Friday, April 1, 2016

archetype redesign

I've blogged a little bit about archetypes before, and today I wanted to blog a little bit more.

Everyone has 12 primary archetypes in their space. They're kind of like symbols of parts of our personalities. All people share four: the Victim, the Sellout, the Saboteur, the Inner Child. And then there are lots of other archetypes.

As examples: the Damsel in Distress, the Sage, the Trickster, the Mentor, the Gambler, the Artisan, the Dilettante.

You just see the name of these archetypes and you automatically have an idea of what they're all about.

In the past, it was assumed that the archetypes you were born with were your archetypes for life. However, I am finding that this is not so. Under special circumstances, it is possible to switch out your archetypes.

What special circumstances?

It appears that archetype replacement is a necessary part of preparing to be a Zion people. In a Zion society, there is no need for the Victim, the Saboteur, the Sellout. No one will victimize anyone else, no one will be a victim. No one will be selling out their integrity. No one will engage in sabotage of anyone or anything. Being a Zion person means being a person who exists above the mindsets of victimization and sabotage.

My work in the past month or so has led me to conclude that archetype switcheroos are possible only in combination with a kundalini rise. The more the kundalini has risen, the more archetypes may be switched out.

My kundalini has been risen for two years now, and a few weeks ago in prayer I was shown how my old archetypes stepped aside and my new archetypes stepped forward.

A friend's kundalini rose recently and had all their archetypes switched out all at once as well.

Another friend's kundalini had been stalling between the third and fourth chakra. We were able to switch out four archetypes, but then had to wait. When we finally switched out the next archetype, simultaneously, her kundalini rose up to the fourth chakra.

When we cleared and replaced the next archetype that needed to go, her kundalini simultaneously rose into the fifth chakra.

It appears that we are now entering a new phase of energetic possibilities: I believe that such archetype replacement was not very possible in the past, but now, as the earth raises in vibration, it's getting more and more possible, especially for those who have already gotten their kundalini to rise at least partially.

More on kundalini in a different post.

Scriptural archetypes

One thing I have seen as people's archetypes have been switching out is an emphasis on religious themed archetypes. Most people that come to me for healing work have strong religious archetypes anyway: the Monk, the Nun, the Disciple, etc. I see that these either stay or are upleveled in new archetype splays. Example: Monk to Celibate. Nun to Handmaiden of the Lord. Etc.

I also noticed that some archetypes that were not previously religious, now may take on a religious theme. Example: Researcher to Sacred Scholar.

And finally, I've noticed a new subset of archetypes: scriptural archetypes.


Father Lehi. Called upon to lead a family into the wilderness for religious reasons.

Elizabeth from the New Testament. Recognizes and testifies of the divinity of the Lord before anyone else knows who He is.

Deborah. Called upon to rise up as a mother in Israel and use gifts of prophecy and revelation to build the kingdom.

Abinadi in Disguise. Called upon to blend in with society, then strategically reveal their identity and testify.

There are as many scriptural archetypes as there are scriptural narratives!

Wanted to put this out there--many people's archetypes are ready to be switched out now.


Everyone has archetypes. It is possible to get new archetypes. Raise your kundalini and let the archetype redesigns begin!!

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