Thursday, October 20, 2016

spiritual nutrition and disease

In a session recently I saw the client covered in boils, spiritually. Very painful boils. It looked like a disease, one that I had never seen before.

It kind of reminded me of measles, though. The rash and everything. And I knew that measles can only afflict you if you are deficient in Vitamins A and C. If you have enough of those vitamins in your body, you will fight off measles without getting sick. If you are deficient, you will get sick. If you are sick and then hyperdose with A and C, you can recover in mere hours. Megadosing Vitamin A results in drastic decreases in serious complications of measles.

So I thought: is there a spiritual vitamin, if you will, that this person is deficient in? One that would have prevented whatever this disease is?

And I got an answer: yes. And that particular spiritual nutrient that was missing was compassion. So we applied some compassion until the boils healed.

But it has just got me thinking of spiritual nutrients. And how with regular nutrients, you know, you can be doing just fine with all your nutrients except one, and end up with problems just from missing out on one. That's why it's not enough to only develop a few Christlike attributes--or even all the Christlike attributes except for the one that would make you give up your "pet sin," whatever that is.

Some Spiritual Nutrients
- compassion
- love
- charity
- forgiveness
- acceptance
- kindness
- mercy


Go ahead and take some time to pray about what spiritual nutrients you are missing. Take notes. Ask what you can do to "supplement" and build up your spiritual stores so you can avoid spiritual disease.

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