Saturday, April 2, 2016

pulling out the roots

I haven't blogged about castaways before, and I don't plan to any time soon--if you want to know more about them than you already know, reach out. Basically, being a castaway involves some very real premortal trauma that often leads to depression, anxiety, insecurity, strained family relationships, trust issues, and general mental health problems.

I do a lot of work for castaways. In the past, I've loved it because healing castaway experiences can really get to the root of people's issues. Which is still kind of true. But I recently discovered another part of the puzzle.

While working on someone one day, I was given a flash of insight:

Of course the castaways choose their fate. Of course they know what they are getting into. It's all part of informed consent. We all knew what we were getting into (whether or not we truly understood what that would mean for us emotionally).

It's not enough to heal a person from being cast away: underneath that, is the reason they chose to be a castaway in the first place.

The answer, I am discovering, is that typically castaways feel a deep need to be punished, to somehow atone for a mistake they made previously. So far, what I have found is that mostly this need and desire to be punished comes from pre-War in Heaven stuff: people feeling responsible for their best friends choosing the enemy's side.

So many people feel so guilty about not having done more to save their friends and convince them to stick with Jesus, they volunteer for painful experiences over and over again.

It's good to heal from being cast off, but I feel like I can almost guarantee that if being cast off is an issue, there's an even deeper issue underlying that that needs to be healed. If you heal the one without the underlying other, you will still see patterns of self-abuse, self-flagellation, self-sabotage in the form of either consciously or subconsciously seeking out punishment.


In your healing work, remember to go to the true root of the issue. Most mortal issues have premortal roots. Most premortal roots have other, further back premortal roots.

Solve the issue. Get to the root.

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