Thursday, April 30, 2015

shifting frequencies--April-May 2015

I wrote recently about the shift in frequency the earth is currently going through. This is a fascinating topic and has been coming up for me over and over again.

It occurs to me that as this polarizing shift is taking place, as earth frequencies rise and things start shaking up, it is causing an internal polarization to take place in many people that is both confusing and uncomfortable--both emotionally and sometimes physically, as the shifts result in things like unexplained aches and pains, itches, tingles, and even things like cysts or blisters. If you don't know what's going on, it is probably pretty overwhelming.
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This energy shift, in my observation, is encouraging people to find and embrace their truest selves. This is happening by making people more and more uncomfortable until they make the shift. So if you are going through some tough times right now, it may be because you are being subtly encouraged to act in greater alignment with your higher self and your highest good.

If your energy is shifting in response to the other energy shifts going on right now, you will likely be experiencing some symptoms of what is called "ascension," or basically kundalini rising. This website has a fairly comprehensive list of symptoms, which include both physical things and emotional/spiritual things. I urge you to check out that site if you feel like you may be experiencing a kundalini rise. 

This website covers some of the energetic changes associated with this month, April 2015. Worth a read.

Today we are smack dab in the middle of a four-day yod made up of the Sun, Neptune, and the North Node--here is more information about the concept of yods. This yod reminds us to connect with ourselves and with the Earth. So these are a good few days to reconnect with nature if you feel so inclined. 

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