Wednesday, January 14, 2015

discerning music

I mostly just listen to mantra music lately, but yesterday in a moment of--something--I turned on the radio. Before my spiritual awakening I really enjoyed the Top 40, minus the really crude ones and so forth, and my husband has been getting tired of mantras. So I flipped the radio in my car to whatever station my radio is set to and just had that on.
Smoke music. Obviously from Shutterstock. The page
this picture is on has cool pictures of music as smoke, etc.

There was this crazy moment, though, when Lady Gaga's song Paparazzi came on. When that song first came out a few years ago, I had it stuck in my head all the time, and I would sing it ALL THE TIME. I just couldn't get it out of my head.

I haven't even thought about the song in forever, but it came on, and I was shocked. I'd never thought to look at the spiritual energy of music before, but when it came on, I couldn't help it. It was like watching a black filth of smoke seep into my car through the speakers. It looked like tendrils of evil extending from my stereo, filling up my car. I prayed for a shield against it but I will admit I kept watching it. I was just so fascinated to see such a visual witness of the evil of that song.

I've read that the words of a song or book don't even have to be bad in order to carry the negative energy of a negative creator. I suspect this is true.

Be careful what you listen to. You never know what kind of poison it is placing around you--or what kind of protection.


  1. Music, as do all things that come from any source, carry the source's energy with them. This is why the scriptures are bright glaring beacons of light, hope, and truth. Just by listening to an artist who has low morals but have a "positive" song can affect the soul of man.

  2. What does mantra music look like?

  3. I have always been sensitive to music. I have never "seen" the energy of music but I have FELT it. Thus classical hymns and songs from the 1910-30s seem to be my favorite. I could feel the negative energy sweep through just like smoke in a car that is exactly how it FELT! Good music has all kinds of different positive energy. IT can wash over like a wave, it can be like a warm breeze, and some times it felt like a fun misty cloud, or rainy mist. Now I want to know what good music LOOKS like.