Friday, July 17, 2015

loved by things

In the past few months, I've had the most bizarre experience of feeling loved... by things.

My grandmother sent me an amaryllis bulb for Christmas. I've never been into plants, really, until recently--I could just never get them to live. But this bulb had other plans. I forgot about the thing until a few weeks after I received it, when I found it sprouting out of its box--with no soil, no water, and only the light that came through the cardboard of its box. Incredible.
Generic amaryllis. Mine is better. ;) Image here.

It grew and grew and grew, and had flowers on it the whole Christmas season on multiple stalks. When the flowers died, the plant sprung forth six new leaves that ended up being about three feet long each when I finally decided to cut them off.

But even that didn't kill this amaryllis--it's still alive and on my counter, and has a new leaf on it that's probably two and a half feet long. People with energetic sight can easily see the aura on this plant. Whenever I see or think about it, I just feel this enormous feeling of love. It's like this plant just really wanted to be in my life. I am so grateful for it!

My garden is similarly rocking at life right now, for the first time ever. I have dozens of plants that are just thriving and it is amazing to me. I have more produce than I know what to do with. I'm going to dehydrate it and add it to my food storage; I just got my oxygen absorbers in the mail. I've never had good luck with my gardens before, but this year everything seems to be growing with abandon. Similarly, every time I go out to my garden, I see this green aura (green is the color of the heart chakra) and I just have this huge sense of symbiotic love, belonging to me and my plants. Like we are sustaining each other with love.

A while ago, I had a weird experience where I knew that I was not experiencing my own feelings (normal for an empath)... but I couldn't figure out whose feelings I was feeling (also normal for an empath). When I looked into it, it turned out to be my house's feelings! My house was upset on my behalf! It was so bizarre but when I cleared my house's emotions, my own went back to normal. And I thought: does my house seriously love me? Is this even possible?

I decided I don't see a reason to believe it's not possible. So I love my house back and thank it for being protective of me.

In Visions of Glory: One Man's Astonishing Account of the Last Days, which I am not endorsing but have read, Spencer talks about plants and inanimate objects feeling love for the people in their lives. I love that idea and due to my recent experiences, I feel it is true. The plants, the animals, even the stuff in our lives is capable of love. All intelligence is capable of love because it is the most basic--and most powerful--feeling that there is.

I've been considering buying a copy of the new smash hit organization book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. I still haven't bought it, but I've read a lot of reviews, and one of the things the author recommends is verbally thanking all your belongings for their service in your life every day. I love that idea. Our things do serve us and I believe they are receptive to our gratitude.


Could it be that our things can love us? Consider the possibility that even the inanimate objects in your life are sending love and grace to you with every passing minute.


  1. I definitely feel that things have energy. I actually feel a lot of menacing feelings from things such as "clutter wants to bury me alive." And "I'm a magnet for junk". Also it draines me completely to sort stuff, get rid of stuff, and put stuff away. Would showing more gratitude for such things shift my relationship with my stuff?

  2. Shut up! Allie I cant believe this!!! I had never read this blog post until today while searching for something for a friend. Recently, I stumbled upon marie kondos stuff and felt the same connwction that you drew between that and the principles in visions of glory!! I could care less about being meticulously organized, but i LOVED the reminder that all ALL things are living and spiritual and that I must treat them as such. And it is such a beautiful reminder to be present with all things in my life. American culture has such a tendency to want more and more and just use and abuse resources, never giving inanimate objects a second thought. i am officially awake.