Monday, January 4, 2016

charging the dantian

One of my new year goals is to master the art of charging my dantian centers. I invite you to also make this goal.

The dantian centers are located around the 2nd, 4th, and 6th chakras. They are separate from the chakras and store prana/chi. Having a good store of chi prevents illness and helps keep the emotions stable and the aura strong.

You can muscle test or pray about how "full" your dantian centers are. Looking at my own, I find that over the past 30 days, my dantian centers have had the following averages:

- forehead point dantian center: 62%
- heart dantian center: 56%
- sacral dantian center: 12%

So my big focus in the past week has been to charge up that sacral chakra dantian. Today it is about 50% charged. I've been working hard.

This is how you charge your dantian points.

Focus on the ones you want to charge.

Exhale as completely as possible.

Exhale a little more than that.

Now take a huge inhale through the nose and imagine sucking in a bunch of golden prana on the air, golden prana that sinks into each center you are focusing on. As you practice, envision your dantians getting bigger and brighter and brighter. Practice for five minutes.

The dantian is also known as the danjeon, dan tian, tan tian, tantien, etc. It's a transliteration and the original word is not well known.

Post questions or observations in the comments.

Happy new year!!

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