Thursday, April 7, 2016

physical cleanses to clear spiritual toxins: liver cleanse

On December 31, as I was praying about what kundalini kriya to do every day this year, I got the answer of Let the Liver Live.

I started doing it every day, not knowing why. I was raised LDS, and the most liver-damaging thing I've ever done was take lots of cough medicine after suffering a likely vaccine failure against whooping cough. But even so. I did it.

About a month ago, or maybe 6 weeks, every Sunday as I would pray about my upcoming week, I would hear that prompting: do a liver cleanse. Do a liver cleanse. Do a liver cleanse.
The liver. From webmd.

I thought: people who do liver cleanses are weird! I'm not weird like THOSE people! ;)  --(says the weirdest person around)

Finally I gave in and did it.

On Sunday, I started a vegan diet.

On Friday at 2 pm, I stopped eating and drinking.

At 6, 8, and 10 pm that night I drank 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts dissolved into 4 oz water (and yes it was beyond nasty, thanks for asking).

At 9:45 pm, right before my 10 pm Epsom salt drink, I prepared 1/2 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice and 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil, and mixed them together.

Immediately after drinking the 10 pm salts, I drank the lemon/oil mixture and immediately went to bed (your body has to be flat after this for like 8 hours).

At 6 am I got up and drank the last dose of Epsom salt drink. Ate an apple at 10:30 am and light meals the rest of the day and the cleanse was over.

Now, usually when I work on people, I am not allowed to take on their stuff to help them process. But a few days after this cleanse, I was suddenly not just allowed but invited to help people process their emotions. And what used to take me a week to process, can now take mere minutes.

It's a way to make emotional and spiritual healing even faster.

It turns out that when emotions are metabolized, it's the liver that takes on much of that metabolic work. Clearing junk from the liver makes room for more emotions to be metabolized faster.

NOTE: you DO need to do a colon cleanse before the liver cleanse, and I did do this part too. Just forgot to mention it. The colon needs to be clear first so that everything dislodged from the liver can clear as quickly and easily as possible to avoid reabsorption.


Want to speed up the healing process for yourself? Consider a liver cleanse!


  1. I know you know this, but for the rest of the world:
    I want to point out that not only is a pre-cleanse super important but so is a post-cleanse. Please, get a support system or sponsor for any cleanse and definitely ease yourself out of it gently. Don't break your fast with a steak dinner or leftover chocolate Easter bunny! It will confuse your body, possibly trap all those toxins you've worked so hard to release, etc. Think of it like giving birth: you have Braxton Hicks and contractions (pre-cleanse) that build up to the labor/delivery and final push (cleanse), and then you rest for 6-8 weeks while your body heals and you adjust to your new normal (post-cleanse). You would NEVER go and run a marathon the day after giving birth! So please be careful, listen to your body and get help. You might also want to consider mini-cleanses or the occasional weekend tune-up afterward to maintain the positive benefits of a major seasonal cleanse. Good thing we have the opportunity, as members of the church, to fast once a month!

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  3. Hi Allie, I came across your blog looking for the picture of someone reading the scriptures and having angels around while reading. I have read a few of your posts and appreciated them. I have a few questions for you!