Thursday, November 30, 2017

When is enough scarcity enough?


I don’t even know where this phrase comes from, but I do know that even I find myself yelling it at my children from time to time (nobody’s perfect!). Enough is enough! Enough is enough!

I find myself calling it to them when they have ignored me over and over again, when they have persisted in doing things they knew they should not be doing. FYI, my oldest is six. So I have lots of teeny wackos doing lots of “enough.” ;)

Yesterday we talked about the emotional investments we make into the scarcity mindset, and about the need to “ignore sunk costs.”

Here are my questions for today:

When is enough scarcity enough?

When do we put our foot down?

When do we look at our lives and say: “this is enough!! I’m done with this scarcity! I’m ready to be open for more!”?

When I was talking to my husband about ignoring sunk costs, he brought up a really interesting point.

He said, “We care about sunk costs because we’re afraid of making decisions and we like to revert back to decisions that have already been made, instead of making new decisions.”

How is this true in your life?

How is this true when it comes to the scarcity mindset?

Are there situations when it feels easier to continue living in a mindset of “there’s not enough for me,” just because that’s how you’ve always thought?

To what extent do we continue in old ways of thinking, just because we already decided to think that way, and continuing in an old decision is easier than making a new decision?

I would love to hear your thoughts on these questions. They are serious questions. Not just about scarcity, but about everything. What in our lives persists just because we don’t want to make a new decision? What in your life persists because you don’t want to make a new decision?

One of God’s greatest gifts to us is agency… the power to make decisions. How are we using that incredible power to choose prosperity?

When is that scarcity mindset enough? When does it become time to choose a new way of thinking?

This upcoming free Conquering Scarcity email series starts on Monday and we are going to be really digging into our beliefs and emotions and learning new ways of thinking. So remember to go join this Facebook page if you haven’t already, here is a separate Facebook group that will be easier to maneuver for this challenge, shoot me an email with your thoughts, and invite a friend or two who might benefit from this series (send them this link: You can just close your eyes and take a deep breath and ask yourself: who do I know that would benefit from this? And just wait for a name to pop into your mind. This is going to be a grand challenge and the goal is to improve all of our lives… while we Conquer Scarcity!

Talk to you tomorrow!

Sending you the good vibes!

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