trodden on despite their supreme righteousness, a person with a failure program whose failures feel brought to the fore can react violently.  
Replacement programs: I know what it feels like to live without failure. I am more than success or failure. I know God loves me no matter what. I feel like I am loved no matter what. 


There are an unlimited number of potential subconscious programs, but these are just a few of the ones that commonly cause trouble.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

energetic anatomy of the hand

Hands are fascinating. If you're into alternative therapies at all, you're probably familiar with reflexology--which is based on the idea that every part of the body is reflected in miniature in the hands, feet, and ears. By working on the corresponding part of the hand or foot or ear, another part of the body can be healed.
Image here.

I had an interesting experience with this in college--a roommate, marathon runner, had run for 18 miles that morning and come home to a gigantic hamstring cramp. I massaged that muscle for an hour and nothing seemed to help. She was in such pain! Finally I had the thought to search for a reflexology chart. I pulled one up for feet, found the corresponding area on her foot, and dug my thumb into the spot. Her hamstring came unclenched immediately and everything was fine.

But there's more to the hands than that!

The lines of the hands are formed when a child is just three months old... in the womb. At twelve weeks' gestation, the lines of the hands are already created. As we go through life, our handprints change along with our personalities. That is why fully trained chirologists and handanalysts can be so accurate. A person I know had his palm read by a hand reader about 30 years ago, and his analysis was apparently freakily accurate--down to what this guy's future wife looked like, where she was from, how many kids they would have, general life arc, etc. In my personal studies, as I have practiced handanalysis I have been happily surprised at how many of my practice subjects have been happily surprised at the accuracy of it!

But what I actually wanted to write about today was not the microcosm of the hand and physical body, but the microcosm of the hand and spiritual body.

One of the many modalities I practice is called jin shin jyutsu. It is a great modality. One thing it really relies on his hand "mudras," or postures, for healing. It works because the fingers contain so many nerve endings that directly connect to the brain. Each finger directly correlates to a particular emotion, so if you are struggling with a particular emotion, pinpointing the corresponding finger and applying a hand mudra to it can clear up emotional trauma fairly quickly.

Here is a chart of the fingers and their corresponding emotions:

Image here.

The acronym for the fingers, as you can deduce from the picture above, is Worry-FAST. The thumb corresponds to worry, the index finger to fear, the middle finger to anger, the ring finger to sorrow, and the pinky to preTense, or trying too hard to be something you're not.

The yang/masculine side is the right side; that would be the side relating to things that you do. Action. The yin/feminine side is the left side, relating to things that you are. Being.

So if you have an issue of, say, anger over something someone has done, you may find relief in wrapping the fingers of your left hand around the right middle finger and breathing deeply for a while. It usually takes about 5-10 minutes to get the energy flowing, and a really heavy-duty clearing would take place in under an hour. My experience is that 45 minutes is typically more than adequate for clearing stuff from the fingers.

I will tell the story of one of my first practice sessions with this modality--I wrapped my hands around the client's index fingers, and immediately, the person startled. Their hands were suddenly buzzing, throbbing, jerking around. It was all I could do to hold onto them and all the person could do to let me continue. There was a LOT of pent-up negative energy in those hands! I only worked on each finger for about fifteen seconds that time, but even that released a lot of stuff. If you have a lot of pent-up energy, using hand mudras this way, even on yourself, can be very effective.

If you have an issue of grief or sorrow, say you've lost someone you love, wrapping your right hand around the left ring finger for half an hour while breathing slowly can help release the energy of that grief.

At the same time, finger injuries can be very telling as to what is going on in the psyche of the afflicted. The more severe the injury, the more severe the emotions at play. Sometimes knowing this can be helpful; sometimes not. A lot of times our emotional ecologies are so far under the surface, it doesn't help to even guess at what they are deep down--because sometimes we don't even consciously register our true emotions. But I mention this phenomenon anyway in case anyone who has experienced trauma to the hands finds it enlightening.
Image here.

I myself sustained two minor hand injuries while gardening a few days ago, right at the base of my left index and middle fingers. Sure enough, at the root of my feminine/dependent nature, I have been dealing with some minor feelings of fear and anger relating to a person I depend on. My feelings have not been enough to be a big deal, but big enough to leave a literal mark, apparently!


Holding the fingers while breathing deeply can be an effective way to release energy associated with negative emotions. I recommend doing it while watching a relaxing TV show because that can lower your brainwaves into an alpha state, one of the more effective brain states for releasing emotion. The hands are connected in powerful ways to the brain and when we are aware of this and use the connections wisely, we can benefit in so many ways!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Body and spirit--treat them both right! New guidelines from WHO

Image here.
Just in time for the Easter season (and Easter candy sales), Global Moms Challenge posted this article on the WHO's new guidelines for daily sugar intake! I loved it. It's not exactly energy work related, but it kind of is, because how we treat our bodies affects our emotions and our energy. A good diet will keep us energetically strong; a poor diet will not. Since energy work (and the Gospel of Jesus Christ!) views the body and spirit as intimately connected, it makes a lot of sense that how we treat our bodies would affect our spirits, just as how we treat our spirits affects our bodies (see Alma 15, where I was studying last night, and how Zeezrom's need to repent caused him to develop an extreme illness).

The WHO's new guidelines on sugar are meant to protect the physical body, but the fact is that the physical body impacts the spiritual one. Monitoring your sugar intake will bless your body and your spirit.

Here is a list of 141 ways sugar can ruin your health, complete with citations from the medical literature.

My personal formula for daily added sugar intake

Image here.
My research has led me to use the following formula for sugar intake: take your body weight in pounds, and divide it by ten, and that is the recommended limit for daily sugar intake in teaspoons. One teaspoon of sugar is about four grams.

So for my 35-lb 3yo, he should be getting no more than 3.5 tsp added sugar/day, or about 14g. For comparison, a typical packet of fruit snacks, just one, has 10g of sugar. So that is like a pack and a half of fruit snacks a day. For my 23-lb 1yo, we're looking at 2.3 tsp sugar/day, or about 11g. That would equate to about 1/6 cup of mini marshmallows for the entire day (about 11 mini marshmallows). OR about a third to a half cup of apple juice for the whole day.

This article from my Global Moms Challenge cites the new WHO Guidelines on sugar intake, which call for sugar to account for no more than 10% of daily caloric intake. The WHO's numbers are between 6-12 tsp for an adult for a day, or between 24-60 g/day.

Image here.
So per their calculations, a 140-lb moderately active female (whose daily caloric intake for weight maintenance would be around 2200 kcal) should have no more than 220 kcal of sugar/day. Sugar has about 4 calories per gram, so dividing it out, that's about 55g sugar/day.

Using my calculations, you would divide the 140 poundage by ten and get 14, then multiply by four to get how many grams of sugar per day for this person, and you'd get 56 g/day. So I think my system is pretty accurate. I came up with it after comparing a variety of different standards from NGOs and

Sugar effects

That's the system I use for my family. I can always tell if my kids get too much sugar, even on days when I don't rigorously track it. Their behavior always shows it!! I also suspect a sensitivity to Red 40, based on their behavior after they eat it, and possibly Yellow 5, both dyes known to trigger hyperactivity in sensitive children. Since I do monitor their sugar intake pretty religiously, they don't end up eating much food dye either since sugar and food dye tend to go hand in hand--but this is something I suspect. I might have to come up with some kind of experiment just to be sure.

Image here.
All I know is, one tie-dye fruit roll up in the morning, and those guys are out of control. Where they are normally gentle and obedient, they get cranky and deliberately disobey--they will smile and go out of their way to be defiant after a tie-dye fruit roll up. This has happened every time I have let them have one. And I think that those fruit roll ups are the #1 thing they ever get with that much Red 40 and Yellow 5.

I have also noticed a similar thing with excess juice, which they always get from their well-meaning grandparents, who just pump them full of "all natural" juices that are basically straight sugar. After about 30g sugar, they just get mean and deliberately disobedient. In normal life, when they disobey, it's more like they are distracted. When they get more than their daily recommended dose of sugar, they do it deliberately.

Image here.
To me, having been tracking sugar's effects on my children daily for about a year and a half, it is clear that when I allow them to have more sugar than their tiny bodies can handle, I am encouraging them to break the commandment to honor their father and mother. When I knowingly give them substances that I know encourage disobedience and bad behavior, I feel guilty of encouraging them to break the commandments. As their mother, I feel like it is very important for me to give them their best chance at keeping the commandments every day, even though they are just 3 and 1. Just because they can't be held accountable for sin yet doesn't mean they aren't setting patterns of obedience or disobedience that will affect them for their entire lives.

Everyone is different!

That said, every kid is different and every kid's sugar tolerance is different--and not all kids will react the same way with sugar. Maybe your kids get more obedient when they eat excess sugar! That would be extremely unlikely based on my research, but everyone is different, so who even knows. But you won't know unless you track it. 

Tracking and limiting sugar intake

Image here.
If you have been very lax with sugar monitoring in your family, you can expect some pushback when you begin to monitor, because of sugar's addictive nature. I have cut sugar completely out of my diet multiple times over my life, and every time, the first 2-4 weeks were horrific and full of cravings and headaches. If you are dealing with a small child who has been raised on mostly sugar, and you suddenly decide even just to wean the sugar out of the diet, you can expect some headaches and misery on both ends of the relationship! But it will be worth it!

When a child eats sugar all day long, it is difficult to notice patterns of behavior based on sugar intake. At the same time, all-day-long sugar intake can lead to serious sleep problems (related to blood sugar crashes, go look it up). While sugar has not been shown to increase hyperactivity in children, statistically speaking, it has been shown to cause sleep trouble, and children react counterintuitively to not getting enough sleep--sleep troubles in children lead to hyperactivity. So in that way, sugar does lead directly to hyperactivity, particularly when the sugar intake is high and spread out over multiple meals and time periods in the day. You are essentially priming the body to require glucose at regular intervals, and when that regular glucose spike doesn't happen because the body is asleep, the sudden blood sugar crash triggers sleep trouble. 

Image here.
The same sugar intake that causes sleep trouble also can lead to diabetes, because both sugar-related sleep issues and diabetes involve pancreatic reactions to sugar. It's all about insulin release.

So if you do decide to suddenly begin tracking and limiting sugar intake in yourself or your children, I would say: expect it to be difficult (dealing with cravings and headaches)--particularly if you have previously engaged in so-called permissive parenting. Cutting sugar will take backbone, but in my experience, it is worth it in the end. You may find patterns you didn't notice before, and you might find behavioral troubles suddenly clearing up. This has been true for my family, at least.


The body and spirit are intimately connected--this is why God gave us The Word of Wisdom. But the Word of Wisdom specifically states that it is "a principle with promise, adapted to the capacity of the weak and the weakest of all saints"-- in other words, it is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to true dietary health, and is meant to be gleaned for principles (such as avoiding stimulants, like sugar, perhaps?). D&C 89 only gives us the barest-boned outline of what to eat and not to eat--we are supposed to follow those rules and then use them as patterns to determine the principles behind the wise care of human bodies.

The way we feed our bodies directly impacts our spirits and our behavior. Cutting out and/or limiting stimulants like sugar can bless us and our families.

Friday, April 3, 2015

eclipse season coming to a close

I've been meaning to write about this eclipse season since the season started almost a month ago, but I have been so busy and stressed I haven't had the chance! We are about to wrap up an exciting eclipse season with tomorrow's Biblical blood moon, the third in a rare Biblical blood moon tetrad.

Eclipse seasons are typically about 34 days long, and while we are in them, we experience 2-3 eclipses. This season we have two: the solar eclipse that took place on March 20, and the lunar eclipse that will take place tomorrow.
Image here.

This is a great article on the energetic impacts of eclipses (emphasis mine):
Eclipse seasons are notoriously unpredictable in their effects. Even aside from the actual eclipses, once we’re in the season all bets are off and anything could happen. Life often takes on a feeling of speeding–up in some way. Pressure mounts and tensions bubble over when we least expect it. Alternatively breakthroughs can occur and unexpected progress can be made. Sometimes both things are happening at the same time, and more! Eclipses teach us that there are many other dimensions at work in our lives and we cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, control them all. We are subject to all manner of forces, influences and energies to which we must bow at times like this, recognising that, as the Dalai Lama once said, ‘Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful piece of luck’. 
Studying the effects of eclipses over the years has revealed to me that they often condense a process that would otherwise take far longer. The relationship we were thinking we should end in the coming months suddenly finishes over night. Done and dusted and no going back. That work project we’ve been cooking up for the past year and were hoping to launch in the coming one suddenly finds its moment and must be born quickly to catch the tide. That niggling pain we’ve had for the past few months about which we know we should have gotten advice, becomes unavoidable over night and we find ourselves in the hospital emergency department. Eclipses circumvent the process and shift us along to another stage. Sometimes this can be exhilarating, other times extremely scary, but either way they show us that whatever we thought we had planned probably wasn’t actually how it was all going to work out! 
Image here.
I was planning to write about all of this before March 20, but as it happened, pressure was mounting and tensions were bubbling! About exactly as predicted, things in my own life started getting a little crazy in the two weeks prior to March 20. Here is what another article states about March 20, 2015:
20th March brings a Solar Eclipse in the final degree of the zodiac, the 30th degree of Pisces. Whenever we see this degree activated we are on notice of an ending. When a Solar Eclipse falls here the ending burns bridges and there is no going back. This is completion max! For some of us this eclipse and its following weeks may bring the realisation that opportunities once available but not taken are now lost to us. The cosmos cannot wait forever and there are times when it closes doors for good that we have refused to open wide enough to walk through. Whilst this realisation may come with sadness and regret, the unequivocal completion of this cycle of possibility clears the way for the beginning of a new one in due course.
So if anything big happened in your life lately, it may be interesting to see when it occurred in relation to the eclipse. Here is another article specifically about that eclipse.

The eclipse tomorrow promises to herald in some new fun things as well. Again, from Sarah Varcas:
Image here.
The eclipse occurs in totality just after midday GMT in 15th degree of Libra. As partner to the solar eclipse on 20th March which called time on paths not chosen, this lunar eclipse requests expressed commitment to our goals in this new creative cycle. Alongside this commitment it asks also for originality and fresh perspectives, for it is just such endeavours to be blessed in the coming years. This is not a time to reaffirm old hopes and dreams still unfulfilled but to distil new and more vibrant ones which reflect who we are becoming not who we once were.
It strikes me that this eclipse is happening during both Easter weekend and General Conference. This is a time to listen, to ponder, to commit to our new vibrant dreams that perhaps just weeks ago seemed too distant to take seriously--not to act rashly.


As this eclipse season comes to a close, spend some time listening to Conference and your heart. This may have been an eventful 30 days but hopefully it is ending on a higher note than it started on! The energy that comes with eclipses, unpredictable as it may be, is a blessing in disguise.


This past autumn I was warned that my personal life was going to fall apart in January, and in blessings I was told to prepare. As far as this blog was concerned, I prepared by writing a lot of posts about random stuff in December, and then setting them to post throughout the early months of the year. Most of the posts on this blog from 2015 were actually written in 2014. I had an awkward moment in February or something when a friend asked what I meant on my blog when I said X in a "recent" post and I couldn't even remember writing it! I'd written it months before and only recently set it to post. It's been a while since I was able to keep up with blogging.

But fortunately, life has suddenly become way calmer, and I think I will finally have the time and energy to blog a little bit again. Which is good because this is an exciting season and there's a lot to blog about! So hopefully I will be producing more regular content.

In the meantime, please accept my apologies for being less than on top of my blog--things got crazy for a minute there, but it seems like things are calming down at last. Yay!