Saturday, December 5, 2015

are you missing your sushmana?

Caduceus, or Rod of Hermes.
Public domain.
In the past few weeks, I have run into a number of cases in which the client was missing part of his or her caduceus/sushmana. I wanted to go into it a little here because I have never found any other resource on handling missing caducei.

What is the Caduceus?

 In Greek mythology, Hermes carries a caduceus. It's also called a "herald's staff." Modern medicine has kind of usurped the symbol by mistake: the Rod of Asclepius, a famed Greek doctor, is similar, but only has one snake and no wings.

Indian spiritual anatomy refers to the sushumna, ida, and pingala--which look startlingly like the caduceus. The sushumna runs along the spine, and then the "snakes" of masculine and feminine energy are the the pingala and ida, respectively.

The Ida is feminine energy and starts in the root chakra and ends in the left nostril. The Pingala is masculine energy and ends in the right nostril.

In the past month, I'd say I've run into four cases where the client did not have at least one of those three crucial things (ida, pingala, sushmana). I frankly hadn't even realized that was possible until I scanned a client and didn't find anything there.
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You may be missing your sushmana, ida, or pingala if:

- You have a significant imbalance in your masculine and feminine energies
- You feel you are doing things that should spark a kundalini rise (for example, meditation), but no rise is occurring
- You feel intuitively that you are missing these things
- You muscle test positive for not having them.

Restoring them will allow for the rise of kundalini, as well as increased energy flow throughout the body (and thus improved health).

Restoration can be simple--ask for it to be restored through prayer, or go into the theta state and make the request and witness it going through.

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