Tuesday, October 13, 2015

movies and keeping the arcline safe

On Friday my husband and I went to see The Martian.

I think that was the first movie we've seen in theaters at least this calendar year. One thing I've learned about seeing movies in theaters... it is an energetic overload!

You sit in the dark, exposed to the energies not only of the dozens of people right in your space, but also of the movie itself--and not just the movie, but all the people whose work and thoughts and efforts went into the movie.

Lots of energy!

However, even knowing all that, I was still shocked at how difficult it was to keep my arcline and energy safe during the movie. I don't know that I will be going back to the theaters anytime soon.

The previews alone were horrific. When I say horrific, I really mean it--they were ALL for horror movies. Since our new baby isn't old enough to be without me, we'd brought him along, and I felt like I had to make the choice of covering his ears or my ears during the previews. I chose his ears, and put myself into a theta state to try and block it all out and keep my shields up. Very difficult. I prayed during it all, and felt God say: "Allie, you KNEW movie theaters weren't safe! What were you thinking??"

And when I asked if it would ever be safe, or if any movies were coming out that would be safe, I got a very solid NO.

So, I'll admit I'm a little bummed about that because there are a few coming out that I have wanted to see. But it will not be worth it.

The Martian was a very "good" movie--I have to put it in quotation marks because of what it means to be a good movie these days. It was a good movie in that it was exciting, had characters to get invested in, had funny moments, tense moments, emotional moments. You really feel like you're living the situation. It has Troy in it from Community. So obviously: awesome.

But there is bad language in it, and for myself, I found myself tensing up pretty severely during a significant portion of the movie, because it is SO tense. My back and neck and shoulders and jaw actually hurt afterwards because I'd been unknowingly clenching them so hard.

I was talking to a friend yesterday about her energetic health and she said that she'd been in the mood to read some novels by a particular author--novels that, like The Martian, were "good" in that they were exciting and fun to engage in, but not good in that they have strong potential to damage the energy and the arcline. She opted to not read the novels, and that was a very, very wise choice.


It is so important to keep our energies healthy--be wise as you select your holiday entertainments!

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