Monday, September 29, 2014

Explaining arclines

In my work, I deal with arclines a lot. This post is meant to explain them a little bit more.

The arcline is the part of your spirit that's depicted in art as the halo. Basically your spirit or energy is made up of a ton of different layers. Ezekiel 1:20 talks about how "the spirit is in the wheels," or the chakras. But beyond the chakras, we have the aura, the energy field (which is different from the aura), the arcline, the meridians. Each organ of the body has its own energy field. Even the aura has twelve layers. There are many energetic parts to our souls.

Jesus with visible arcline.
The arcline's function is to protect us. When it shatters, tears, or rips, unclean spirits of all types and negative energy can enter our space.

I first read about the arcline in There Is No Death: The Extraordinary True Experience of Sarah LaNelle Menet, where Menet saw it in a near-death experience. I don't think she used the term "arcline," but that is clearly what she saw. Visions of Glory: One Man's Astonishing Account of the Last Days by John Pontius also describes an arcline rupturing. Both of them are LDS. I haven't finished it yet, but Autobiography of a Yogi apparently also explains this, and Progressive Prophetess has written a tiny bit about it.

The example given in Visions of Glory involves a pornography addict who acts out in the night, and when he reaches a pinnacle of lust, his arcline rips apart, and all the evil spirits who are in the room egging him on jump into him. Well--they fight for the chance to be in him. Dead people spirits have a harder time, so typically if they even get in at all, they are ousted by evil spirits. All of them just want to be inside a body.

Once they're in, unclean spirits have an easier time of whispering thoughts to the person whose space they're enjoying. If you have an unclean spirit, a lot of times it's not clear that the thoughts they whisper are not your thoughts. The more you entertain their thoughts, the more your brain changes as a result.

So I've had a lot of cases where issues were being caused by unclean spirits, but just casting them out doesn't undo all their damage. Negative spiritual presence and a client following that entity's thoughts can lead a brain to actually structurally change. So even after unclean spirits are gone and the arcline is fixed, you still need to work on fixing the brain in the bad guys' wakes.

The arcline is affected by drugs--not all of them, but all illegal drugs, as far as I'm aware, and some prescription ones, as well as alcohol and excess caffeine. And then also trauma--whether it's abuse of any kind, or whatever a person registers as trauma. If a broken fingernail is traumatic to you, that's enough to break it.

My understanding is that the arcline can heal naturally--it rips without people knowing and it can heal without people knowing. The fastest way to fix it is through prayer; this is how I fix it in my work. I literally just pray for it to be fixed and then ask to be a witness to its healing.

The next fastest way is scripture study, but it has to be in tandem with prayer. This is not necessarily scripture study and prayer with arcline recovery in mind; just praying and reading the scriptures is enough to heal the arcline, from what I understand. But the practice has to be consistent. And constantly doing things like drinking, engaging in anything that breaks the law of chastity--or even just constantly being traumatized--that kind of stuff will keep ripping open your arcline, so even if you are studying scripture daily, if you're also engaging in those things, it won't keep you protected.
I'm not sure that fasting and scripture study automatically fixes the arcline, but from what I understand, arcline health can be a side effect.

Fasting will also repair the arcline naturally. This is my understanding based on praying about it--I haven't really seen/heard any evidence on this but when I asked I got a yes. People don't need to fast for an intact arcline--it's a sometimes side effect of fasting with pure, real intent.

Next up is meditation, and here is the meditation to rebuild the arcline:

Hope that clears up some things about the arcline. Ask questions in the comments! 

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