Saturday, January 30, 2016

what if it's all exactly right?

What if everything that happens today is right?

What if you already agreed to everything that has happened, that is happening, that will happen in your life?

What if your spirit knew in advance what it was signing up for, and shouted with joy despite it all?

What if every pain encountered in this life was expressly designed to give opportunities to grow closer to God?

What if we were the ones who expressly co-designed these trial-opportunities for ourselves?

What if every loss, every pain, every sorrow, came with a blessing?

What if all those blessings were conditional only on our acceptance--our acceptance of the situation, and of the blessing?

What if we are already surrounded by blessings we just don't see?

What if we had eyes to see them?

Friday, January 15, 2016

is your psyche split?

I had the privilege recently of working on a client with multiple personalities. After about four hours of work we were able to integrate all 16 personalities. They were easy to identify because they all had different names and ages.

The next day, I had a spark of insight. I've been working on and off on a hard case for several years now. Energy work just seems to do so little for this person. But that next day I had an epiphany:

Image here.
This person's psyche was split. She had 21 different personalities... only  they all had her same name! How would you ever get diagnosed with multiple personality disorder if all your personalities had your same name? Seems like it would be a lot harder.
Since then, I've been adding psyche splits (multiple personalities) to my list of things to check for in clients. It appears to be actually more normal than not to have a split personality--typically the split is small, but often it's not small. This explains so much about those for whom energy work has not stuck.

If you have struggled with ineffective energy work, find a practitioner to look into the possibility of a split psyche that can be healed and put back together again. After that's complete, have them set the intention that all previously done energy work be applied to the reintegrated psyche. See what happens!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

your body is your FRIEND

In recent weeks, I've come to a startling realization:

No matter how messed up your body seems, over and over again, I find: your body is your friend.

Struggling with weight issues?

I've gotten in tune with several ladies struggling with weight loss, and over and over again, their bodies explain that they are just trying to serve their owners as ideally as possible. These bodies literally view their holding onto excess weight as a service to the spirit occupying them.

Maybe you have a fear of being thin--thinking that thin equals beautiful and beautiful equals... something bad. Maybe you have a deep seated fear of pride, and you fear being beautiful would make you proud. Maybe you have a deep seated fear of sexual abuse, and you fear being thin would make abuse more likely. In these cases, your body would respond to you out of love and protect you in the best way it knows how: it would shelter you from your fears by holding onto weight.

Maybe you have an ancestral fear of starvation. What better gift can your body give you than the gift of ensuring that you will not starve? Even if it is by pressuring you into chronic overeating, even if it is by decreasing your motivation to exercise.

Struggling with chronic pain or fatigue? You may have a deeply subconscious program running that applies to that, too. Maybe you feel a subconscious need to punish yourself with physical pain. Maybe your subconscious wants an excuse to not do things that you would otherwise force yourself to do. In these cases, your body responds. Want an excuse not to do X or Y? Here is a gift of chronic fatigue. Want to punish yourself for a choice you made or a feeling you had once? Here is a gift of chronic pain.

Our bodies long to please us. Only, they respond to the subconscious's most strongly-held desires. Every perceived ailment in our body is a gift. 

A gift of cancer may be your body's gift of inspiring you to find emotional healing--to learn forgiveness, love, and peace through Jesus.

A gift of being tired is your body's way of helping you realize you need more sleep. 

A gift of being hungry is your body's cry for nourishment--either physical OR emotional.

The aches and pains and injuries of this life are opportunities our bodies are giving us to make manifest the works of God in us. They are not punishments. They are gifts.

It's been on my to-do list to blog about the energy of weight loss but this had to come first. 

Our bodies are our FRIENDS.


Sat nam!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Year's meditation challenge!

Hello, all! Happy new year!

This year, I am sponsoring a challenge: you are all challenged to a forty day meditation. I've blogged about meditation basics before, but I'll rehash it all here.

Here's how it will work:

You will email me and commit to 40 consecutive days of meditation. Yes, it means that if you mess up, you need to start over. That is okay! You can totally do it!

Then, your days start! You'll keep a log of the date and time that you meditate, and what meditations you do. When 40 consecutive days are reached, you'll email me your log.

What do you win?

You win a free session! Yippee!

That is associated with 40 consecutive days of the Kirtan Kriya--if you go ahead and add the meditation to heal addictions to your sadhana, or daily meditation practice, I'll go ahead and add two more sessions gratis. Awesome! These can be used for yourself or a friend or loved one.

The challenge is on!



Tune In:

Kirtan Kriya:

Good KK video to sing along to:

Meditation to Heal Addictions:

Tune Out:

Let the challenge begin!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

charging the dantian

One of my new year goals is to master the art of charging my dantian centers. I invite you to also make this goal.

The dantian centers are located around the 2nd, 4th, and 6th chakras. They are separate from the chakras and store prana/chi. Having a good store of chi prevents illness and helps keep the emotions stable and the aura strong.

You can muscle test or pray about how "full" your dantian centers are. Looking at my own, I find that over the past 30 days, my dantian centers have had the following averages:

- forehead point dantian center: 62%
- heart dantian center: 56%
- sacral dantian center: 12%

So my big focus in the past week has been to charge up that sacral chakra dantian. Today it is about 50% charged. I've been working hard.

This is how you charge your dantian points.

Focus on the ones you want to charge.

Exhale as completely as possible.

Exhale a little more than that.

Now take a huge inhale through the nose and imagine sucking in a bunch of golden prana on the air, golden prana that sinks into each center you are focusing on. As you practice, envision your dantians getting bigger and brighter and brighter. Practice for five minutes.

The dantian is also known as the danjeon, dan tian, tan tian, tantien, etc. It's a transliteration and the original word is not well known.

Post questions or observations in the comments.

Happy new year!!