Wednesday, October 1, 2014

muscle test troubleshooting

Some people have had some trouble muscle testing. Here is how to get it to work for you.

Here are the requirements for accurate muscle testing.
Hydrate! Image here

  1. You must be adequately hydrated. If you're having trouble muscle testing, the first thing to do is DRINK UP!
  2. You must be grounded. Here is how to ground
  3. You must be north-south polar. I didn't mention that in my previous post because fixing it is a little more complicated. Also, this is a step that's left out of literature like The Emotion Code. But it's still important. So far, if grounding or hydrating doesn't fix the problem, fixing a person's polarity tends to do the trick.
So if your muscle tests tend to be inaccurate or inconsistent, it's likely your polarity that's the problem.

Human polarity

Everything has an electromagnetic field, including humans. Magnets have polarities, and people have polarities. I am not a polarity expert, but I do know that if your personal polarity is off, your muscle testing will be consistently inaccurate. 

How polarity gets off

I don't know how or why polarity switches from north-south to south-north, or east-west or west-east or any of the other combinations I've seen. I suspect that trauma can switch the polarity, or at least cause it to be more open to altering position, if that makes sense. Now that I am consistently grounded and hydrated, I find that my polarity has not been another other than north-south in well over a year. 

What it looks like

Like this. Except inside your head. Yeah, I know that's weird.
Image here.
You want the thick end towards the forehead.

To me, human polarity looks like a screwdriver-shaped magnet inside a person's head. If you are north-south polar, the handle of the screwdriver-shape is towards the forehead, with the slim side pointing out the back of the head. South-north polarity looks the opposite, with the handle in the back of the head and the slim side of the magnet pointing out the front of the head.

East-west and west-east polarities look like a sideways screwdriver-shaped magnet in the head. 

Occasionally I run into people whose polarities are not steady at all. I don't know why this is. But it looks like the screwdriver is spinning in the person's head, back and forth. Sometimes people's inner magnetic fields just really want to do this, I guess. I've had a few people whose polarities just would not stick for more than a few minutes. If this is the case for you, you will have a difficult time muscle testing. I don't think that this is a permanent problem--which is to say, I believe there is a solution--I just haven't experimented enough with it. 

How to fix it

There are a few ways to fix polarity. The first way is to just say, "I AM NORTH-SOUTH POLAR!" three times or more, very loudly, commanding your body to comply. When you muscle test to confirm that this change has taken place, be sure to face North (you can get a compass app on your phone or iPad). You should swing forward if you are north-south polar. 

The only other way I do it is in theta. I put myself into a theta state, command the person's polarity to become north-south, and then envision it happening. I watch as the screwdriver-shaped magnet assumes the proper position, and then envision it being rooted into place so it doesn't move around anymore. 

One particularly memorable time, my first time trying this, I tried mentally "tugging" on the magnet to make sure it stayed in place. The person I was working on jerked forward every time I tugged! Whoops! So now I don't do that anymore! I just envision the magnet properly polarized and rooted firmly in place.

You may be able to do this yourself by first putting yourself into a comfort or imagery state--getting deeply relaxed, and then, when you're in that place of deep relaxation, commanding the change to go through and then envisioning it while you are still relaxing. If anyone tries this, I'd love to hear how it goes in the comments. 


If you are hydrated and grounded and still can't muscle test reliably, try fixing your polarity. 

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