Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lightworker Vocabulary

I had no idea what was happening to me, when I first started seeing weird things. This is a brief list of things that you personally may or may not experience. I am writing it out because such a guide would have been really helpful for me. I've had to figure this out all alone.

I guess I'll go ahead and update this as I feel other words need to be added.

So, here are some vocabulary words for you:

Lightworker. Apparently this is a term for people who see all this kind of stuff, and further, manipulate it. "Manipulate" sounds so Machiavellian, though. What I mean is, lightworkers can distinguish light and darkness in the human energetic matrix and consciously adjust the energy.

Medical intuitive. This is the name for people who can intuit medical issues. If you can see, sense, or intuit a failing liver, a kidney stone that's still in its kidney, depression, or infertility issues, and so on, you count as a medical intuitive. 

From here.
Etheric cords. These are the lines that connect people to each other. I typically see them as blue. They connect chakra to chakra. The umbilical cord is a physical representation of the etheric cord that connects a mother's 2nd chakra to a child's 3rd chakra. But from what I have seen, mothers and fathers and their children are also connected with cords extending from the heart chakra. People in power relationships have cords that extend from the 3rd chakra. There are many types of etheric cords. They seem to enable both parties to siphon energy to and from one another. If you have a person in your life who seems to suck the energy from you, you likely have an etheric cord binding you together. This cord can be cut, and can be cut safely (except maybe in the case of small children?? Still figuring this out. Babies appear to me to be just wrapped in etheric cords tying to their mothers. They seem important to me).

Biofield captured by Kirlian photography (a real thing!).
Auras/biofields. The biofield is the energy that surrounds a person. Long before I knew what I was doing, I attempted energy work on my sick brother (using Donna Eden's confusing but sometimes helpful Energy Medicine). This was in 2009. I inserted my hands into his biofield and immediately my arms went painfully numb. I was only able to last maybe two minutes before I was so freaked out I stopped. His biofield looked black to me. That was the first time I saw a biofield. Since, I have registered darkness in biofields that correspond to people's physical ailments. For example, one person I know has a brown spot over his lung. I should probably mention it to him.

Meridians. These are the lines that extend through the body's 12 main organs. In my work, when I see them, they appear as black lines. I only see the ones I am attuned to at the time--not attuned like Reiki people are attuned, but basically, I have to know what I'm looking at to be able to find it. I'm still learning my meridians. I'm good at kidney meridians, though! I don't know why! Healthy meridians show to me as being blue; trouble is indicated by brown and serious trouble by black.

Alpha State. This is the brain state you're in when you daydream. This is the state of mind Reiki practitioners use when they practice. I believe it is also the brain state used for jin shin and quantum touch, which are the forms of energy medicine that I primarily use.

Beta State. This is the brain state you are likely in right now--the conscious part of you that is involved when you talk.

Theta State. This is the brain state involved with REM sleep, lucid dreaming, and certain healing modalities, such as ThetaHealing and One Command and Rapid Eye Technology. I suspect this is the brain state involved with Hypnobabies, although I don't really know. When I actively attempt a waking theta state, it makes the backsides of my eyeballs itch. Yow. Last night it occurred to me to use my theta state to stop my eyeballs itching. I haven't tried accessing theta since but I guess I'll let you know if it works out. I'd love to use theta at will without that eyeball itchiness problem. [UPDATE: Totally worked. Theta no longer makes the backsides of my eyeballs itch! Yay!]

Triple Warmers. These are a special kind of meridian. I don't really fully understand them. They appear as meridians to me but are, I guess, different? Did I mention I'm still learning everything?

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  1. Very informative. I'm super thankful for your blog, Allie. This is really good stuff.