Saturday, July 4, 2015

why I haven't been blogging on preparedness

Hey all. So I've been blogging only sporadically this year. A few days ago I woke up and felt impressed to make some changes on my blog and then share why.

I just went ahead and took down some of the posts that some people might consider "fear-mongering." That was never my intention with blogging on world events or preparedness. In the past, I had felt that I should leave my posts on world events and preparedness up, because I just felt that someone out there still needed to read them. Today, I've taken many of them down.

We are all in different places in our lives. Some of us are ready to face certain things without fear, and others are not. For me, reading about things like diseases or changes on the world stage are not fear-inducing, and frankly, I felt that I had made it clear in my posts that there is no reason to fear if we are spiritually prepared. That is always true, incidentally: Spiritual preparedness is the most important type of preparedness anyone can do. But looking back over the posts in questions, I could see how people would skim over those parts or put more stock in the raw information rather than the conclusion that the answer here is cleansing the inner vessel, and coming close to Jesus Christ.

Today, I recognize that even though I personally did not find those posts fear-inducing, other people are frightened by world events and talk of the negative entities in our world. So I took those posts down and if you want to read about NDE comparisons of plagues and pestilences, or need to know more about various negative influences in the world today, email me and I'll send you the posts. They are saved as drafts exactly as originally posted so you can still have access to the original information if you specifically request it.

I did leave up my post on the Shemitah and also my posts on how-tos, such as how to store your long-term food storage in practically free food safe plastic containers, and various stuff I have stocked up on. If I feel prompted I may remove my Shemitah post as well. But so far it has been the most comprehensively-researched post on the topic that I've seen anywhere, as I recall. So it stays for now. I hope talk of the Jewish calendar and Hebrew tradition doesn't send anyone into a fear-induced tailspin.

My family is still prepping. We still feel led by the Spirit. My swarm of bees actually showed up within 15 hours of a heartfelt prayer on if we really needed to prep, or if it were all in our minds. When we took the question to God, the answer was Deseret--an answer we took to mean yes.

Not all prepping is fear-induced. This is not all root chakra issues. Sometimes God prompts those who are financially able to prepare on behalf of others. I know God always takes care of me and I don't really feel like most of my preps are actually for my family. In storing them, I have felt prompted to store them in ways that will make them easily distributed to others.

Many people are not feeling any sort of urgency to prepare, and that is fine and further, it is not a sign that they are somehow not spiritual enough or anything like that. God asks us to do what we are able and willing to do. If you don't have a permanent home and you don't have spare time and money, you may not be specifically asked to obtain a year's supply of food, or a nice tent, or whatever. God meets us where we are at. If we have desires to serve, He leads us to ways we will be able to serve. That means something different for everybody.

God is orchestrating things so that we are all where we need to be when we need to be there. I have been personally told about the nature of a number of world events I will personally see come to pass. I have been told these things in my patriarchal blessing and in personal revelation. I've been told some things I personally need to do to get ready for all that. But, notably, none of my family members' PBs have anything to do with the stuff my PB is about. We all have different missions. Part of my mission is to prepare for upcoming events I have been shown--prepare for myself and for others--and I want to recognize that that is just not part of everyone's mission. If you're living paycheck to paycheck, it might just not be in your mission to stock up on random goods in order to give to others in times of need. And that is fine. You may not feel any sort of urgency to prepare temporally at all. And that is fine too.

The only important thing here is that we are all following the Spirit and following the prophet. The prophets have warned us of things that will come if our nation does not repent. This is one reason why we are in the middle of the Hastening of the Work. We each have a responsibility to warn our neighbors (see D&C 88:81 and this talk by Elder Eyring). This will mean different things for each of us.

The prophets have encouraged us to prepare temporally through things like food, water, and money storage. Are you praying about what things you need to acquire or do to be prepared for whatever is coming for you personally? Again: we all have different missions. For all I know, I'm prepping for my husband's job loss or a severe thunderstorm that takes out the power to my neighborhood for three weeks. There are situations in all of our lives--and our neighbors' lives--that require preparedness. If we listen to the Spirit and ask in faith what we should be doing to prepare for ourselves and for others, we will be led to the proper steps to take and information to acquire.

God has told us that He has never given us a temporal commandment--all His commandments are spiritual (see D&C 29:34). As the Church's website states, "Members of the Church have been counseled for many years to be prepared for adversity. Preparation, both spiritual and temporal, can dispel fear. With the guidance of Church leaders, individual members and families should prepare to be self-reliant in times of personal or widespread emergency." Preparedness dispels fear and as a Church we have been counseled to engage in prayerful preparation.

Regardless, my purpose has never been to "fear-monger" or anything like that. God asks us to prepare in every way, to prepare every needful thing. I don't know that I will be blogging much about preparedness in the coming days or weeks or months; I still feel it's important, but I also feel that The Lord will preach His own sermons. I urge you to pray about whether or not preparedness is something that is important for you and your family.

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