Friday, April 3, 2015

eclipse season coming to a close

I've been meaning to write about this eclipse season since the season started almost a month ago, but I have been so busy and stressed I haven't had the chance! We are about to wrap up an exciting eclipse season with tomorrow's Biblical blood moon, the third in a rare Biblical blood moon tetrad.

Eclipse seasons are typically about 34 days long, and while we are in them, we experience 2-3 eclipses. This season we have two: the solar eclipse that took place on March 20, and the lunar eclipse that will take place tomorrow.
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This is a great article on the energetic impacts of eclipses (emphasis mine):
Eclipse seasons are notoriously unpredictable in their effects. Even aside from the actual eclipses, once we’re in the season all bets are off and anything could happen. Life often takes on a feeling of speeding–up in some way. Pressure mounts and tensions bubble over when we least expect it. Alternatively breakthroughs can occur and unexpected progress can be made. Sometimes both things are happening at the same time, and more! Eclipses teach us that there are many other dimensions at work in our lives and we cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, control them all. We are subject to all manner of forces, influences and energies to which we must bow at times like this, recognising that, as the Dalai Lama once said, ‘Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful piece of luck’. 
Studying the effects of eclipses over the years has revealed to me that they often condense a process that would otherwise take far longer. The relationship we were thinking we should end in the coming months suddenly finishes over night. Done and dusted and no going back. That work project we’ve been cooking up for the past year and were hoping to launch in the coming one suddenly finds its moment and must be born quickly to catch the tide. That niggling pain we’ve had for the past few months about which we know we should have gotten advice, becomes unavoidable over night and we find ourselves in the hospital emergency department. Eclipses circumvent the process and shift us along to another stage. Sometimes this can be exhilarating, other times extremely scary, but either way they show us that whatever we thought we had planned probably wasn’t actually how it was all going to work out! 
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I was planning to write about all of this before March 20, but as it happened, pressure was mounting and tensions were bubbling! About exactly as predicted, things in my own life started getting a little crazy in the two weeks prior to March 20. Here is what another article states about March 20, 2015:
20th March brings a Solar Eclipse in the final degree of the zodiac, the 30th degree of Pisces. Whenever we see this degree activated we are on notice of an ending. When a Solar Eclipse falls here the ending burns bridges and there is no going back. This is completion max! For some of us this eclipse and its following weeks may bring the realisation that opportunities once available but not taken are now lost to us. The cosmos cannot wait forever and there are times when it closes doors for good that we have refused to open wide enough to walk through. Whilst this realisation may come with sadness and regret, the unequivocal completion of this cycle of possibility clears the way for the beginning of a new one in due course.
So if anything big happened in your life lately, it may be interesting to see when it occurred in relation to the eclipse. Here is another article specifically about that eclipse.

The eclipse tomorrow promises to herald in some new fun things as well. Again, from Sarah Varcas:
Image here.
The eclipse occurs in totality just after midday GMT in 15th degree of Libra. As partner to the solar eclipse on 20th March which called time on paths not chosen, this lunar eclipse requests expressed commitment to our goals in this new creative cycle. Alongside this commitment it asks also for originality and fresh perspectives, for it is just such endeavours to be blessed in the coming years. This is not a time to reaffirm old hopes and dreams still unfulfilled but to distil new and more vibrant ones which reflect who we are becoming not who we once were.
It strikes me that this eclipse is happening during both Easter weekend and General Conference. This is a time to listen, to ponder, to commit to our new vibrant dreams that perhaps just weeks ago seemed too distant to take seriously--not to act rashly.


As this eclipse season comes to a close, spend some time listening to Conference and your heart. This may have been an eventful 30 days but hopefully it is ending on a higher note than it started on! The energy that comes with eclipses, unpredictable as it may be, is a blessing in disguise.

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