Wednesday, December 10, 2014

odds and ends

Things like this article make me want to vomit. Our culture of sex and death and drugs just turns my stomach.

The day after Rosh Hashanah of this year, I walked into a Chipotle with my mom and felt instantly sick. Being a freak who can see auras is weird enough, but seeing everyone in there and realizing that the only people with clean auras in the room belonged to my family... I wanted to vomit.

I thought: we're living in Sodom and Gomorrah. Our sins are tattooed on our spirits until we repent. The marks of our sins and of our faith are already on our foreheads.

I have been working like crazy to get my home in order. I've been on my feet almost all day for two solid days now cleaning things and organizing things and getting them together. I just took 5 gigantic boxes and 6 large bags to the Goodwill. I need to take another trip there today. We're paring down on the unnecessaries. Everything is getting repacked and reorganized so if we need it on short notice, it can be found--and hastily taken somewhere else. Most things are getting repacked in waterproof packaging.

Who knows what 2015 will hold for us. I don't. For me, I've had feelings that for my personal family, some changes would begin in January. Who knows what those will be. I don't. Hopefully nothing too crazy. But you never know.

In other news: order your reusable pads now before the FDA shuts that all down.

And in other other news: this guy's thoughts on 2015.

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