Monday, August 10, 2015

Intermediate Healing Touch class

Have you ever experienced an injury that hurt a lot, but that you didn't want to go to the doctor for?

Have you ever had an injury you couldn't go to the doctor for? 

My mom spilled boiling oil on her hand.

Immediately the site turned red and started that pre-blistering thing that burns do. She ran her hand under cool water, but that can only do so much. We couldn't find any burn bandages.

Image here.
I had her sit down and rest her hand on the kitchen table. I hovered my hands over her burn, not touching the tender skin. I started taking my deep breaths and focusing my intention on shifting the energies in her hand that had become blocked by her burn.

Twenty minutes later, her hand was no longer discolored. Ten minutes after that, her hand was back to normal.

She made a fist over and over, just amazed.

But this is the kind of result that I now expect with healing touch.

My mom could have gone to a doctor if she'd wanted. She has insurance and we still have doctors. And obviously: this modality is not a substitute for needed medical care--if you need an emergency room, go to the emergency room! If you need a doctor, go to the doctor! My mom's burn was not so severe we needed an emergency room. We could have gone across the street to the drugstore and picked up some burn bandages. But instead, we sat at the kitchen table and had a conversation while I used my own free materials--my hands, breath, intention--to clear the burn.

In a situation without doctors, this kind of skill is invaluable. If you have to go without insurance, or if you are in a wilderness or camping situation, being able to make a real, tangible difference in the case of wounds or injuries can be a matter of life and death. 

In every day life, this skill can help in dozens of circumstances.

A month or two ago, my son threw a wooden block at my baby's eye by accident. It swelled up immediately. After an hour of healing touch (applied AFTER an urgent care visit to make sure her eyeball was okay), the swelling was gone.

Earlier this month, I tripped on a stroller and got an instant black bruise all down my ankle. An hour of healing self-touch later, during which I was concurrently watching TV, my bruise was gone

Last week I taught an introductory course on healing touch. This week, you have the opportunity to participate in the intermediate level class. We'll be supercharging the techniques we learned last week and learning remote/distance healing techniques I couldn't be more excited about it!

If you missed last week's course, you can still order the recording for $25. You will have access to the recording for a month.

The Intermediate Healing Touch Class will be this coming Thursday, August 13, from 8-10 pm EST. The class will be all online, with the video recording emailed to those who cannot make it live. If you have yet to take the beginning class and want to take both the beginning and intermediate class, you can order both and watch them at your convenience for the next month.

Intermediate Healing Touch Class
ONLINE on Thursday, August 13, 8-10 pm EST. Recording available afterwards.

Prerequisite Introductory Healing Touch Class

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