Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Agenda for Upcoming Class: Heal Your Marriage, Heal YourSELF

This is the agenda for the class that begins tonight. Every class will be two hours long: one hour of lecture and one hour of group energy work. All classes will be held online and will be recorded so if you miss a live class, you can catch up with it later.

You'll want to come to class well hydrated, with a pen and paper to take notes. A required textbook is Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin. I highly recommend a paper copy (as opposed to an electronic copy). You will want to acquire a journal specific to this femininity journey, if possible.

There will be assigned reading and homework assignments in between classes. The more you put in, the more you will get out. This will be HARD WORK! This class is not for you if you are not willing to work for the results you want in your marriage, your spiritual growth, and your personal growth.

If you're willing to work--you're going to work and you're going to see some results that will thrill your soul.

The group energy sessions work like this: I access everyone's energy at the same time, and then either go by person and event as necessary to clear the blocks that come up, or I will get a symbolic image that we will clear for personal healing. Either way, what clears from one will clear from all. It is a very fast way to clear a lot of trauma from a lot of people at once. We will clear out our hearts from old angers, resentments, bitterness and trauma related to being women, and then we will welcome in new perspectives and new energetic blueprints for an elevated way of being. You do not need to make it to the live class to participate in the group session. By signing up for the class you are joining the group that I'll be working on. Just when you watch the class later, agree to allow the work to go through! All energy work is predicated on the divine principle of agency and nothing will go through for you unless you choose it to.

Here is the agenda for the next six weeks:

January 10: Yin and Yang: The Universal Laws. 
- exploring Biblical and biological foundations of the most fundamental universal polarity

January 17: Understanding, Accepting, and Inspiring the Masculine Aspect.
- exploring the fundamental needs, desires, functionality of the masculine principle

January 24: Understand, Accepting, and Luxuriating in the Feminine Aspect.
- exploring how femininity works, how to feel and be feminine. How this relates to the masculine principle

January 31: "Submit to this like water:" the Divine Principle of Submission
- exploring Biblical, biological, and universal truths of the power of submission

February 7: Feminine Radiance
- exploring feminine radiance in all its many aspects: appearance, manner, health and happiness, spirituality, and more

February 16: BONUS CLASS
- I am at your mercy, we will talk about anything and everything we want to talk about relating to this stuff

Registration for this class ends TONIGHT at 7 pm Mountain Time, which is when the first class begins. But if you cut it too close, you might miss the beginning of class!

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Have a glorious day!!

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