Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Understanding the Saturn Return Part 2

First, I forgot to link to my post on the Gospel and reading the stars. It's a good place to start when you're coming from a Gospel perspective and learning about reading the stars.

Now, as I was pondering the post I put up yesterday, I realized I'd forgotten something. That something is consequences.

We can clear our "karma," by which I mean the spiritual consequences of our actions. We do that through repentance. We turn our sins over to Christ through the Atonement, and that clears our souls of the darkness of sin.
Image here.

However, just because we've repented of something, doesn't mean that we don't have to deal with the consequences of it. We do. Sometimes repentance drastically changes the external consequences of a choice, but sometimes it doesn't. You might repent of driving under the influence, but that may not change whether or not you have to do jail time.

Similarly, with the Saturn return, you can clear your "karma," or the spiritual weight of your sins and traumas, via the Atonement, but that does not automatically clear you from facing the consequences of your actions.

Sometimes it might, but not necessarily. However, it is possible to face even negative consequences with positivity. Negative times in the Saturn return can be approached from a place of humility and optimism, and a willingness to look for the lessons in every situation. Having that kind of attitude will make even an unpleasant Saturn return more pleasant--if only because you are actively looking for the bright side.


Repentance does not always excuse us from natural consequences. Spiritual work is the most important kind of work, but even so it may not prevent unpleasant things from happening to us. Facing negative times with humility and faith can make all the difference.

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