Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Now is the time to speak.

I just got back from an imagery training in Park City, Utah, with Progressive Prophetess. It was awesome and I'll write more about it later.

While I was on the way to Utah from my home across the whole country, I had a long layover between flights. At first I was kind of annoyed, but I decided to just trust that it was the perfect thing for me.

It totally was.

PS, the Denver Airport is super creepy. I was kind of
weirded out by the stuff I saw there. But now at least
one good thing has happened in that place!
In the last hour before my flight, I had the opportunity to use some of my skills... only out of the blue and in public. I saw a man and intuitively knew his situation, and I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to go and offer to help him.

I was so nervous and didn't know what to say--"Hi, I'm crazy, I can see your aura and I'm supposed to help you"?--but I told God I'd just say whatever He stuck in my mouth and I went for it as directed. It ended up being this beautiful moment. I believe I helped someone, and at the same time, that person helped me. I feel that in a way, we validated each other: I validated that person's experience, and that person validated mine. I have been so grateful I was brave enough to speak.

This imagery training was great for me. Early on, in our first practice session, I received a message: speak. Now is the time to speak.

And as I've been doing more sessions and pondering this concept, more and more enlightenment has come. The world is changing; people are changing; we are all preparing, even if we don't know what we are preparing for. There is no room for shrinking back right now, and there's no reason for it. It can be so easy to trick ourselves into assuming that we are crazy or wrong, or that no one cares about what we have to say. But things are changing. And people do care what you have to say.

It all comes down to trust, and the ability to act on the things we feel are true, even if there may be no evidence for them. Now is the time to start trusting. You are not crazy. Your hunches are valid. Sometimes your hunches are promptings. Sometimes the things you think you are imagining are true.

So find the courage to speak.

Image here
The messenger of this concept to me was a tiger. I don't really have any emotional connection to tigers, but as I've pondered it all, it's made more sense. For me, it means that speech must be courageous and timely, but also appropriate. A housecat will sometimes endure roughness and sometimes won't, and the tiger is the same, on a larger scale. I need to trust that there are times for speech and times for silence, and that as long as I am receptive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and my own intuition, I will be able to discern which time is which.

This is the time to be brave. The day dawn is breaking, the world is awaking, the clouds of night's darkness are fleeing away. It's time to speak.

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