Tuesday, August 22, 2017

More about Monday's Solar Eclipse

I was so so excited to find a link that I wanted to share with you on Monday, but I couldn't find it. I thought: surely I have saved this one somewhere! And I did, but just nowhere I thought to look until tonight

A lot is going on!! 
How have you been handling the eclipse energy? Hopefully all right?

Heavenly events, especially large ones, tend to affect us for a few days on each end. So it's very normal to feel abnormally moody for the 3-7 days prior to an eclipse, as well as the 3-7 days after.

Here's an article about the effects of the eclipse women have been noticing on their cycles.

The point is: if you're still feeling kind of shaken up, don't worry! It's normal!

Let me know how you're handling all this energy--I love to hear from you!


PS. I'm planning an upcoming series of sessions for anxiety. I'm planning to send more information out about it as I'm working on it, but if you are more particularly interested in learning more, please let me know! 

Sending you all the good vibes!!!! 

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