Monday, February 27, 2017

Healing Touch Clinics in March

I'm excited to announce a few healing touch clinics in March! The vision is to provide plenty of basic and some advanced instruction, with many opportunities for supervised practice. Read on for more details about the modality, dates, times and more!

Healing Touch

I LOVE the modality of healing touch. I have seen plenty of miracles using this technique. Arthritic cysts diminish; fibromyalgia pain disappears for extended periods of time; swelling from major injuries goes down without medication.

This picture was taken in an unlit room
while I was doing healing touch to
the immediate left of the frame.
Healing touch is a form of lightwork,
where the touch actually involves
light that is unseen to the naked eye...
but can sometimes be caught on camera!
Last week I tripped on a stroller and the wheel of it scraped against my ankle--it felt like my ankle had been skinned. Immediately the entire thing had turned black. Walking was excruciating. So I went upstairs, put on a TV show, and did healing touch to my own ankle for an hour. By the time I went to bed a few hours later, my ankle was no longer swollen and the black skin had turned greenish and then white again.

My sister once broke her rib and they told her it would take six weeks to heal. But she used healing touch, and by the end of the week when she went in for her first follow-up, the rib was fully healed.

This modality is good for all kinds of physical healing, but also for emotional healing. Since a lot of times our emotions are trapped in specific parts of the body, you can use healing touch to clear them also.


One reason I have felt it is so important to provide this class is that this modality is literally so easy, anyone can do it, and anyone can do it after just an hour or so of instruction. It is incredible in that way. I first took a class on it with the hospice that cared for my brother before he passed, and when I came home after that class, I practiced on all my family members who were home. From the very beginning, we saw very cool effects! I took that class on a Thursday, and on that Saturday my mother had a flight scheduled across the country for a business trip. But the night before she'd fallen and bruised herself black and blue from ankle to hip.

I did healing touch on her leg for the hour before she had to go on her flight, and when she got off the armchair to drive herself to the airport, she expressed her astonishment that her pain was virtually 100% gone. She was able to walk and attend her conference comfortably. That was yes, three days after I took my first class on this.

This is the perfect modality for healing because it is so easy to learn, so simple to practice, and yet so effective.

Another fun story: I was working on someone's leg whose knee had come out of its socket or something due to a chronic injury from marathon running, and after an hour, we heard a crack and watched as her kneecap spontaneously shifted under her skin. Her leg was back to normal! Crazy!

I also love this modality because you can do it while you do other things--my favorite is to watch TV, honestly. I put on a show and then I and the injured person just watch it. You can also have a conversation during it, although that's a little bit harder because breathing is a part of the technique and talking can disrupt the breathing. Since I practice a number of different modalities, one of my other favorite things to do with clients is do the healing touch while simultaneously doing theta work or Emotion Code, etc. Multi-tasking!

The Clinics

I wanted to provide a number of different training opportunities since this class is best experienced live. The point is to be able to practice with real-time supervision and question-answering, so I wanted a variety of days and times for people to choose from. Each class will cover the same basic material, but each class will cover different advanced material. Here are the dates and times:
Tuesday 7 March, 2017: 3-4 pm Mountain Time
Thursday 9 March 2017: 10-11 am Mountain Time
Monday 13 March 2017: 6-7 am Mountain Time
Thursday 16 March 2017: 9-10 pm Mountain Time
Tuesday 21 March 2017: 2-3 pm Mountain Time
Saturday 25 March 2017: 8-9 am Mountain Time
Wednesday 29 March 2017: 1-2 pm Mountain Time

Each class will be $20 with a "season pass" option--email me for details. I'm not planning to record classes because that kind of defeats the purpose of supervised practice!

Advanced material may include but not be limited to the following: 

- clearing emotional blocks with touch
- "touching-not-touching"
- advanced targeting of troubled areas
- healing chakras with touch
- combining light-healing and touch-healing 
- healing touch for brain issues (addiction, traumatic injury, etc)
- distance healing touch
- spinning energy for super cool advanced use of vortexes (it's so cool)

I have felt like I shouldn't pre-assign what advanced material can go to which class, so if you know you can make a certain class and not others, you can email me directly and request that advanced material to be taught in the class you can attend. There might be several conflicting requests per class but I'll do my best to make sure that everyone's needs get addressed.

Obviously it will be best to attend all the classes! But even just one class can give you the basic tools you need to make a real impact on your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of your family. 

Registration is open until the final class is done on March 29. Email me for more information. awinegarduzett @ gmail . com. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Three keys to happiness--your body makes your emotions!

I moved out when I was 16 years old to go to college at BYU--2,000 miles away from my native Maryland. In the airport on the way, somehow I ended up reading a copy of Discovery Magazine, and an article in that edition literally changed my life. I was so lucky to have read it in the airport at that time because years later I was able to locate the article again by remembering the month and year of my sojourn to Utah.

This is the article, entitled Vitamin Cure. Go check it out when you have some time. It's fascinating. It's a compelling story about reducing the severity of mental health problems with nutrition, drawing on the wisdom of pig farmers (!). 

Back in 2005, I thought the article was fascinating, but it didn't change my life until much later when I was searching for answers for my own health. When I was asking my body what it needed, it told me: "go find that amazing article you read in the airport on your way out to Utah that time. That is what I need."

And so I did--I found the article and applied the principles to my nutrient intake and it made such a difference.

But reading that article was the first time it had ever occurred to me that mental and emotional health struggles could be directly linked to nutrition. And now more than ever, I am a believer. Energy work can do SO much and I believe it can be an important and extremely effective tool in healing the mind and emotions, but for what energy work can't do... the answer is NUTRITION
You can clear emotions all day, but if you're not nourishing your body with the right macro- and micronutrients, your emotions are still going to be sub-par. 
Your Body Makes Your Emotions
Your body literally manufactures the chemicals of your emotions. Biologically speaking, every molecule of emotion has a different chemical structure and actually literally needs certain nutrients to be physically created. Go ahead and google the nutrients needed for serotonin production. If your body is lacking in the nutrients necessary to produce the biological chemicals of happiness... we can clear emotions all day, but you still might not be happy. As far as I can see, happiness has three components: 

1. Letting go of past traumas and faulty beliefs (both conscious and subconscious) creating filters of unhappiness. 

2. Creating strong and healthy systems of flow that allow potentially traumatic experiences to pass through us without damage.

3. Supporting the physical body's creation of happiness feelings via NUTRITION! 
In the meantime... 
In the meantime, I would LOVE to hear about your own experiences with nutrition and emotional health. If you have any thoughts about it, please write back to me! I read every email.

I hope you are having the best day!

​​​​​​​<3 allie 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Body-Needs Exercise: what does your body NEED?

Good morning and happy Valentine's day!

I remember in college wishing myself and all my friends "Happy Singles Awareness Day." When you're happy in a relationship, Valentine's day can be really fun,... or it can be a hassle and one more thing to remember. When you're not in a happy relationship, though, Valentine's day can be miserable.

So I wanted to write for a minute this potentially-emotional morning about emotions and how they work. There are many different facets to emotions and their dealings, but the point I wanted to focus on today is the role of our physical bodies as co-creators of our emotions. 
Did you know anxiety and even depression can be caused by dehydration?
Our bodies are tools; they are machines; they are powerful creators with powerful needs.

When our bodies' needs are not being met, our bodies can manufacture the molecules (or "brain chemistry") of emotion to try and get our attention.

Last year or the year before, I was having a truly terrible time dealing with my two-year-old. Just thinking about her would give me heart palpitations. I loved her--but I just couldn't be near her. A single touch from her would make my skin crawl.

One day I was telling a friend about this and my struggle. I was releasing emotions like crazy, doing tons of energy work on myself and my child and our relationship, and yet my body would still physically react to this kid. I couldn't figure it out.

Fortunately, in addition to being energetically gifted, my friend was also a nutritionist. She said: "Oh, don't feel bad. Don't feel guilty. It's just your body trying to give you a message. You're nutritionally depleted and manufacturing emotions of trauma is the only way your body has to tell you."

When she explained it, it made so much sense. I'd been pregnant, nursed Baby #1 through my pregnancy with Baby #2 (the child in question), and then nursed Baby #2 all through my pregnancy with Baby #3--and I was still nursing this two-year-old even though I was also nursing her baby brother.

The fact was, my body was nutritionally depleted. It was really struggling to keep up with so much nursing and the fact was, my two-year-old was very able to sustain herself on regular food.

I didn't loathe my toddler; not really. My body was reacting with heart palpitations, stress, and skin-crawly-feelings when she came close because it was trying to tell me: STOP NURSING THIS KID!! REPLETE YOUR NUTRIENTS!!!

What a blessing that I figured out that then, instead of honestly believing I didn't like my child. I love my girl and I am so glad she's in my life. But my body was being physically depleted of nutrients by the nature of my relationship with her, and something had to change--so my body reacted by creating negative emotional feelings in an attempt to get my conscious attention. If I had been listening to my body more closely, maybe I would have weaned her sooner. As soon as she was weaned, our relationship and my emotions around her got SO much better. 
Bodies create emotions to get our attention
One book I highly recommend is called Your Body's Many Cries For Water. Go read the book, but one highlight for me was learning that the body can manufacture emotions of anxiety and depression for the primary purpose of getting us to realize we arethirsty. Your body says-- "I AM ANXIOUS FOR WATER!!!" and so many times, we don't understand the message.

Have you seen this meme? 
Isn't that just how it goes? Pardon the use of the Lord's name in vain, I couldn't find an edited version. But our bodies try so hard to communicate their needs to us, and so many times, we end up thinking, "guess we'll never know."

Today, I invite you to consider the possibility that some of your negative daily emotions have a nutritional root. I invite you to drink more water than you think you need, say NO to a sugary Valentine's dessert that will only place your body under even more stress, and eat some vegetables!

And here is an exercise you can do today to get a little more in touch with your body and how it's fulfilling its role as a co-creator of your emotions. 
Body-Needs Exercise (for Valentine's Day!) 
First, get out a pen and paper. You're going to start by writing about the most irritating emotion you regularly experience. Depression/sadness, "numb" emptiness, irritability, anxiety, frustration, worry. Whatever it is, write it down.

Write down how it makes you feel in your body when you think about it. Does your stomach feel tighter? Does your forehead get tight? Does your throat feel dry? What physical body sensations do you feel when you think about this emotion you deal with?

Now go ahead and take a few deep breaths. Put the pen or pencil down. Cover your eyes with your hands and just breathe.

When you feel your body relax into your hands, go ahead and ask yourself: "Body, do you have a message for me with this emotion? Is there something you are trying to tell me that will help me experience better emotions?"

And then just listen. As ideas come to you, write them down--ALL of them, no matter how silly or weird they sound. Don't judge them, just write.

Maybe your body will have a message for you: "I need more water." "I need more magnesium." "I need less sugar." "I need to relax and rest." "I need more sleep." "I need more peace."

You can set a timer for 5-10 minutes and just commit to listening to your body for that amount of time. When it's done, you're done for now. Take a look at what you wrote down and pray about it. Ask God for a verification: is this a message I should take seriously? And if the answer is yes, the next step is to make a plan for how to serve your body better in the future.

Oh, friends, I wish you the happiest Valentine's day!! I hope this exercise comes in handy and that you listen to the messages your body might have for you today. If you do this exercise, please write me back and let me know how it goes.

Sending you all some happy V-day vibes!!!


Friday, February 10, 2017

Full Moon tonight!

Tonight we have a special treat--a penumbral eclipse, a full moon, and a comet passing through! As always, here is an obligatory link to my article on the Gospel and reading the stars

According to NASA, the penumbral eclipse will take place at 7:43 p.m. ET (6:43 p.m. CT5:43 p.m. MT and 4:43 p.m. PT). It will likely be difficult to spot but you might take a look and see anyway!

According to the yogis, the body contains seven oceans, just like the earth--and, they say, just like the earth's oceans and the tides, our internal oceans are affected by the moon.

The full moon is a powerful time to let things go, and I'm excited to share an exercise with you that will help you release some things that aren't serving you. But first, I want to talk about the eclipse! 
Penumbral eclipse
Eclipses are times of powerful heavenly energy that draw our attention to our shadow selves--the parts of us that are "dark" in energy, the parts that need healing. If you've been feeling extra hard on yourself lately, this could be a contributing factor. Lunar eclipses triple the power of the full moon, and draw up hidden emotions to the surface for processing and release. Eclipses are a time of final endings--final releases of the things that do not serve us.

Most people do not feel eclipse energy acutely unless it takes place in a way that corresponds to their Sun, moon, other planets or ascendants in their natal chart (if you don't have your chart done, this is something I occasionally do for clients--reach out for more information if you like). This penumbral eclipse is taking place in Leo, the energy of performance, leadership, inspiration, and playfulness.

For this eclipse, the moon is trine Uranus, which brings the energy of innovation and personal freedom. The Sun is sextile Uranus, which brings an energy of revolution and rebelling against the former status quo. The moon is sextile and the Sun is trine to Jupiter, the planet of expansion and justice. Uranus and Jupiter opposite can create an energy very welcoming of kundalini rise. 
Comet 45P
The comet coming our way is named Comet 45P. It will be passing through Hercules, which spans Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn. This indicates a highlighting of resourcefulness, passion, generosity, idealism, responsibility and self-discipline. 
Full Moon Exercise 
 The full moon is a time to let things go--and this, being even just a partial eclipse, is a great time to let some things go. 

For this exercise, you'll just need some paper, a pen.
You're going to draw a circle on your piece of paper--a representation of the moon--and then, you will fill it up with all the things you wish to release at this time. Release your fears. Your stagnant energies. Your worries. The friendships that aren't serving you or that are actively dragging you down. The things you have been beating yourself up about: write them all down in this circle.

When it feels complete--

Destroy the paper.

Burn it, scribble over it and rip it up, bury it in your backyard--destroy it as a symbol of yourself releasing these things in your life that are no longer serving you. It's just a symbol but can be very cathartic! 

Then email me and let me know how the exercise went! awinegarduzett at gmail dot com. 

Sending all the good vibes! Happy full moon!