Thursday, April 28, 2016

five planet retrograde

Hello! First order of business, a link to my article on The Gospel and Reading the Stars. The prophets counsel us not to WORSHIP the stars, but the scriptures make it very clear that the stars are ordained to act as signs for us, and that the Lord teaches His prophets (such as Moses and Abraham) to read them. Regarding the stars and taking them seriously is not a sin; worshipping them and using them inappropriately is. 

Today we enter a five-planet retrograde for the first time in about a decade. Nothing to worry about, but to be aware of. Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, and Mars all now look as though they are moving backwards through the night sky (they are not. It just looks that way).

Saturn deals with "karma," basically retribution for our deeds. I view Saturn as a big mirror, reflecting back at us who we are in our hearts. If you've got some spiritual work to do, Saturn's influence will certainly bring it to your attention--whether you want it to or not! This is especially true for those who are 29 or 58, or in the years surrounding those ages. Saturn completes its cycle every 29.5 years and its oft-dreaded Saturn Return can be tough to weather. I mention it because I may or may not have a very close person to me (or two of them! Or three!) going through a Saturn Return right at the same time as this retrograde! Tough times! It's okay, guys, you can get through it! Saturn will turn direct on August 13.

Jupiter deals with expansion and growth. In retrograde, it means that external things can seem to start contracting instead of expanding. As one article puts it, it's like the crutches get taken out from under you. But it does force you to find your own strength, and grow that way instead. Jupiter is here until May 9.

Mars is all about anger and passionate emotions--you may experience some abnormally strong emotions during this time. Kundalini meditation and deep breathing throughout the day will help. Mars will be here until June 29. One article states that some people are more prone to illness during Mars retrograde--as if our bodies are trying to help us slow down through this time if we won't slow ourselves down on our own (I suspect that is what is happening with me).

Pluto deals with love and relationships, power, and desire. In retrograde we are inspired to turn inward to face the darkness in our own hearts related to these things. Things may turn up that inspire deep questions and serious introspection. Pluto will be here until September 26--so we have a few months to really turn inward and examine these things.

Mercury is infamous for its retrogrades causing miscommunication issues right and left--both in terms of people misunderstanding each other, and in terms of malfunctions with electrical communication devices. It will turn direct on May 22. Only a few more weeks to go!

I know that for me, ever since about two weeks ago, my life has been in total upheaval. As soon as I saw that we were entering into this period of retrogrades, I thought: Aha! Everything in my life makes sense.

Hang in there, guys! Live with integrity, read your scriptures! We will get through it!

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