Wednesday, September 17, 2014

imagery training

I had the amazing opportunity to go out to Progressive Prophetess's guided imagery training, and I'm so glad I did. I was only planning to go if everything could work out at the last minute, and it miraculously did. Out of nowhere, the money and the help turned up, so that I could afford to attend and also bring my little nursing baby. So I did and it was great.

What is Guided Imagery, anyway?

Imagine a beautiful, serene, special place...
Image here.
Basically, guided imagery is a technique that involves the client going into a comfortable state of mind and engaging the imagination for self-improvement. Whether that's healing from past trauma, dissolving triggers and anchoring in pleasant emotions, or receiving greater insight on a life challenge. Essentially, we use guided imagery to access the subconscious/unconscious mind in a safe, conscious way. So you can consciously receive greater understanding about your life and healing in a condensed, highly personal way that is just right for you. Because your subconscious mind works in concert with the imagery facilitator to create the whole process from a place of love and wisdom, it can get a lot done in a short amount of time, in a way that resounds with your highest good. A friend who attended the training with me said of the three days, "It was like 30 years of therapy crammed into three days." 

And that is so true! 


I had a great time. I wasn't sure what I would get out of it, except that I felt I should be there. I've spent many years familiar with entering the comfort state of mind, and I can literally do it at the drop of a hat--or a finger--or just by deciding to. I actually spend most of my time in an alpha state these days, which is basically the brain state for guided imagery. And I use imagery a lot for myself, in my theta work. But these are a few of my highlights:

Seat of the mind's eye. Image here.
- Realizing that I don't have to "see" to see. I describe my perceptions as "seeing" a lot because it's something that makes sense, but the reality is that when I "see" an aura or an energy field, it's not with my physical eyes. If my eyes are closed, I still see the black of my eyelids like everyone else. Part of me thought that by going to this training, I'd learn to see in Technicolor like I assumed all the other intuitives do. But instead, I came away from it all realizing that my mind's eye is just right for me. It works just fine. The pictures that form in my mind can be just as valid as those seen with the physical eyes, even if they are more "discerned" than "seen."  
- Witnessing a giant angel. There was this one crazy moment where I looked up, and what do you know, there's a giant angel in the corner. There was some intense spiritual action going on and he was guarding and ensuring a positive outcome. It was cool the next day to learn that several others had witnessed his presence as well. Once again, this wasn't something I saw with my physical eyes, but discerned with spiritual eyes. To "see" him, I slowed my brain waves down a bit from my normal alpha state and just expected to see what was going on spiritually, and there he was.  
- Working with really smart people. I met with a number of "inner guides" who were super evolved or something. They had really intense information for me. At one point, I'd asked this complex question and my guide said to get a pen and paper. I think he was going to show me a diagram to copy down. I was told to just imagine a pen and paper, which was not the same thing, so I told him I'd be back when I was better prepared. I guess I'll have to go back into my imagery state and get around to that sometime. I have seen glimpses of the outline of this diagram--a calendar--and it is so exciting. Can't wait to see how it all works.  
- Learning that my work has paid off. It was amazing to realize that all my hard spiritual work has really made a difference. When I met with my inner child, for example, it had the potential to be this super emotional, teary event. But when I got there, my inner child was so happy and just said, "Hey! Thanks for fixing me! My life is awesome now!" And it was totally chill. My rebirthing? Super chill also, since I'd done that work a few years back. Suffice it to say: everything was super cool--but more like the cherry on top of all my hard work, rather than hard work in and of itself. I know I could have spent the whole time in tears and working out all this past emotional gunk, if I hadn't confronted all that stuff before, but it seems like most of that stuff is behind me, so yay. 
I've already had occasion to use this stuff four times--basically once a day since the training ended. It's been awesome and I way recommend it. 

Use your imagination for good! It is so powerful! 

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