Thursday, May 31, 2018

[Root Healing] Wearing Your Root on Your Sleeve

Your challenge today is to WEAR RED. 

I know, I know. Super simple. When's the real healing gonna take place? 

Don't worry, we'll dig in deeper in subsequent days. But I thought it would be easier if we started with the easy stuff. Just providing these kinds of support to the root chakra can make a difference.

So go ahead and find something red to wear today. If you don't have anything, go back to the first email from this series and stare at a red mandala for a while today, or surround yourself with something red instead. The purpose is to expose yourself to even more of this supporting, healing color, before we really start digging into what's going on in theroot

I hope your day is phenomenal! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

[Root Healing] Eat something RED!

Today, your challenge is simple: 


Preferably something that grew in the ground once! 

This can include red apples, cherries, beets. Strawberries, raspberries, watermelon. Cranberries, pomegranate, grapes, guava. Find something red and EAT IT! 

Shortly after presenting at the Energy Healing Conference, I was actually put on bedrest because my cough was so bad it was threatening the health of my pregnancy.

I found that during those days of rest, ALL I wanted to eat was red food.

I had glass after glass of powdered beets. Red apples over and over again. Strawberries and watermelon. If it wasn't red, I wasn't interested. 

It took me some time to make the connection--I just was eating what I felt like eating. But when a friend pointed out that my root was having issues, I realized: NO WONDER all I want is red food! This is exactly what my body needs!!

Today your challenge is to find and eat something RED! Imagine as you eat, how the redness of it infuses your root with light and peace. Enjoy every taste, every bite. Internalize the concept that what you eat can help heal your energy field. Our foods can nourish our bodies AND our spirits. Breathe it in!!

Enjoy your RED foods today, friends!! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

[Root Healing] Sounds for healing the root

Yesterday we looked at the color RED and let it infuse our root chakra with POWER!!

Today is another easy challenge. Your challenge is to have this root chakra sound meditation playing in the background for at least 5 minutes of your day today. 
Certain sound frequencies are very healing to the different chakras. You can go to Youtube and search for the chakra of your choice and "hz" and many options will come up of things to listen to that will help your chakras! That's how I found this one--this particular one stood out to me to share. You'll notice if you search those terms for yourself that there are a variety of options with different Hz. Choose the ones that feel right to you! 

These are gentle introductions to healing the root chakra. Don't worry, we'll dig in deeper later. :) 

Let me know what you experience from this meditation, and have a phenomenal day!

Monday, May 28, 2018

[Root Healing] The color is RED

What is the root chakra anyway?

If you haven't seen this yet, this is my video explaining chakras in general and the rootchakra in particular: 
As you will see from the video, the root chakra deals with issues of survival and possession--it deals with the foundational things we need to survive. The root is our FOUNDATION. It provides us with the STABILITY we need to function, feel grounded, feel safe, and carry out the other functions of our lives. So as we go through this series we're going to be looking at all these kinds of things, but to start, we're going to go easy on ourselves.

Today, our first challenge is to spend time with the color RED! We'll dig into more emotional work later, but for today, your assignment is to spend five minutes looking at the color RED! 

Here is a link to red mandalas. Go ahead and pick one that resounds with you and literally, yes, just stare at it for 5 minutes. Set a timer and stare. If you can't manage 5 minutes, try 1 minute. Or just 30 seconds.

The color red is very healing and supporting to the root chakra, and you will use your intuition to pick the perfect mandala for you. Envision that red power infusing your rootchakra with light--it will feel like a red glowing ball at the base of your spine. Just breathe it in.

We'll check in tomorrow with another root chakra challenge! If you do this challenge, I would love to hear how it goes for you! 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Root Healing Intro

The past few weeks have been CRAZY for me! I went to the Energy Healing Conference and did sessions and lectures for 14 hours and felt great--loved every minute of it! And then the next morning woke up completely unable to talk! I way overdid it!

I've still been recovering from my throat issues since then, way back in April. I even had a stint on bedrest because I was not resting enough to heal! I'm off of that now but still taking it easy... and I realized a few days ago, with the help of a friend, that the reason I've had trouble healing is root chakra issues. 

I've been thinking of how to address my root chakra issues, and as I was doing that, I thought: I'd better invite all my most darling email list friends to do this with me. ALL of us have root chakra problems that need to be resolved--it's part of the territory of living this life! So this will be a good challenge for all of us!

Since I have a baby due any minute now, I've prewritten the series and it'll be sent over the next few days, starting on Monday. I'm excited for all of us to start really digging into our root chakras and experiencing the joy that comes from having more stability and grounding in our lives.