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spirit, the subtle body, and avoiding condemnation

I have been thinking a lot about my last post, and had further thoughts on it. First thought: although I used the word "judgements" throughout the post, a better word for what I meant was "condemnations." I am all about discernment, which is to say, righteous judgement of people and situations, telling the difference between good and bad and truth and error, but I am increasingly against condemnation: mere people swathing those with whom they disagree in the nebulous robes of negative assumptions and condemnations. God alone condemns. We can't know people's motivations or intents, and even if we can, we can't know if someone will or won't repent, and it's our job to assume the best of people and to forgive.

My thoughts begin with the energetic body. Ezekiel 1 teaches that the spirit is in the "wheels," a word which corresponds to the Sanskrit word also translated as "chakras." Note in Ezekiel 1 how the wheels are described, particularly in connection with color--verse 28 compares the colors involved here to a rainbow. This is in keeping with the ancient understanding of the chakra system:

From this introduction to chakras.
Note how each chakra corresponds to a color that ends up looking like a rainbow. Also note that there are seven of them (notable for the number's theological significance).

The prophet Daniel also describes the "wheels," or chakras, of Father Adam, the Ancient of Days (my emphasis):

 ¶I beheld till the athrones were bcast down, and the cAncient of days did sit, whose dgarment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his ewheels as burning fire.

People who have had near-death experiences (NDEs) have occasionally spoken of a kind of "spiritual DNA" that is apparent in spirits after death. By merely beholding a person, one is able to "see" everything that they have done in their life. Sarah LaNelle Menet, an atheist who became a Latter-day Saint after her miraculous NDE, asserts that the miracle of repentance is that it deletes and replaces portions of negative "spiritual DNA."

It is my observation, from research and personal experience (did I mention my life has gotten super weird lately?) that this explanation of "spiritual DNA" is accurate, and that this "spiritual DNA" is really just another word for the energetic, or "subtle" body. Our subtle bodies record our every action and thought energetically, and to one with discerning eyes, is readable (see D&C 131:7). It is also my observation that the actions done to us and thoughts thought about us are recorded in the subtle body, which I feel makes sense in the context of a bunch of scriptures that maybe I'll dig into in a future blog post if anyone cares to know more.

The chakra system is one of a few systems that make up the so-called "subtle body." Other systems include the meridian system, the triple-warmer system, and the biofield.

Jesus Christ and apostles illuminated by inner light emanating from the crown chakra.
When I mentioned my experience interacting with someone's negative thoughts about me, what was happening was a negative thought from someone else had entered my biofield--the space a person's energy takes up in the area physically around them. The aura, if you will--the same space I believe is portrayed in art by way of halos around the Lord Jesus Christ and His most devoted servants (Mary, Joseph, apostles).

It is my observation that righteousness does indeed cause what Alma termed an expansion of the soul, or an enlargement of the soul. This is why particularly righteous people can seem to shine: that light visible to some people is a combination of a soul enlarged by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the light that comes along with hearkening to the voice of the Spirit. It is my suspicion that the act of baptism by immersion and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost by someone with the authority of the Priesthood opens the crown chakra (seventh chakra) and the Third Eye (sixth chakra). These two chakras respectively connect one with God and open one's intuitive Sight and perception--the ability to sense and feel the Holy Ghost. Fodder for another post, but this would explain the brightness that surrounds baptized and covenant-keeping members of God's Restored Church that is absent in other members of the population, even the believing Christian population, that I have observed.

In my own life, I have become increasingly sensitive to the subtle body. That has led me to become very proactive in the clearing and protection of my own subtle body, because I am seeing very literally how negative entities interact with, manipulate, and dam the flow of the subtle bodies of those who do not consciously protect themselves. I believe my new emphasis on spiritual clearing is why I was able to so clearly sense it when my biofield was invaded by another person's negative thought. When a biofield is healthy and clear, an invading negative entity is easy to "see;" it stands out.

Rendition of the female chakra system, from here.
Now, this leads me to my other thought: just as male and female physical bodies differ, so do male and female energetic bodies differ. While the male physical body is penetrating, so the male subtle body is emanating. While the female physical body is receptive, the female subtle body is absorbent. The male subtle body is rooted, if you will, in the root, or first, chakra. But the female subtle body is rooted in the second chakra, the one physically located in the complex nervous web surrounding the womb. My research and my observations up to this time are consistent with the assertion that negative entities can easily get sucked into the female sacral (second) chakra. It is my suspicion that this has a lot to do with the fact that unipolar depression is twice as common in women as in men. Women who do not guard their physical and subtle bodies are at higher risk of absorption and incorporation of negative energetic entities.

[Side note: all chakras are absorbent--the word "chakra" can also be translated as "vortex." But in my research and observation, the female energetic body is more absorbent than the male energetic body.]

The incorporation of negative energy into the human subtle body has a damming effect. While a healthy subtle body is flowing, like a river, negative energies dam the flow. These energetic dams correspond to physical, emotional, and spiritual problems.

As an example, a woman I know whose throat chakra is hyperactive suffers from a thyroid disease and a chronic excess of phlegm in that region. One woman with a splayed heart chakra suffers from the swelling of cartilage around the rib cage. In turn, that throat and that rib cage have a darkness around them in the biofield and the meridian system. So all the processes--the meridians, "wheels" or chakras, biofield, and physical body--work together and are equally impacted by the dams created by negative energy.

SO to go back to my original thought from yesterday:

It is my observation that we create negative energy ourselves through our condemning thoughts. I now perceive, thanks to the experience I blogged yesterday, that we do not only create negative energy in our own space, but also in the space that corresponds with the subject of our negative thoughts. This seems to me to be in keeping with the quantum mechanical principle of spooky action at a distance, and makes sense to me in the context of quantum entanglement. When we conceive of a thought, the particles involved with that thought interact, then separate, existing in multiple places at once. It is my hypothesis that we keep a copy of the negative energy with us, and simultaneously, an identical match occurs in the other person's biofield.

This negativity is "spiritual burlap" to both parties involved, but without a heightened sensitivity and an awareness of exactly what is happening, the parties involved would only notice the side effects: a spiritual itchiness, a feeling of discomfort and unease, an unexplained anger or feeling of upset, a desire to shrink into oneself for protection. Writing this out, I wonder if this is exactly the sort of thing that causes people's biofields to shrink around them--something I have noticed in people whose bodies are full of negative energy. I wonder if the biofield shrinking is an attempt at protection; after all, if the biofield is smaller, there is less space for negative energy to occupy in it.

Of course, that strategy would backfire, because if it is true that negative energies exist simultaneously with both the thinker and the subject of negative thoughts, those energies would still have to occupy biofield space--but because the physical area of said space would be smaller, it would end up incorporated not in the biofield but inside the meridian system or the chakra system. This would explain my observations of people whose biofields are remarkably small. To me, these people seem almost absurdly sensitive to negative energies around them, sucking them up and into their bodies like sponges. It is a curious thing to behold.

This blog entry is getting really long. I'm amazed you're still reading it. So I'll wrap up all this esoteric craziness.

In conclusion;

1. Thoughts are things and when we think a thought, particularly about another person, it is my supposition at this time that the thought creates a physical change in the biofield around both the thinker and the subject of thought. This thought can easily be incorporated into the chakra or meridian systems, or remain in the biofield, to wreak havoc by causing energetic blockages if it is negative. On the other hand, if it is positive, as in prayer or "good vibes" or something, that good energy would exist in both people's biofields, and help to clear negative energy instead.

2. This is why it is so important to repent of negative thoughts and actions (well, actions--because I now count thoughts as actions!): because it is only through repentance (i.e., a complete change of heart that no longer permits that type of negative thought-form and behavior--a change that is only truly possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ) that we can permanently clear negativity from our energetic bodies. Here is a great article from prophet Spencer W. Kimball about how to repent. I like how he specifically says "sin has size and dimensions." Energetically I feel this is much truer and much more literal than most people probably understand.

3. This is why it is so important to forgive other people's negative actions and thoughts toward you: this deserves its own blog post, but it suddenly occurs to me that the negative thought that plagued me the other day stopped annoying me as soon as I concluded that I was grateful for it and forgave the person who thought it about me. I suspect that forgiveness is what clears other people's negative energies from our presence. Here is a great article from the January 2014 Ensign on the importance of forgiveness.

Note this paragraph:

In his last general conference address, President James E. Faust (1920–2007), Second Counselor in the First Presidency, cited this definition of forgiveness: “Forgiveness is freeing up and putting to better use the energy once consumed by holding grudges, harboring resentments, and nursing unhealed wounds. It is rediscovering the strengths we always had and relocating our limitless capacity to understand and accept other people and ourselves.”2
Again, perhaps more literal than most people realize!

The Apostle Paul taught to speak the truth in love. I read someone's analysis of this the other day, and her conclusion was to speak the truth in love and remember that if something is spoken (or thought, or done) without love, it isn't true. Truth Sees with love.

Love, people. The end.

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