Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Three keys to happiness--your body makes your emotions!

I moved out when I was 16 years old to go to college at BYU--2,000 miles away from my native Maryland. In the airport on the way, somehow I ended up reading a copy of Discovery Magazine, and an article in that edition literally changed my life. I was so lucky to have read it in the airport at that time because years later I was able to locate the article again by remembering the month and year of my sojourn to Utah.

This is the article, entitled Vitamin Cure. Go check it out when you have some time. It's fascinating. It's a compelling story about reducing the severity of mental health problems with nutrition, drawing on the wisdom of pig farmers (!). 

Back in 2005, I thought the article was fascinating, but it didn't change my life until much later when I was searching for answers for my own health. When I was asking my body what it needed, it told me: "go find that amazing article you read in the airport on your way out to Utah that time. That is what I need."

And so I did--I found the article and applied the principles to my nutrient intake and it made such a difference.

But reading that article was the first time it had ever occurred to me that mental and emotional health struggles could be directly linked to nutrition. And now more than ever, I am a believer. Energy work can do SO much and I believe it can be an important and extremely effective tool in healing the mind and emotions, but for what energy work can't do... the answer is NUTRITION
You can clear emotions all day, but if you're not nourishing your body with the right macro- and micronutrients, your emotions are still going to be sub-par. 
Your Body Makes Your Emotions
Your body literally manufactures the chemicals of your emotions. Biologically speaking, every molecule of emotion has a different chemical structure and actually literally needs certain nutrients to be physically created. Go ahead and google the nutrients needed for serotonin production. If your body is lacking in the nutrients necessary to produce the biological chemicals of happiness... we can clear emotions all day, but you still might not be happy. As far as I can see, happiness has three components: 

1. Letting go of past traumas and faulty beliefs (both conscious and subconscious) creating filters of unhappiness. 

2. Creating strong and healthy systems of flow that allow potentially traumatic experiences to pass through us without damage.

3. Supporting the physical body's creation of happiness feelings via NUTRITION! 
In the meantime... 
In the meantime, I would LOVE to hear about your own experiences with nutrition and emotional health. If you have any thoughts about it, please write back to me! I read every email.

I hope you are having the best day!

​​​​​​​<3 allie 

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