Thursday, April 28, 2016

five planet retrograde

Hello! First order of business, a link to my article on The Gospel and Reading the Stars. The prophets counsel us not to WORSHIP the stars, but the scriptures make it very clear that the stars are ordained to act as signs for us, and that the Lord teaches His prophets (such as Moses and Abraham) to read them. Regarding the stars and taking them seriously is not a sin; worshipping them and using them inappropriately is. 

Today we enter a five-planet retrograde for the first time in about a decade. Nothing to worry about, but to be aware of. Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, and Mars all now look as though they are moving backwards through the night sky (they are not. It just looks that way).

Saturn deals with "karma," basically retribution for our deeds. I view Saturn as a big mirror, reflecting back at us who we are in our hearts. If you've got some spiritual work to do, Saturn's influence will certainly bring it to your attention--whether you want it to or not! This is especially true for those who are 29 or 58, or in the years surrounding those ages. Saturn completes its cycle every 29.5 years and its oft-dreaded Saturn Return can be tough to weather. I mention it because I may or may not have a very close person to me (or two of them! Or three!) going through a Saturn Return right at the same time as this retrograde! Tough times! It's okay, guys, you can get through it! Saturn will turn direct on August 13.

Jupiter deals with expansion and growth. In retrograde, it means that external things can seem to start contracting instead of expanding. As one article puts it, it's like the crutches get taken out from under you. But it does force you to find your own strength, and grow that way instead. Jupiter is here until May 9.

Mars is all about anger and passionate emotions--you may experience some abnormally strong emotions during this time. Kundalini meditation and deep breathing throughout the day will help. Mars will be here until June 29. One article states that some people are more prone to illness during Mars retrograde--as if our bodies are trying to help us slow down through this time if we won't slow ourselves down on our own (I suspect that is what is happening with me).

Pluto deals with love and relationships, power, and desire. In retrograde we are inspired to turn inward to face the darkness in our own hearts related to these things. Things may turn up that inspire deep questions and serious introspection. Pluto will be here until September 26--so we have a few months to really turn inward and examine these things.

Mercury is infamous for its retrogrades causing miscommunication issues right and left--both in terms of people misunderstanding each other, and in terms of malfunctions with electrical communication devices. It will turn direct on May 22. Only a few more weeks to go!

I know that for me, ever since about two weeks ago, my life has been in total upheaval. As soon as I saw that we were entering into this period of retrogrades, I thought: Aha! Everything in my life makes sense.

Hang in there, guys! Live with integrity, read your scriptures! We will get through it!

aura shift and illness energy

This past Saturday, my aura shifted. Changed colors and energies. I felt it and it seems permanent. Shortly thereafter I got some kind of sniffles-type illness that I'm still processing. Part of it is my own energy shift that my body is trying to catch up to.

Every time you have an illness, your body is using that illness to clean out all the cells that are not functioning properly. In that way, illness actually is designed to serve us: when we are taking care of our bodies, illness helps us by providing the catalyst for clearing our body of cells that are not functioning at the level we need them to. When those cells clear, it makes room for new ones that will be more functional.

This is why good nutrition is so important in illness. You have got to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to create strong cells in the place of the weak cells that were destroyed and now exit the body through coughs or the sniffles or diarrhea or rashes or however they come out.

If you don't give your body the nutrition it needs to strengthen existing cells and create new, highly fortified cells, you will just get sicker and sicker.


Sick? Eat some high nutrition food. Organic grass-fed beef liver, liposomal vitamin C, coconut oil. Take your vitamins but eat your vitamins too (leafy greens! Fruits and vegetables!).

Thursday, April 7, 2016

physical cleanses to clear spiritual toxins: liver cleanse

On December 31, as I was praying about what kundalini kriya to do every day this year, I got the answer of Let the Liver Live.

I started doing it every day, not knowing why. I was raised LDS, and the most liver-damaging thing I've ever done was take lots of cough medicine after suffering a likely vaccine failure against whooping cough. But even so. I did it.

About a month ago, or maybe 6 weeks, every Sunday as I would pray about my upcoming week, I would hear that prompting: do a liver cleanse. Do a liver cleanse. Do a liver cleanse.
The liver. From webmd.

I thought: people who do liver cleanses are weird! I'm not weird like THOSE people! ;)  --(says the weirdest person around)

Finally I gave in and did it.

On Sunday, I started a vegan diet.

On Friday at 2 pm, I stopped eating and drinking.

At 6, 8, and 10 pm that night I drank 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts dissolved into 4 oz water (and yes it was beyond nasty, thanks for asking).

At 9:45 pm, right before my 10 pm Epsom salt drink, I prepared 1/2 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice and 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil, and mixed them together.

Immediately after drinking the 10 pm salts, I drank the lemon/oil mixture and immediately went to bed (your body has to be flat after this for like 8 hours).

At 6 am I got up and drank the last dose of Epsom salt drink. Ate an apple at 10:30 am and light meals the rest of the day and the cleanse was over.

Now, usually when I work on people, I am not allowed to take on their stuff to help them process. But a few days after this cleanse, I was suddenly not just allowed but invited to help people process their emotions. And what used to take me a week to process, can now take mere minutes.

It's a way to make emotional and spiritual healing even faster.

It turns out that when emotions are metabolized, it's the liver that takes on much of that metabolic work. Clearing junk from the liver makes room for more emotions to be metabolized faster.

NOTE: you DO need to do a colon cleanse before the liver cleanse, and I did do this part too. Just forgot to mention it. The colon needs to be clear first so that everything dislodged from the liver can clear as quickly and easily as possible to avoid reabsorption.


Want to speed up the healing process for yourself? Consider a liver cleanse!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

pulling out the roots

I haven't blogged about castaways before, and I don't plan to any time soon--if you want to know more about them than you already know, reach out. Basically, being a castaway involves some very real premortal trauma that often leads to depression, anxiety, insecurity, strained family relationships, trust issues, and general mental health problems.

I do a lot of work for castaways. In the past, I've loved it because healing castaway experiences can really get to the root of people's issues. Which is still kind of true. But I recently discovered another part of the puzzle.

While working on someone one day, I was given a flash of insight:

Of course the castaways choose their fate. Of course they know what they are getting into. It's all part of informed consent. We all knew what we were getting into (whether or not we truly understood what that would mean for us emotionally).

It's not enough to heal a person from being cast away: underneath that, is the reason they chose to be a castaway in the first place.

The answer, I am discovering, is that typically castaways feel a deep need to be punished, to somehow atone for a mistake they made previously. So far, what I have found is that mostly this need and desire to be punished comes from pre-War in Heaven stuff: people feeling responsible for their best friends choosing the enemy's side.

So many people feel so guilty about not having done more to save their friends and convince them to stick with Jesus, they volunteer for painful experiences over and over again.

It's good to heal from being cast off, but I feel like I can almost guarantee that if being cast off is an issue, there's an even deeper issue underlying that that needs to be healed. If you heal the one without the underlying other, you will still see patterns of self-abuse, self-flagellation, self-sabotage in the form of either consciously or subconsciously seeking out punishment.


In your healing work, remember to go to the true root of the issue. Most mortal issues have premortal roots. Most premortal roots have other, further back premortal roots.

Solve the issue. Get to the root.

Friday, April 1, 2016

archetype redesign

I've blogged a little bit about archetypes before, and today I wanted to blog a little bit more.

Everyone has 12 primary archetypes in their space. They're kind of like symbols of parts of our personalities. All people share four: the Victim, the Sellout, the Saboteur, the Inner Child. And then there are lots of other archetypes.

As examples: the Damsel in Distress, the Sage, the Trickster, the Mentor, the Gambler, the Artisan, the Dilettante.

You just see the name of these archetypes and you automatically have an idea of what they're all about.

In the past, it was assumed that the archetypes you were born with were your archetypes for life. However, I am finding that this is not so. Under special circumstances, it is possible to switch out your archetypes.

What special circumstances?

It appears that archetype replacement is a necessary part of preparing to be a Zion people. In a Zion society, there is no need for the Victim, the Saboteur, the Sellout. No one will victimize anyone else, no one will be a victim. No one will be selling out their integrity. No one will engage in sabotage of anyone or anything. Being a Zion person means being a person who exists above the mindsets of victimization and sabotage.

My work in the past month or so has led me to conclude that archetype switcheroos are possible only in combination with a kundalini rise. The more the kundalini has risen, the more archetypes may be switched out.

My kundalini has been risen for two years now, and a few weeks ago in prayer I was shown how my old archetypes stepped aside and my new archetypes stepped forward.

A friend's kundalini rose recently and had all their archetypes switched out all at once as well.

Another friend's kundalini had been stalling between the third and fourth chakra. We were able to switch out four archetypes, but then had to wait. When we finally switched out the next archetype, simultaneously, her kundalini rose up to the fourth chakra.

When we cleared and replaced the next archetype that needed to go, her kundalini simultaneously rose into the fifth chakra.

It appears that we are now entering a new phase of energetic possibilities: I believe that such archetype replacement was not very possible in the past, but now, as the earth raises in vibration, it's getting more and more possible, especially for those who have already gotten their kundalini to rise at least partially.

More on kundalini in a different post.

Scriptural archetypes

One thing I have seen as people's archetypes have been switching out is an emphasis on religious themed archetypes. Most people that come to me for healing work have strong religious archetypes anyway: the Monk, the Nun, the Disciple, etc. I see that these either stay or are upleveled in new archetype splays. Example: Monk to Celibate. Nun to Handmaiden of the Lord. Etc.

I also noticed that some archetypes that were not previously religious, now may take on a religious theme. Example: Researcher to Sacred Scholar.

And finally, I've noticed a new subset of archetypes: scriptural archetypes.


Father Lehi. Called upon to lead a family into the wilderness for religious reasons.

Elizabeth from the New Testament. Recognizes and testifies of the divinity of the Lord before anyone else knows who He is.

Deborah. Called upon to rise up as a mother in Israel and use gifts of prophecy and revelation to build the kingdom.

Abinadi in Disguise. Called upon to blend in with society, then strategically reveal their identity and testify.

There are as many scriptural archetypes as there are scriptural narratives!

Wanted to put this out there--many people's archetypes are ready to be switched out now.


Everyone has archetypes. It is possible to get new archetypes. Raise your kundalini and let the archetype redesigns begin!!