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etheric cords, gestation, and attachment parenting

My son just turned three today. Three is the age when a child's aura becomes his or her own, separate from the mother's aura for the first time. In celebration, here is an essay I wrote a while ago about the etheric attachments between mothers and children that I never posted. Enjoy.

When I had my son, and even when I gave birth to my daughter, I wasn't very good at seeing etheric cords. When I first had my son, I couldn't see them at all. But I still felt them. All mothers feel them, I believe, to one degree or another.

For me, the most memorable time I felt them was the first night I slept with my little boy at home in our bed. I had him next to me and my body was curled in a C around him. Even though we weren't touching, I could feel where he was, very strongly. My body almost tingled with the energy between us.

Bedsharing as I do, I've been able to observe very clearly how my children react when my body is facing them in their sleep, versus facing the other way when they sleep. Both my children, when they slept in bed with me, slept more soundly when I was facing them, for about the first six months of life. I believe this to be related to our etheric cords (which extend from front to front).

When babies are first born, they are wholly dependent on the mother for life. My observation is that this is reflected in their etheric cords, mother to child and vice-versa. To me, it appears that babies are almost wholly enveloped in the blue of etheric cord, and it all ties back to Mom.

Rendition of etheric cords, from here.
Etheric cords siphon energy off from one person to another. The healthy kinds--the blue cords--go both ways, creating a kind of circuit that replenishes both parties with energy.

Just as mothers provide physical sustenance body-to-body from gestation to weaning in the form of placental nutrition and breastfeeding, so does the mother provide energetic sustenance to the fetus, infant, and child, from what I have seen. During gestation, this energetic siphoning, in my observation and experience, operates using at least two energetic pathways: the meridian system, mostly through the kidney meridian providing kidney jing, and etheric cords, mirroring at least the umbilical cord but also, if the mother loves her baby, a cord extending heart to heart. After a baby is born, he or she creates his or her own kidney jing, but still apparently relies on the mother for energetic health via etheric cords.

It is my observation that etheric cords are affected to a degree by physical distance--and this is especially true for the tiny child. This is one reason why babies want to be close to their mothers--and why it can seem as though the tiny child can sense it when a mother is facing them or not, even if the child is asleep.

I was just looking up pictures for this post and found this article about this issue. For your consideration:
All babies have a cord going from their belly to their mother after the physical umbilical cord is cut. Some may have extra cords going from the heart, solar plexus or even the head to various parts of the mother’s energy body. The cord or cords that exist during infancy last for a few years and gradually drop off as the child becomes more independent from the mother and does not need the connection any more. Well ideally this would be the case, but here on Earth so many people have emotional issues that very often the cords can last well into adulthood. The cord is supposed to be there to support the baby but in actuality many mothers are emotionally needy and actually use the cord to nourish themselves from the baby’s fresh and abundant energy. Of course this is subconscious and the mother is not really meaning to do this. The baby is usually quite aware of what is happening and will even give the mother extra energy and emotional support through the cord at will.
 This exactly fits my observations. The above paragraph, though, addresses the problem of cords being left too long.

What I have been concerned about is cords being cut prematurely and replaced inappropriately.

For example, it is a typical modern practice to place the newborn infant to sleep in not just a separate bed from the mother, but often a separate room. This stretching of the etheric cord can, in my observation, cause emotional and even physical distress for both the mother and the baby. I personally believe I have observed the premature severing of etheric cords, mother to baby, which causes distress for both parties, and I suspect, the creation of unhealthy etheric cords in their place.

As an example, I prematurely moved my son into his own room. Each kid is different, but my kid was not ready to have his own bedroom at age two. He had been sleeping in our room in a toddler bed next to us, but when my daughter was born, we moved him into his own room (he was maybe 26 months). Almost immediately, while he had been sleeping well through the night, and so had I, we both began to have sleeping problems. He would be up multiple times per night, requiring my presence. At the same time, he developed a new super-attachment to binkies, particularly "Yellow Binky" and "Orange Binky."

In January, we "lost" Orange Binky.

Even months and months later he would cry for Orange Binky. One day, totally out of the blue, he started crying for Orange Binky, and I thought to look at the situation energetically, with my spiritual eyes instead of my physical ones. When I did, I realized: I hadn't noticed before, because I was looking the wrong way--but now with my spiritual eyes I saw that he actually had an etheric cord to that silly binky. Who knew those cords could form with inanimate objects? Well, I guess they can. So I had to cut the cord from the binky.

Things are much better now, as far as binkies go (they are a thing of the past, at last! hooray!), but still: I learned a lesson. If you cut one cord prematurely, the chances seem to be that a new cord will form in its place. And it may not be the cord you want!

I believe my high sensitivity to etheric cords is what drove me to attachment and biological parenting in the first place; biological parenting (which I define as parenting that works with instead of against human biology) and attachment parenting (which fosters child attachments to the parent) create a perfect environment for the healthy fostering of etheric cords. It is my suspicion that the startling frequency of disorders now common among us, such as OCD and, more particularly, narcissism, are caused in part by unhealthy etheric cords that are created either to things (such as Orange Binky) or the self in response to the untimely severing of crucial etheric cords to the parent.*

Of course, every child and every parent is different. Again, no judgment in my heart for those who choose to parent differently. Every child has unique needs and as parents we all do our best to be aware of those needs and address them appropriately. These are only my observations and I could be wrong in my interpretations of them.

* I'm not sure exactly how it works that cords can form with the self, but I have seen it, particularly in people with masturbation addictions, so I know they exist. The body needs the energetic circuits of etheric cords to function, somehow, and when they don't get formed with other people in appropriate ways, they seem to form with other people, objects, or even the self in inappropriate ways. 

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