Friday, December 5, 2014

all the modalities of the rainbow

When I was first introduced to theta healing, I went to the book's page on Amazon and read the reviews. A lot were very positive and included miraculous stories. A few said that it was crazy and that it didn't work and anyway, if theta healing was SO effective, then why did people learn it, and then learn other things too?

That's a question I've been asking myself. I've studied a variety of healing techniques: Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping, Quantum Touch, jin shin jyutsu, Rapid Eye Technology Immediate Release Techniques, theta healing, the Emotion Code, and therapeutic guided imagery--among even other things. In addition to accessing my intuition, I also use muscle testing and Chinese facial diagnostics (called mien shiang. And no, I don't make real diagnoses. I am NOT A DOCTOR. Each of us is responsible for our own medical health! All healing is valid! If you need medical attention, seek it!).

Anyway, each of these techniques can be extremely effective.

But if they're so effective, why do I learn more? Why does anyone learn more?

The answer that comes to me as I write this is: you might as well ask a painter why, if the color red is so effective, he needs orange, yellow, green, blue and violet, too.

The thing about healing is that every body is different. Every spirit is different. What works for one person is not the best answer for another.

Several of the modalities above require permission to work. For example, in the book The Emotion Code, right now I am reading about Heart Walls. Heart Walls impede our ability to give and receive love from others. To get rid of a Heart Wall with the Emotion Code requires the cooperation of your subconscious mind. It has to agree to start letting go of the issues that have come into play.

But what if your subconscious mind doesn't want to cooperate?

If the Emotion Code is your only modality, then I guess it's too bad for you! But if you know something like quantum touch, you can kind of start moving the energies associated with the Heart Wall from the back end. I have had very effective sessions addressing emotional trauma that used quantum touch and guided therapeutic imagery when the client's subconscious mind resisted more straightforward means of releasing an emotion. Sometimes the heart won't give permission to tear down the walls, but it will accept a targeted energetic massage of the area that accomplishes the same thing!

Similarly, when it comes to energy healing, the subject's intentions can matter a lot. If a person has decided that energy testing will not work on them, well, lo and behold, it won't. If they won't give their permission for a theta healing to come through, it won't.

But they can still receive and benefit from a session of quantum touch or jin shin. I've had skeptics allow me to work on them, and the quantum shifts associated with my work clearly went through (I say clearly because skeptics I have worked on have experienced spontaneous spasms as energy released, tingling, buzzing, et cetera--things that at the time were clearly linked to my simultaneous work). So while a session of theta healing might not work on a skeptic, something like quantum touch, RET, or EFT would.

Learning a variety of modalities is not a condemnation of the efficacy of one modality or another. Instead, it gives the practitioner the ability to mix and match modalities to provide each client an experience that is most appropriate for that person's unique personal needs.


Learn everything you feel prompted to. If you feel a call to learn about a particular modality for healing, you are not betraying the other modalities you've studied, and you're not betraying Western medicine. All healing is valid. The more a person knows about health, the more healing modalities they are familiar with, the more effective they can be in serving others.

Serve others. Follow the Spirit. Learn more!

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