Friday, July 10, 2015

watch out for energies shifting!

Two nights ago I woke up to find that something major had happened to my home--an energetic meridian had shifted on the earth's surface, leading to the creation of basically a negative whirlpool of energy in my own bedroom. I'd woken up to the most horrific nightmare I may have ever had, and I thought--something put that in my mind. When I looked around the room, I realized that there were plenty of entities that would have been up to the task of implanting some nightmares in my home. I cast them out, and then did some repair work on the new portal (which is now gone).

I bring this up because when I inspected the homes of several loved ones shortly thereafter, I realized that they, too, had developed brand new energetic hotspots in their houses overnight--some good, but more not good. If you are noticing a serious shift in the energetic makeup of your house and home, it may be due to a meridian shift that has opened up your house to things that it is not normally open to.

Just as the human body has energetic meridians,
so does the earth. Right now the earth's energetic lines
are undergoing a major shift. This shift is creating
new energetic hotspots where they didn't exist
before. Image here.

Unclean entities entering the home through new "portals" created by shifts in the earth's electromagnetic field.


Follow the instructions in D&C 50 for casting out unclean entities, and then pray for the entrance those things have been using to seal up. It may take a few prayers or really just extra faith. I had to try a few different things to get mine to close up. You can muscle test on if there are unclean things in your home, or if the portal has been closed, or if there is something more that needs to be done to restore your home's energy to its highest potential.

If you feel an energy shift in your home and suspect this has something to do with it, you can always reach out with questions. It is so important to keep our homes as places where we can easily feel the Holy Ghost.


I once upon a time had the super misfortune of having some long-term houseguests who somehow were inviting unclean things into my home every day. I would close up the energy holes letting things in, but these guests would just open them again. Not intentionally, of course--they don't believe in energy things--but somehow, I'm not really sure how, they managed to invite evil spirits into my home every day until the very last of the guests left. The earth's energy shifts are not the only things that create negative portals in a home; sometimes they are created by the actual people living in the home. This is one reason it is so important to be selective in who you let stay with you, and why it is so important to be cautious yourself of what activities are going on in your home that could be opening up energetic windows and allowing in negative things.


Be mindful of the energy in your home as the earth begins some major energetic shifting. Here's an article detailing some of the shifts we are currently undergoing. If your home does not feel like a haven of peace and light, consider investigating for the presence of unwanted energy patterns.

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