Saturday, August 22, 2015

"karma" and the learning curve

I blogged earlier this year about "karma" and how it relates to the Gospel. Yesterday I read two interesting articles that seemed to relate, and this morning I had another flash of the obvious.

First, the two articles:

The REAL version of karma you might not know about by Arjun Walia
Why Do Some People Always Succeed In Life? by James Altucher
Image here.

I've been guilty of the mindset that people "get what's coming to them." I don't know that that mindset is wrong, per se--"as ye sow so shall ye reap," and all that--but this morning I realized that it's only half of the equation.

The reason that the law of the harvest (sow and reap) is the case is because our lives are meant to be learning experiences.

If it feels like you're living your life on repeat, with all sorts of horrible things happening over and over to you like variations on a theme, it's not a punishment. It's a learning experience.

What is it that your spirit needs to learn in order to move past these hard things?

In a way this is obvious. If we believe in a loving God, we can believe He's not going to make us go through anything that isn't for our good.

When we understand the nature of spiritual development, we understand that once you are sufficiently spiritually developed, the nature of life crises changes dramatically--partially due to the experiences we attract in that state and partially due to our own responses to them. Losing all your money can be excruciating to a person who believes in the power of money, but to someone who believes in the power of God and self, it's just another thing. The perspective makes all the difference as to whether something is a trial or just another experience.

Exercise to help shorten the learning curve

Grab a pen and paper; you're going to take some notes. Start with a prayer for help, a prayer for inspiration and revelation about your life.

Now, write out the trials in your life that are occurring over and over again. Just write them down, stream of consciousness. What are the patterns that are replaying? Perhaps you're getting taken advantage of over and over. Perhaps you can't find a job, or you keep losing jobs. Perhaps you're struggling with certain relationships. What is happening again and again?

Image here.
Now that you've identified the patterns, it's time to figure out what your spirit needs to learn from them.

You might find as you're writing it all out and pondering it, that the knowledge of what needs to happen just flows into you. But in case that doesn't happen, go ahead and get comfortable--the goal is to not be distracted by your body. You're going to focus on your spirit now.

Roll your eyes like you're rolling your eyes at a terrible joke--then close your eyelids with your eyes still rolled up. This is called the Tibetan Eyeroll and it's a shortcut to the theta state. Basically, it slows your brainwaves way down; it's a way to "be still and know" that God is God.

So do your Tibetan Eyeroll and take some deep, deep breaths. Then form the question in your mind: what is the most important thing my spirit needs to learn in order to break this pattern? 

Then you wait until you feel a response. It might feel like your own thoughts, but just write down whatever you feel coming to you anyway. The most important thing at first is to just write down everything that comes into your mind.

Continue asking relevant questions until you feel like you're done.

When you release the Tibetan Eyeroll and look back down at your paper, go ahead and pray for verification that what you got is correct and from God. If you're unsure, compare your answers to the scriptures. God's counsel to us is always echoed by the scriptures.

Once you are sure your answers are good, you're on track to start clearing the patterns.


Our repeated negative experiences are really learning experiences. When we learn what we need to learn, the circumstances will change. By paying attention to our life patterns and involving God, we can find out what we need to change within our own hearts in order to let go of the patterns we want to escape from.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

spiritual gifts run in the family

His grandmother escaped the Russian pogrom--the murder, the massacre. It was forbidden to mention. She came across the ocean and settled in America, bringing with her her memories and a spiritual gift: the gift of discerning spirits. She could see the spirits of the deceased and the unclean spirits who follow the adversary.
Not an actual photo of my friend's grandma.
Image here.

She passed the gift on to her children, who passed it on to their children. Not every child got it, but a few did. Some benefit from the gift and some do not. It's all in how they use it. 


I hosted a book club at my house a few months ago with the writer of a famous NDE, and during her lecture she did cover that spiritual gifts tend to run in families. In her own extended family, it seemed that all the cousins descended from one particular individual seemed to have unique spiritual gifts linked to having an extremely thin veil--basically, they more easily than others perceive spirits and things of that nature. 

In my own life, I have family members on both sides of my family who share the same gifts I do. It does seem to be the case that at least when it comes to discerning things beyond the veil, the gift is partially genetic. 


Does that mean that if your parent and sibling have this gift, that you will too? Not necessarily. As far as I understand it, spiritual genetics are much like physical genetics: I have green eyes and my husband has brown eyes. Both my kids have brown eyes. But maybe one of my kids someday will have blue eyes--a genetic possibility, since my husband's father has blue eyes. Just as physical genes can be recessive or dominant, I believe spiritual "genes" are the same way. The gift to discern spirits may be "recessive." Thus a parent could have it, and one child but not more. Or it could skip a generation and show up a generation later.

Punnet square: genetic concepts.
Image here.
If you don't seem to have this gift yet, does this mean you can't have it? No. The Bible Dictionary entry on faith explains: "Where there is true faith there are miracles, visions, dreams, healings, and all the gifts of God that He gives to His saints." Did you read that? True faith leads to ALL the gifts of God! Developing faith will enable this gift to turn on. 

Is this the kind of gift that could take time to develop? Absolutely. For myself, looking back on my life, I can discern the spirit aspect of it more clearly now, but before about two years ago, I wasn't even looking for it. It has been my observation that more and more people are sort of suddenly developing this ability. One day, it doesn't seem to be a thing, and the next day, they are observing auras, chakras, spirits, etc. I look at it like genetics, again. We all have genes, but sometimes they express differently in different environments. Change the environment, and you change the genetic expression. Develop your faith, for example, and the "gene" for discernment of spirits could turn on. That's how I understand the things I have observed, anyway.

What other questions do you have about this spiritual gift--or others, and how they run in families? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

uncover the bushel and SHINE!

14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.
15 Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.
16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
Matthew 5:14-16
Light getting covered by a bushel. Image here.
I've blogged before about inner light, but there is so much to the topic that I am still learning more and more about it every day. I had an enlightening (get it??) conversation with a friend earlier in the year who can also visually discern human biophoton emissions, and she made a really good point.

My big question has been: why is it the case that so many people who are deeply, truly good people, don't seem to glow very brightly? If you're reading your scriptures every day, working hard to be a good person, going to the temple, everything else--why wouldn't your inner light be super bright?

Then she explained the bushel concept.

She said, it's all the bushel. When good people allow themselves to be swathed in fears--fears of disappointing others, fears of failure, fears of man--that is the bushel. All those fears descend on us and hide our inner lights. It's not that our lights are not bright; it's that they are draped in the darkness of fear and other negativity. It can be anger or hatred or sorrow that darkens us, too: anything that keeps us from acting in faith and love as God's people acts as a bushel over our inner light. But in the end I suspect fear is the biggest offender here: anger and hatred and sorrow at their root, I believe, are fear: fear that someone won't get the justice they deserve. When we trust in God completely, and know beyond a doubt that God is a just God, we don't need to experience those feelings anymore.
2 Nephi 28:31
31 Cursed is he that putteth his trust in man, or maketh flesh his arm, or shall hearken unto the precepts of men, save their precepts shall be given by the power of the Holy Ghost.
Image here.
When we put our trust in men--when we fear men instead of fearing God--we reap the consequences of that, which are negative. We put a bushel over our light.

Uncovering the bushel

How do we uncover our light? How do we remove the bushel?

We have to figure out how to release our fears of man and trust in God instead. Energy work and kundalini yoga and meditation can certainly be effective for this--but they are not, in the end, necessary. The important thing is the decision to change. Make the promise to put God first always, to follow the Spirit even when it makes you afraid or uncomfortable, and you will feel the bushel come off.

Consequences: Light and Darkness

There is a price you pay for ripping off the bushel!

Light and darkness are fundamentally opposed. The thing about bushels is that it makes it so that even people who should be glowing brightly with internal light thanks to daily personal righteousness, are surrounded by kind of a dark energy. To me it looks like a basket over them. I never understood what it was until my conversation last night. It's not that someone with a bushel over them is a bad person, but the consequences of being covered with a bushel include being more comfortable with things that are not as "bright" energetically.

Basically: when you uncover your personal light and toss away that bushel, a sorting process begins.

We all naturally attract things that are like us, and naturally repel things that are not like us.
Doctrine and Covenants 88:40
40 For intelligence cleaveth unto intelligence; wisdom receiveth wisdom; truth embraceth truth; virtue loveth virtue; light cleaveth unto light; mercy hath compassion on mercy and claimeth her own; justice continueth its course and claimeth its own; judgment goeth before the face of him who sitteth upon the throne and governeth and executeth all things.
Image here.
When you change what you are, you begin to repel the things that were like you before, and begin attracting new things. If you change by ripping off your bushel and allowing your light to shine, those new things you attract will be amazing and beautiful.

At the same time, the old things in your life will begin to be repelled. And the repelling process can be difficult. You might find that friends that used to be close to you, are now ducking out of your life. Or trying to convince you to change back to how you were. Or you might find conflict escalating between yourself and people that you were formerly close to. This is a side effect of the attraction/repelling process. While you are adjusting to the new normal, the adjustment period is filled with the tension, the pushing and pulling of the old and the new.

Consequences: Sparking Others

But even as you may find yourself repelling old associates, you may find yourself also attracting new parts of other people, causing dormant attributes in them to awaken.

I've been trying to find my sources for this, but since different writers use different terminologies, it's hard to find them! I did the research long ago. But the deal is, once one person is "enlightened," just being near them can spontaneously spark the rise of kundalini in another person--I know I'm bringing in seemingly unrelated terms here, but they are all actually related. Basically, one person whose vibrations are raised can spontaneously cause a rise--or at least a change--in the vibrations of those around them. I haven't blogged yet about the symptoms of spontaneous vibrational rise yet, but they're not all fun and games. Sometimes triggering another person's vibrational or kundalini rise does not make them feel better, let's just say!


Let your light so shine! Cast off the fears you might have about living by the promptings you feel. Commit to serving God first and foremost, and let the bushel melt away. Be a light for others.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Intermediate Healing Touch class

Have you ever experienced an injury that hurt a lot, but that you didn't want to go to the doctor for?

Have you ever had an injury you couldn't go to the doctor for? 

My mom spilled boiling oil on her hand.

Immediately the site turned red and started that pre-blistering thing that burns do. She ran her hand under cool water, but that can only do so much. We couldn't find any burn bandages.

Image here.
I had her sit down and rest her hand on the kitchen table. I hovered my hands over her burn, not touching the tender skin. I started taking my deep breaths and focusing my intention on shifting the energies in her hand that had become blocked by her burn.

Twenty minutes later, her hand was no longer discolored. Ten minutes after that, her hand was back to normal.

She made a fist over and over, just amazed.

But this is the kind of result that I now expect with healing touch.

My mom could have gone to a doctor if she'd wanted. She has insurance and we still have doctors. And obviously: this modality is not a substitute for needed medical care--if you need an emergency room, go to the emergency room! If you need a doctor, go to the doctor! My mom's burn was not so severe we needed an emergency room. We could have gone across the street to the drugstore and picked up some burn bandages. But instead, we sat at the kitchen table and had a conversation while I used my own free materials--my hands, breath, intention--to clear the burn.

In a situation without doctors, this kind of skill is invaluable. If you have to go without insurance, or if you are in a wilderness or camping situation, being able to make a real, tangible difference in the case of wounds or injuries can be a matter of life and death. 

In every day life, this skill can help in dozens of circumstances.

A month or two ago, my son threw a wooden block at my baby's eye by accident. It swelled up immediately. After an hour of healing touch (applied AFTER an urgent care visit to make sure her eyeball was okay), the swelling was gone.

Earlier this month, I tripped on a stroller and got an instant black bruise all down my ankle. An hour of healing self-touch later, during which I was concurrently watching TV, my bruise was gone

Last week I taught an introductory course on healing touch. This week, you have the opportunity to participate in the intermediate level class. We'll be supercharging the techniques we learned last week and learning remote/distance healing techniques I couldn't be more excited about it!

If you missed last week's course, you can still order the recording for $25. You will have access to the recording for a month.

The Intermediate Healing Touch Class will be this coming Thursday, August 13, from 8-10 pm EST. The class will be all online, with the video recording emailed to those who cannot make it live. If you have yet to take the beginning class and want to take both the beginning and intermediate class, you can order both and watch them at your convenience for the next month.

Intermediate Healing Touch Class
ONLINE on Thursday, August 13, 8-10 pm EST. Recording available afterwards.

Prerequisite Introductory Healing Touch Class

obtaining permission to serve

About a week ago, I was praying about what to blog about, and the word came into my mind: permission. I started working on this post. Then, shortly afterward, I read a post on Facebook by a woman who had received unwanted energy work without her permission. I knew this post was important! Permission matters!

First, a quick story. Once upon a time I had a friend who loved service... without ever checking to see if what she was doing was actually service.

Once she worked really hard to fix my garden fence, which had been disassembled. Unbeknownst to her, I had intentionally disassembled my garden fence because I needed to amend the garden soil. I'm sure it was a lot of work for her to put my garden fence back together again--but she hadn't asked permission to "fix" it and she had no idea that her "service" had actually created a significant problem for me, and I had to undo all the damage she had done by "fixing" my fence that wasn't actually broken.

This friend did stuff like that all time--martyring herself for "service" that was actually either useless or even counterproductive. Literally, the only helpful service she engaged in was the stuff that was specifically, verbally requested. When we "serve" others without their knowledge or permission, it is not real service.

Permission. Always. Matters.
Image here.

What is permission?

Seems obvious what permission is, right? Well, I'm going to cover it anyway. Permission is consent, authorization. The idea that you don't do something unless it has been authorized by the proper authority.

In the real world, there are lots of examples of a need for authorization. Authorization is needed when a person is doing something involving someone else's property.

If you're renting, you probably shouldn't drill a bunch of holes in the ceiling without obtaining your landlord's permission first--that would be a violation of the landlord's authority over his own home. If you're visiting a friend's house and they say to not let your kids stand on the furniture, and then you let your kids stand on the furniture, you are ignoring the principle of obtaining permission for the things you do to other people's property--even and even especially if the homeowning friend is not home at the time. The authority still stands even if the person owning the property isn't there to guard it. If you're at a museum and the museum says "don't climb on the exhibits," that is hopefully a clear sign that allowing someone in your party to climb all over the exhibits is violating the museum's authority over museum property. All of those are examples of violating a person or entity's authority over their own property.

Permission comes into play when personal property is involved: be it a house, furniture, land, or a building. But the most important personal "property" is your own body.

Obtaining permission to work

As an energy worker, you must obtain permission before doing any work on anyone. It's bad enough to have people violate your authority or consent with something like your house or furniture, but when it comes to the body and subconscious mind, that is magnified many times. Violating someone's agency is a big deal.

It should be obvious that permission is necessary out of respect for others, and out of honor for the law of agency. Everyone has agency and it is up to them to use it and up to everyone else to respect it--at least when it comes to using their agency for their own selves. Obviously, if a person uses their agency to violate another person's body or personal property, there should be consequences. As they say, we're free to choose our choices, but not free to choose our consequences.

Trespassing agency
Image here.

When an energy worker does work without the person's consent or knowledge, that is a violation of agency and sets us squarely alongside the adversary, whose big plan for all of us was basically just that: to fix us without our consent. Being on Christ's side means being like Christ: He has all power to heal, but does He? Only when people choose it. When people come to Him, willing to work, willing to change, wanting to work and change. We've all seen those pictures of Christ knocking on the door with no handle. The idea is that Christ can knock, but the homeowner has to let Him in.

It's the same thing with energy work. It can feel pretty cool to be able to do things like release trapped emotions or clear kidney stones or whatever. When you see someone struggling and know that you could fix things with one half hour session of emotion clearing or healing touch something, it's really tempting to just do that, especially since it can be done remotely. But it is wrong to do without their consent. Obtaining permission is absolutely crucial.

Agency is the defining feature of our life journeys. It is so important to obtain permission for the things we do--both temporally, when we interact with other people's belongings and property, and etherically or aurically when we deal with things of an energetic nature.

Obtaining permission

How do we obtain permission?

Image here.
Obviously, we can ask for it! Explain your thoughts to the person's conscious present self and ask for permission to help. If the answer is no, the answer is no.

Muscle testing to see if you have a higher self's permission to do the work, to me, is typically not enough. The conscious mind needs to be involved.

Sometimes a "higher self" will come and ask for help; in that case I feel it is appropriate to act exactly in the capacity requested by said higher self; going further than that is a no-no. This is different from muscle testing on if you have permission from a higher self. You are not seeking to avoid the need for conscious permission in well-meant but perhaps unnecessary or harmful "service"; you are being specifically requested for a specific bit of work.

Even if people have given verbal or written conscious permission for energy work to be done on them, it is always important to muscle test for the subconscious mind's permission as well. Sometimes a person will consciously give permission, but their subconscious mind will deny it. In those instances, it is up to you to follow the Spirit and intuition to figure out which permission trumps which.

Permission is necessary from both the conscious and subconscious mind.

Image here.
Permission from those who cannot speak

Obviously you need parental permission to do work on minors--but once children are capable of understanding the work, it is appropriate to ask for their permission too. In the case of very small children, if the mother's permission has been obtained, that can be enough. Again, you still should muscle test on if you have the child's permission to do the work, even if you have acquired parental permission. A person's personal agency trumps all.

Blanket permissions

Sometimes energy workers have clients who just say, "You have permission to do anything you want!! JUST FIX ME!!"

That's a nice idea, but not really. First off, it violates the principle of agency, because it involves the client actually giving away their agency to the practitioner, and that is not appropriate.

Second, acting on that kind of "permission" can actually prevent real healing from going through. A lot of times, the subconscious mind won't heal all the way until the conscious mind realizes it's been healed. Every change to the subconscious mind needs to be ratified by the conscious mind. It's not just that leaving out that part is a violation of agency; it's that the work won't even be effective. It is crucial that the person know and understand exactly what is happening, because the acknowledgement of the conscious mind is a very, very big deal.

For energy workers who are more advanced and more capable of recognizing what is going on in their subconscious minds, blanket permissions may be acceptable--when working on each other, as directed and influenced by higher selves of those involved, etc. But for run-of-the-mill energy work on people who can't always reliably feel it when someone is working on them, it's important to seek permission every time.

Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Good intentions are not enough. It is so important to remember that our ideas of service are not infallible. Like my friend who "served" me by "fixing" my garden fence, we can be so caught up in ideas of service that we forget to even bother with asking questions like--will this actually even help them?
Not all "broken" fences are actually broken.
Image here.

Am I sure that what I am doing is actually service?

Sometimes things that seem broken are not. Like my garden fence. Sometimes people need particular struggles that we want to "fix" for them. My brother was very, very sick before he died, but his struggles were not something that energy medicine--or any medicine--was meant to "fix." He looked broken and in many ways he was broken, but he was living his life journey as it was meant for him to live. When we "serve" people without permission, we are indulging in self-righteous pride. And that is wrong. We do not know better than them. Each person is the authority over their own life. It is wrong to step in, even with good intentions, to "fix" something without their permission just because we assume we understand what the problem is.


It is always wrong to do work on--to "serve"--someone without their permission. Well-intentioned service is not a substitute for informed consent. Obtaining permission and acting within the boundaries of authority are critical ways that we honor each other's agency.

Friday, August 7, 2015

thoughts on precognition

I have had precognitive moments since I was very young. My earliest one I can remember, I was about seven years old.

Image here.
My precognitive gifts are not super developed--I previously blogged that on a scale of one to ten, mine are at about a three right now. But since I started taking the gift seriously, instead of resenting it and thinking it was crazy, I've learned some things! One of the most important things is that the future can change. Here are a few thoughts about precognitive vision or clairsentience/claircognizance. Or, if you want, maybe a spiritual gift of prophecy.

First, some of the things I've seen, I thought had a very clear timeline on them, and they just don't. Or rather, maybe they do, but I am not familiar with that timeline. Just because you have a vision of something happening in springtime, does not mean that it's happening this coming spring! (D'oh!)

Second, some things seen precognitively are figurative, and some are very literal. I've had funny experiences with this. Some time ago I had a bunch of precognitive moments involving the destruction of my personal property. When I went ahead and totally secured those objects against destruction, it turned out that other objects were just substituted in their place. So some of those visions were figurative: something important to you will be broken. But at the same time, some of those visions were very literal, with things being destroyed in the exact way I had foreseen.

I thought this was funny. Image here.
Third: everything comes down to agency. You choose your future. You see what happens based on your likely choice. Sometimes your choices change. What you see changes. Sometimes what other people choose changes. What you see changes.

An example of that: I had a series of precognitions that I was sure meant I was in a commitment for the long haul. The long haul being years and years of commitment. Imagine my surprise when the whole thing ended after just a few months! It was not my choice to disentangle myself from things, but it happened anyway.

In the scriptures, Jonah saw a city get destroyed, but then the people repented and the city wasn't destroyed. The future can change. The future is an if-then statement. It depends on which If is chosen.
Jonah. Image here.

Fourth, sometimes the future doesn't change, it just doesn't happen the way you think. From the situation listed in #3, some of my images haven't faded, and I wonder if just because I'm not committed to that situation now, doesn't mean I won't re-commit to it in the future and the rest of the things I've seen are still floating out there in time and space somewhere. Sometimes circumstances change in the short term, while remaining unchanged in the long term. That can make visions seem inaccurate, when the reality is that the future you've seen is just taking a different route to manifest than you previously assumed.


These are just a few things that I've learned from trying to pay more attention to the things that come up in my life.  This is a great article by a Mormon remote viewer for the US military on prophecy, visions, and the foreknowledge of God. Go check it out! A brief preview:

This session on the Stark has a number of implications for LDS doctrine. The first is that, despite current scholarly beliefs to the contrary, prophecy is a reality. If it is true that I, an otherwise ordinary person just doing my job in a government psychic espionage unit, could describe the future so specifically, how could anyone deny that a prophet--Isaiah, Abraham, Joseph Smith--might not be able to do the same and more when directly influenced by God?
Such a fascinating article!

Monday, August 3, 2015

"properly gifted individuals"

Have you ever seen a show or read a book where the main character could control the elements? 

X-Men's Storm controls the weather. There's that show Avatar where the people "bend" air or whatever elements. I suddenly can't think of other examples. But I know I have seen and read SO many things where characters could influence the elements!

Image here.
There is something deeply primal about the connection between humanity and earth, air, water, fire. The elements enable us to survive--but they can also kill us. Humankind has always yearned for control over the external world. Native Americans do rain dances for water; farmers pray for their crops; your taxes go in part to firefighters. Nature is beautiful and terrible, and we long to have it under control. 

Faith and the Elements

I find it fascinating, then, that this is in the Bible Dictionary entry on Faith (which, PS, is one of my favorite things! The whole entry is amazing. I have it highlighted in my scriptures). Emphasis mine:
Faith is a principle of action and of power, and by it one can command the elements, heal the sick, and influence any number of circumstances when occasion warrants (Jacob 4:4–7). Even more important, by faith one obtains a remission of sins and eventually can stand in the presence of God.
This is an excerpt from Apostle Bruce R. McConkie's book, A New Witness for the Articles of Faith, p.367-377 (emphasis mine):
8. The Working of Miracles
Healing and being healed and raising the dead are only the beginning of miracles. Properly gifted persons control the elements, move mountains, turn rivers out of their course, walk on water, quench the violence of fire, are carried by the power of the Spirit from one congregation to another, are translated and taken up into heaven, or-and this above all-gain for themselves an eternal inheritance in the presence of Him who is Eternal. Miracles are now, have always been, and always will be part and portion of the true gospel of that God who is a God of miracles. They are gifts of the Spirit. (D&C 46:21; Moroni 10:12; 1 Corinthians 12:10.)
We see these abilities play out over and over again in the scriptures--Jesus and Peter walking on water; Moses making that rock spout water; Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego withstanding the fire.

It would seem that there is a Gospel precedent for influencing the elements through the sheer power of faith--which is just incredible to me.

Elements and Chi

I was thinking about all this today because this morning I stumbled across this page, which has a video in which a healer demonstrates the power of chi by setting newspaper on fire with his bare hands. Incredible!

In the video it points out that we all have the power of life force energy within us--the thing that makes this guy special is his training.

Consider that: consider that we are all capable of controlling the elements with the essences that are already within us. This is amazing. It just astonishes me.


Want to become the REAL Last Airbender? Develop your faith! Study the scriptures and put your faith into practice--faith is a principle of action (go read the Bible Dictionary definition again!). Exercise your faith until it is strong enough to literally move mountains. And take up some meditation--why not? Learn to master your own life force.

Our bodies are incredible.

Learn Healing Touch

September is around the corner and a lot of people have been having feelings that something big will be happening this fall--including myself. In preparation for that, I wanted to offer a new class on healing touch.

I LOVE the modality of healing touch. I have seen plenty of miracles using this technique. Arthritic cysts diminish; fibromyalgia pain disappears for extended periods of time; swelling from major injuries goes down without medication.

Image here.
Last week I tripped on a stroller and the wheel of it scraped against my ankle--it felt like my ankle had been skinned. Immediately the entire thing had turned black. Walking was excruciating. So I went upstairs, put on a TV show, and did healing touch to my own ankle for an hour. By the time I went to bed a few hours later, my ankle was no longer swollen and the black skin had turned greenish and then white again.

My sister once broke her rib and they told her it would take six weeks to heal. But she used healing touch, and by the end of the week when she went in for her first follow-up, the rib was fully healed.

This modality is good for all kinds of physical healing, but also for emotional healing. Since a lot of times our emotions are trapped in specific parts of the body, you can use healing touch to clear them also.


One reason I have felt it is so important to provide this class is that this modality is literally so easy, anyone can do it, and anyone can do it after just an hour or so of instruction. It is incredible in that way. I first took a class on it with the hospice that cared for my brother before he passed, and when I came home after that class, I practiced on all my family members who were home. From the very beginning, we saw very cool effects! I took that class on a Thursday, and on that Saturday my mother had a flight scheduled across the country for a business trip. But the night before she'd fallen and bruised herself black and blue from ankle to hip.

I did healing touch on her leg for the hour before she had to go on her flight, and when she got off the armchair to drive herself to the airport, she expressed her astonishment that her pain was virtually 100% gone. She was able to walk and attend her conference comfortably. That was yes, three days after I took my first class on this.

This is the perfect modality for healing because it is so easy to learn, so simple to practice, and yet so effective.

Another fun story: I was working on someone's leg whose knee had come out of its socket or something due to a chronic injury from marathon running, and after an hour, we heard a crack and watched as her kneecap spontaneously shifted under her skin. Her leg was back to normal! Crazy!

I also love this modality because you can do it while you do other things--my favorite is to watch TV, honestly. I put on a show and then I and the injured person just watch it. You can also have a conversation during it, although that's a little bit harder because breathing is a part of the technique and talking can disrupt the breathing. Since I practice a number of different modalities, one of my other favorite things to do with clients is do the healing touch while simultaneously doing theta work or Emotion Code, etc. Multi-tasking!


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A lot of people are "prepping" for upcoming events, whatever those events may be. A lot of us probably have stored some medical supplies, and that is very wise. But healing touch will be very, very helpful too. It requires no supplies and can be used at a moment's notice wherever you are. Once you know how to do it, doing it is free. This is a one-time investment that can pay off over and over again in the years to come--whether or not anything worth prepping for is around the corner. Obviously, for me and my family, we haven't been dealing with a SHTF or TEOTWAKI scenario, but I still use this skill almost weekly between clients and my own family's run of the mill injuries that I don't want to go to the doctor for.


This class will be online so anyone can participate from wherever they are. The class will be recorded and the recording will be made available the next day for those who are not able to attend live.

I'm scheduling 2 hours for this class, anticipating questions, but the class may run shorter. The basics of this modality are not difficult to learn. This class will take place on Thursday, August 6, from 8-10 PM EST. In an effort to make this information as widely available as possible, this class will be just $20 dollars. Sign up today to reserve your spot. Email awinegarduzett at gmail dot com with questions.