Monday, November 27, 2017

Opening to abundance and conquering scarcity: upcoming challenge!

Do you ever feel stressed about money?

Or time?

Or other resources?

When we stress about time, money, resources--or even things like love and relationships--many times, the stress is rooted in a thing called scarcity.

I know you’ve heard of scarcity. The idea that there isn’t enough. Have you ever thought anything like this?

  • There isn’t enough love for me.
  • There is never enough money.
  • I can’t afford that.
  • I just don’t have enough time!

Scarcity is the enemy of peace. And worse--it is rooted in lies.

There IS enough for us. There is enough of everything for us.

When I did this financial prosperity clearing, I did it totally live. These days I tune into the energy of a group ahead of time and make a plan of what needs to be cleared, but with that particular session everything that popped up in it was completely spontaneous and I did not look at it beforehand.

One thing that surprised me in that session was the image of a Tree of Life, except it was a Tree of Money. It said: Money DOES grow on trees!

And sometimes even now I think of that image and think--wow! Money DOES grow on trees! Money can turn up when you least expect it; people can flow into your life with every resource you need and they can be happy to share it with you. There IS enough!

More recently, I was at church and a speaker spoke about trees and time. I had a new image enter my mind--a Time Tree. I thought: Time grows on trees, too!

I realized: just as I can create money from nothing, I can create time from nothing too.

And all of us can do that. We can all create all the money we need. All the time we need. All the love we need. All the peace we need. All the resources we need.

But it does require some mindset shifts.

So I am excited to announce that for the next 4 weeks we are going to dive in to conquering scarcity. This is going to be part class, part challenge, part session. Free to your inbox. The fun begins this coming Monday so if you have any friends who might be interested, you’ll want them to sign up for the series here so they can participate too.

You can also like my Facebook page here and join my group here to participate that way as well.


So: tell your friends, get excited, and let’s conquer some scarcity this Christmas season. :)

Sending all the good vibes!


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