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Signs and wonders in the heavens: Biblical blood moon tetrad

This morning is the second lunar eclipse of the final Biblical blood moon tetrad of the century. So let's talk about it.

First off, a link to my last post about reading the stars. Recap: we're not supposed to worship the stars or use them as an excuse to give up our agency. The stars are ordained to bring forth signs. Prophets have long read the stars (think of Moses and Abraham, and also the wise men following the stars to find Jesus).

Okay, let's go.

From The Mystery of the Shemitah by Jonathan Cahn:

The Scriptures speak of the sun and the moon and the celestial lights functioning as "signs." The Hebrew word used in Genesis 1:14 is otote; it can also be translated as "evidence," "mark," and "omen." The same verse declares that they will be connected to days and years and "seasons." But the Hebrew word translated as seasons is moedeem. Moedeem literally means "an appointment," or "the appointed time" or "the appointed meeting." It is the same word used for the holy days of Israel. Add to this the Scriptures' emphasis on these celestial lights as signs of judgment and the end times, and we have to, at the very least, conclude that they may at times serve as signs of significant events. 
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Indeed, scriptures such as Isaiah 13:8-10 and Joel 3:14-15 and Matthew 24:29 all refer to signs like the ones we are presently witnessing. The Biblical blood moon tetrad is significant.

What is the Biblical blood moon tetrad?

Biblical blood moon tetrads are groups of four lunar eclipses, separated by 6 lunar cycles each, in a row, falling on Biblical holy days. This Biblical blood moon tetrad is falling on Passover and Sukkot, twice in a row.

Traditionally, the moon represents Israel, so an eclipse of Israel is symbolically bad news. The upside is that traditionally, the bad news has been followed by good news. From the Blaze:

Blood moons surrounding the Crucifixion. Image here.
In 1492, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella “issued an edict of expulsion” kicking the Jews out of Spain, Hagee told TheBlaze. This happened during the Spanish Inquisition, which began in 1478 in an effort to rid the region of Jews and Muslims.
Blood moons surrounding the Jewish diaspora and plague.
Image here.
According to NASA data, there was a tetrad from 1493 to 1494 (there were three preceding tetrads that century as well, but they did not fall on Jewish holidays). 
And that’s not the only series of blood moons Hagee links to Israel, as NASA data shows that yet another tetrad unfolded between 1949 and 1950, a key time for Israel’s modern-day manifestation. 
Biblical blood moons surrounding Columbus's discovery of
America and the Spanish Inquisition. Image here.
“In 1948, that’s the year Israel became a state,” he explained. “The thing that happened prior to that was the tragedy of the Holocaust, which ended in the rejoicing of statehood.” 
Another tetrad happened between 1967 and 1968, a period which saw the Six-Day War — a moment of “triumph” when Jerusalem was reunified and became “the eternal capital of the Jewish people once again,” Hagee said. 
Clearly, there is a pattern for the Biblical blood moon tetrad. I expect that this one will be similarly eventful for the House of Israel.

Ebola and the blood moon
Biblical blood moon and the return of Jerusalem to Israel.
Image here.

So far I have personally noted how close the first Biblical blood moon of this tetrad was to the initial outbreak of Ebola in West Africa--the blood moon was only maybe two or three weeks after the initial diagnosis of it.

The second blood moon is falling right after Rosh Hashana of the Shemitah, which is something else I need to blog about--but suffice it to say, we are living in an economic judgment year, Biblically speaking, which is to say, according to the Biblical calendars set forth in Leviticus. We can expect major economic shut-downs as the year progresses, building up to 13 September 2015, the Biblical-calendar equivalent of 9/29/08 (the day of the 777-point one-day drop, the largest one-day drop in the history of Wall Street) and 9/11. But this Rosh Hashana was also notable because it was the day that Ebola Patient 0 for the US checked into the hospital with his beginning symptoms and was sent home.

Traditionally, how Rosh Hashana goes, as New Year's Day, is supposed to be a symbol of how the rest of the year goes. If that tradition is at all valid, we can expect lots of sickness and people being turned away from medical facilities, as well as medical personnel not seeming to take illness seriously. Hopefully I am just being a crazy person. But in case I am not, that is what I have been feeling.


We are living in a time of signs and wonders in the heavens. If you are not aware of them, it's not because they are not happening. It is time to wake up as they did in ancient days and be aware. Prepare.

We are currently at 10/8/14, approaching the midpoint of the most symmetrical Biblical blood moon tetrad in history.

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  1. Thanks for posting these graphics. I was searching for something like this in April, trying to find if/when Jerusalem would see the blood moon. I find it significant that they see the last one. We are in interesting times for sure.