Thursday, December 3, 2015

upcoming mentorship program

Announcing an upcoming mentorship program--

I've been putting this off because I haven't really wanted to do pursue it, frankly, but I can't put it off anymore. Every day I've been getting messages about mentoring.

What I feel it will be is four months, from January to April, or possibly six months, until June. It would involve regular (weekly or every-other-weekly) one-on-one checkins mixed with personal sessions meant to clear blocks from your path in this field. And probably 2-hour-long classes every other week involving everyone. It will be similar to the Home Healing Course I taught last year, except way more personalized and more intense--which is to say, more information, more one-on-one time, longer in duration, etc. It would be a commitment of approximately 3 hours a week of class time (including lessons and then one-on-one visits with me for personalized tutoring and energy work) and I would recommend committing to a minimum of 1-2 hours a week of active practice.

I'm feeling like this could be a life changer.

This needs to be offered by invitation only, but I have kept feeling like I have at least one secret blog-reading lurker who needs to see this and ask for the invitation, if that makes sense. Whoever you are, you are important! Reach out! Your helpers have been bothering me to write this post just for you!

I'm still figuring out the details but almost every day right as I'm inspired to think about it, I'll get an email about someone else's energy mentorship program... or someone will ask me to point them to opportunities to finesse their energetic capacities... or someone will ask me if I am meant to be their teacher. Seriously, every day for over a month this has been happening. So, I guess it's a thing!

If you read this and feel like this post is for you, please reach out. awinegarduzett @ gmail . com. You know the drill.

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  1. Give me more info please :) I loved the last class.