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energetic markings

When you google "energetic markings," you don't get anything relevant to what I'm going to write about today. I could have sworn I'd blogged about it before, but I guess I haven't--though I have taught about it in at least one of my classes (the one on Opening the Mind's Eye, I believe).

What are they?
Image here.

Energetic markings, as I call them, are basically symbols that float above the head. They come in shapes and words. While most people can't see them consciously with the physical eyes, we all are aware of each others' markings on a subconscious level and we react accordingly.

Energetic Shapes

So far I have observed five different energetic shapes associated with people. Pyramids, spheres, cubes, rectangle prisms, and cylinders. I'm not sure what they all mean. I know that the pyramid indicates essentially psychic/spiritual ability--if you are the sort of person who spends a lot of time with ancestors visiting them for whatever reason (requesting temple work, passing on messages, etc), you likely have a pyramid in your aura above the head.

Muscle testing and looking into my own energetic shapes, it looks like the cube is associated with precognition, the sphere is related to awareness of others' thoughts, and the rectangular prism seems to be associated with the ability to manipulate the spiritual energy field through the power of intention.

 Most people don't have any shapes over their heads. It seems that these markings turn on when a person reaches some sort of level of ability in whatever area. Some people are born very gifted and have shapes from the beginning; some people are not and their shapes only appear after a kind of awakening moment.

Energetic words

The words thing fascinates me. Basically, everyone seems to have between one and four phrases written above their heads that seem to act as instructions for how other people should treat them. As an example, one person I know has a very strong "INTERRUPT ME" marking over his head. I'm assuming most people can't see it like I can, but everyone acts on it. This poor person can barely get through a sentence in a conversation without being interrupted!

Don't own this name tag? You might still be projecting
the message. Image here.
Other examples:

A sign saying "VICTIMIZE ME" or "I AM A VICTIM; TREAT ME ACCORDINGLY." One person I know in particular has this thing going on and everywhere this person goes, they feel completely victimized.

One friend had a sign basically inviting creepy men to come up to her and try to take advantage of her. We recently experimented with removing that marking and replacing it with one that attracted marriageable type men instead.

In my own self, a month or so ago I discovered that one of my markings is "MISINTERPRET MY MOTIVES." This explains so much! Ever since I was a kid I've felt like my motives were completely misunderstood. In high school people thought I was aloof and self-absorbed when I was really terribly shy. One person thought I was faking a severe illness to get attention (in real life, I had chronic bronchitis that was completely out of control--no faking!). Once a friend accused me of going out of my way to make her feel bad about herself when my intention was the actual exact opposite (of course, she had a major victim program and marking going on as well--so our markings kind of intensified the negativity of the situation).

Energetic words: language?

The thing about these energetic words is that I don't know what language they are in. It is not English. So I can't just read them. That's one reason it took me so long to realize what my own marker said. I've had to pray about it and really ponder it out and so on--the answer came in a flash but it wasn't because I read the words.

With clients, I can sometimes understand the meanings of the phrases just intuitively. But I've never had a client where I was privileged to understand all their energetic markings. It seems that the information is made available as needed. When the energy pattern is ready to be identified or changed, it can become available to the practitioner as appropriate.

We all have them

Everyone has at least one energetic marking over their head. Most people don't have shapes but everyone seems to have words. You can find out how many phrases you have in your energetic signature by praying about it or muscle testing.

Changing energetic markings

It is possible to change energetic markings. Recently I pulled my MISINTERPRET MY MOTIVES sign and replaced it with something better that felt appropriate. I haven't noticed major changes in my life yet, but it looks like and muscle tests that the change went through. It took me decades to realize I had that sign up in the first place, so it might take some time before I realize how much of a difference the alteration makes.


We all have energetic markings that signal to the world how we should be treated. Energetic shapes and words help other people's subconscious minds know how to treat us. If your energetic markings are not satisfactory to you, they can be changed.

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