Wednesday, September 9, 2015

own it. own all of it.

The other day, someone in a Facebook group I belong to posted a link to a video you can watch here. The video is about attracting money when your husband won't--basically, the situation where a wife has "good" money beliefs and the husband has "bad" beliefs, and the wife just wants to change her husband's beliefs so they can attract more money.

In the video, she points out that as long as there is an emotional reaction to another person's belief system, as long as there is that emotional connection to, "How can I get that person to change? How can that person change??" you are giving your power away. You are the one, as Tuttle says, "copping out" on the notion of yourself as the one that generates your own reality.
Own it. Image here.

So what is the answer?

The answer is to own it all. Every time you have an emotional reaction to another person's limiting belief, that is a sign that the belief is still a part of you. As long as it still triggers you in some way, it is a part of you.

So the answer is not to blame the other people in your life for their limiting beliefs; the answer is to look within yourself for the aspect of the limiting belief that is still there.

Own it all.

Own it all.

Own it all.

You are the creator of your reality. You decide how you respond to situations.
My aunt always says, pain is necessary, but suffering is optional. When we change who we are on the inside, the outsides of our lives change too.

You create your reality.
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An experience that comes to mind involves a very close relationship. I could tell that something was deeply wrong about it, but I couldn't tell what. I would blame the other person sometimes, blame myself other times, but since I wasn't sure exactly what was going on, it was hard to know what was accurate.

Then I got led to a bunch of information that radically altered my worldview. When I went to the temple about it, I had a series of incredible experiences that showed me that I really needed to change myself to bring my own self and actions into alignment with actual reality. This was a huge, horrible undertaking. But even though it was the hardest thing I'd ever done, I started working to change myself from the inside out in order to conform with some doctrine that I had previously assumed didn't apply to me.

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And lo and behold, once I had mastered the bulk of the necessary changes, the other person involved in this situation spontaneously changed. My personal changes had, to the other person, thrown into relief the changes this other person needed to make, and all of a sudden, literally overnight, everything was different. There was honesty. There were major lifestyle changes taking place. Me owning my own failings and addressing them somehow led to this other person recognizing their own failings and addressing those. I didn't even have to think about the other person's issues; just focusing on my own issues was enough to bring both of us into a whole new stage of the relationship.

Own it all.

If you are feeling emotionally triggered by something, that is the time to ask yourself: what limiting beliefs am I embracing right now? What core assumptions do I need to change about my life in order to be happy again? What lessons should I be learning from this?

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Once we learn the right lessons, once we make the right changes to our own hearts, the situations around us spontaneously change to accommodate the changes we have made. This is because life is a series of lessons. We all have so much to learn in order to become more like God, God's not going to waste our time continuing a lesson that we've already learned. If a situation perpetuates, it's because we haven't learned from it sufficiently.

So take a look at the people around you, and take a look at yourself. Instead of allowing yourself to feel boxed in by the beliefs and actions of others, examine yourself closely with the question: what about the actions of others is triggering me? What is it in my heart that allows that to be a trigger? Inevitably, there will be something in you that is allowing you to respond to triggers that way. Once you discover it, with God's help you can eradicate it--but first you have to own it.

Own it all. You are responsible for your life. You are responsible for your actions. No one else's beliefs or choices can influence how you feel unless you let them.

So own it all and change your life. The light at the other end of the tunnel is calling you!

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