Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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I often get asked if I teach my methods. The answer is YES! I do have a pre-recorded online mentorship program. This 10-week program sends training videos directly to your inbox for you to watch on your own time, with me available to help with questions. This is the syllabus for the course.

You get assigned your kundalini yoga kriya for the mentorship. Training videos are included for Muscle Testing, Receiving Intuitive Answers, and Opening the Third Eye. A gift energy work clearing is included for clearing self-sabotage, as well as a business module on HOW to practice.

Week 2 includes my series on empathic abilities. Three videos cover Being an Empath, Thriving as an Empath, and Serving as an Empath. A gift clearing is included for Healing Self-Rejection, a common issue empaths and energy workers face. The business module for this week is on The Anatomy of a Session.

In Week 3, we cover nervous system health and how to enter a theta state. An energy work session for this week focuses on hydration. The business module deals with taxes and legalities. 

This week's class includes a discussion of central nervous system health: diet, environmental factors, etc. We do the Awakening the Ten Bodies Kriya and the Kirtan Kriya. We discuss emotion releasing and addressing subconscious resistances. A gift session clears childhood trauma. The business module covers how to get your first clients.

Lesson 5 goes in depth about releasing emotions and trauma. The gift energy work clears past relationship trauma (this covers general past relationships, not just romantic ones--relationships of all kinds that have ended somehow). The business lesson is on managing your priceless email list.

Week 6 covers hands-on healing techniques, which actually can be used without your hands! A fabulous technique for in-person hands-on work, and for distance work done a little differently. The gift energy work is on uniting the warrior and the poet, and the business lesson is on pricing your services.

This week's lesson delves deeper into hands-on healing, including advanced techniques for working with chakras, meridians, and other energetic organs. The gift energy work is on developing a stronger sense of self-worth. The business lesson is on accepting payment.

Week 8 centers on chakras and includes a chakra clearing and realignment. 

Week 9 addresses archetypes and includes my personal archetype charts. The energy work for this week is on reconnecting the soul from fragmentary damage caused by anger.

The final lesson concludes the series!

This series does contain a lot LDS-specific language and concepts.

For more information about possibly mentoring with me, please email me directly at allie @ allieduzett . com.

Sending you all the good vibes! 

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