Thursday, September 4, 2014

Axis and Orbit: Halfway Complete Update

I somehow missed this challenge when it was first announced. The challenge, the Axis and Orbit Summer Challenge, is to complete 30 kundalini yoga and meditation classes by September 21, the autumn equinox. When the challenge was issued, there was enough time to complete the challenge by doing 3 KYM classes/week.

Somehow I missed this blog post when it came out, and only became aware of it in late July. I committed on the first day of August, or so, and signed up for Progressive Prophetess's Prosperity series (available here). I figured I would just do the six classes over and over. Indeed, that is what I have been doing! Any day that I can, I do two classes, to make up for the days I can't do any.

The point of the challenge is to transform your "psyche, axis, and orbit," your axis relating to your connection with God, and your orbit relating to your connection with others. If your axis and orbit are both balanced, you will be happy and prosperous.

In the past few days I completed my fifteenth KYM class (this morning I finished class 17), and I wanted to update the world on how that was going.
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The most noticeable difference, probably, has involved money. I work by donation and a lot of times people don't donate and I am too--I don't know, something--to press people on it. So a lot of times I work for free. I'm trying to figure out a new solution but in the meantime, a notable change has been in spontaneous monetary donations. It has been kind of astonishing.

Additionally, I've felt renewed senses of creativity. I've always been a very creative person; I write a lot of music and I blog and I have a novel out which you should totally buy and review on Amazon now. This year I have barely touched my fiction or written music. But since I started taking that class, I've been feeling itchy to work on my most pressing work in progress (WIP), Spidermaiden. What an awesome book, guys. I love it but haven't felt able to work on it. But that is changing!

I also have felt like it is now within the realm of possibility for me to actually make my own webinars, so I've been trying to figure that out. In the past, I just figured it was something too complicated for me to figure out, but now I feel a confidence about it that is amazing.

Physically, I've had two ear infections in the piercing on the right ear. In Chinese face reading, mien shiang, the earlobes are connected to wealth and prosperity. The bigger, fleshier, longer the earlobes, the better! So I've found that fascinating, that my earlobe associated with increasing wealth would be swelling so much lately. I'm taking it as another sign that things are working! A kind of annoying sign but a sign nonetheless. I think it's probably like how when I have started other meditations that gave me acne--I started prosperity meditations in earnest and I'm getting the equivalent of acne on the part of my face that is associated with prosperity.

I also got very sick after I started this challenge; I was sick for two weeks and have just been getting over it all. I had a moment where I realized that part of the purpose of my sickness was to help my body change faster (reorganize, consolidate, purify). So now I wonder if it was connected to the challenge.

Also physically, I've noticed an increase in physical strength since I started doing the classes. Before, it was a struggle to complete certain exercises. But every time I do them I can do them longer and more effectively.

Spiritually, I've felt transitional, but good. Things are reorganizing in my life but in a good way.

As far as connection to others, I've been noticing a lot more how the idea of separation is an illusion. I feel very unified with the people around me, even if we don't know each other very well, or even if we disagree on things. It's less of a unity of thought or ideas or something, and more of a unity in the sense that I feel like we are part of each other, and so I feel this love for them for that.

So: thirteen more classes to go before September 21. Excited to see what other changes it brings....

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